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NXT In A Nutshell: Action Packed

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Welcome, everyone, to another edition of the NXT Nutshell. We open the show with a video recap of the Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match that was the show last week. Nothing wrong with recapping it, it was a good-and important-match.

We get the action started with Sami Zayn, he now of the main roster.

Best Match of the night:

Going with American Alpha versus Vaudevillains for this one, with Asuka/Bayley against Nia Jax/Eva Marie getting a little consideration too.

I think I might want American Alpha to ditch the Steiner left-over tights, but aside from that, they have impressed me and I am a sucker for good tag team wrestling.

Worst match of the night:

I was not overly into the Emma/Donnna match. I actually like Deonna, and I like the dark Emma. But I just did not like the match tonight.

Crowd Chants of the Night:



Holy Sh#$

Let’s go Emma


Asuka’s gonna kill you

you can’t wrestle


Let’s go Gable

Star of the Night:

This one is tough. There were a bunch of good in-ring performances, but nothing that knocked your socks off. I could give this one to a lot of different people, I suppose. But tonight I feel like going a little different, and giving it to Austin Aries. Yes, I know he did not wrestle. But I liked his promo, and while it was in a controlled environment, he had good delivery. WWE has plenty of guys who have the look, but guys who can work the mic are in short supply. That could bode well for Aries.

Spot of the Night:

I didn’t find too many spots to be worthy of this one tonight. Decent spots, but not much really worth this honor. I did like the American Alpha finisher (I apologize that I do not know it’s name). Might need to be fine-tuned a but, but the move was effective, as the duo are the number one contenders for the tag titles.

Jobber of the Night:

I have to go with Dawkins and Crawford on the evening. Only because of the headbands.

Jesse Sorensen was a close second, though.

But, here’s the thing. On NXT, one week they might be doing the job, but give them a couple months and who knows. It’s hard to call developmental workers jobbers, because when you are breaking in (and not a huge star coming in from TNA or elsewhere) you have to pay your dues. Which includes jobbing.

Upset of the Night:

I don’t¬† know if this one is really so much of an upset, but surprising is probably more fitting. I had figured that The Vaudevillains would have won in order to chase the championships again, but instead it’s American Alpha getting the nod. I like the call, don’t get me wrong. But for me, it is close enough to earn it this nod (especially when nothing else qualified).

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

If we go by chants alone, it would be Shinsuke Nakamura debuting on the big screen, announced as Sami Zayn’s opponent for NXT Takeover: Dallas. Some “reward”, Mr. Regal.

Botch of the night:

Probably more a mistake or a missed called spot (but, that is what a botch is) but there was one in the Emma/Purrazzo match, right before Emma nailed a clothesline. Looked like the recent arrival from NJ got some signals crossed.

Commentary of the night:

I would rather get hit in the side of my head with a steel chair than spend any time with Gronk, or Mojo, or any of those other people you named who I don’t know.

Is that an invitation? That steel chair thing?

What’s he in such a rush for? He looks like he’s late for a flight.

Hold on Phillips, story time can wait.

LOL Moment of the night:

The exchange between the announcers as Eva Marie walked to the ring.

Noteworthy Moment:

Whole lot of TakeOver: Dallas matches got made tonight (officially).

Nakamura versus Zayn

American Alpha versus Revival, for the tag team titles

Asuka versus Bayley with the Women’s Title on the line.

Austin Aries seeks revenge against Baron Corbin.

One thing can surely be said: NXT TakeOver: Dallas should be action-packed and should not disappoint. There are already fans willing to predict that the NXT event will be the better show, even when going against WrestleMania. Hard to judge right now without knowing the full WM32 card, but based on prior TakeOver cards, we should be in for a good evening of wrestling.

In a non-NXT noteworthy moment, I find it funny (so maybe this should be in LOL) that WWE Network ads for WM32 push The Rock. Yet, a couple weeks away, and we have no clue what it is Rock will be doing there. Just that he will be there. Which, for a lot, is enough. Go figure.

Overall lowlights:

I don’t really have a lot to complain about with tonight’s show. The only gripe I could have, is that some of the better matches were shorter than I’d have liked. But for an hour long show, that’s unavoidable, and hardly worth complaining about.

Overall highlights:

Shinsuke Nakamura (sort of) makes his NXT debut. Just a video package, but exciting all the same.

Happy to get more Women’s Division action tonight.

And, more matches in general. Don’t get me wrong, the match last week was really good, but sometimes you want the buffet, not the set menu.

After the final bell:

After last week, looking at this week’s show from start to finish, it’s so hard to imagine they fit it all in an hour, but indeed they did. A lot of matches being made, a lot of matches being worked. It’s hard not to be satisfied with this show. And, it constantly makes me wonder why NXT can consistently deliver a better and more content-packed show in an hour, than RAW tends to do in three. I mean, some RAWs are better than others, but I am sure you know what I mean.


Hype Bros defeat Angelo Dawkins and Kenneth Crawford.

Emma takes care of Deonna Purrazzo

Tommaso Ciampa dispatches Jesse Sorensen

Asuka and Bayley are victorious over Nia Jax and Eva Marie

American Alpha knock off The Vaudevillains, and become the #1 contenders for the NXT tag team championship.


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  • jcice13

    it is amazing that they can put on a better show isn’t it.but I have a theory.while the WWE is trying to appease the younger crowd NXT is more geared to pro wrestling fans who like a more adult product or should I say more of an old school hour‚Ķwho’s booking for them?

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