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NXT In A Nutshell: Balor’s Back

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It’s Wednesday Night, which means it’s time for another edition of the NXT Nutshell. I have to admit, I am so thrilled that I started doing this, as it’s gotten me much more familiar with the NXT product and talent, and it’s given me hope that someone who is on WWE payroll right now, could actually manage to some day make RAW great again. But enough about RAW, this is all about NXT. Tonight we get the return of Finn Balor, for the first time on TV since losing his title to Samoa Joe. And, we open with a nice montage all about Balor. Without further delay, let’s get things started, shall we?

Best Match of the night:

I really wanted to say this would go to American Alpha, which in spite of taking on jobbers, had themselves a really good match. As a fan of tag team wrestling, it would be hard to not like what they do in the ring. And the resemblance to the Steiners continues, with Jordan getting the barking going. But, with apologies to them (and to Nakamura) I give this one to Balor/Samson, as much for what happened after as anything else.

Worst match of the night (AKA Least good match of the night):

Alexa Bliss versus Rachel Ellering. It really wasn’t horrible, none of the matches were. It was just, the least good match. If that makes sense.

Crowd Chants of the Night


Bullet Club

Thank you Finn


You deserve it





King of StrongStyle

Let’s go Rachel/Alexa Bliss

Star of the Night

Balor is back and everyone knows it. Had a good promo to open the show, which was cut off. And a great promo to close the show, which was also cut off. And things just escalated from there, and boy was it ever good.

Spot of the Night:

Finn’s Pele’ kick to Sampson, whom no one wanted interrupting Finn Balor.

Nakamura’s inverted Exploder. Sick. And of course, Kinsasha

Balor, leaping from in the ring to the floor (and over the NXT GM) to take out Samoa Joe.

Jobber of the Night:

Alex Riley. With his release on Friday, consider it his parting gift.

Upset of the Night:

Non-existent. It’s an hour of NXT…upsets can happen, but rarely do they.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Hard to pick one, really. So I’ll throw out a couple options, and then let’s see what wins.

-The adoration of Finn Balor. Full Sail loved having him back in their midst, even if he didn’t have his beloved championship anymore.

-The love and respect show to Shinsuke Nakamura. Just impressive, the chants were loud, frequent and unmistakable.

-The set-up getting started for Full Sail’s TakeOver special on June 8, headlined by The Demon getting his rematch against Samoa Joe. Really liking how intense this rivalry is. Just when you think it can’t get any more intense, it does.

Botch of the night:

I really didn’t see any. I may have missed one, but nothing major. Only gripe I even feel like mentioning would be Alexa, just before finishing off Ellering. She had Rachel “by the throat” which was really just an open palm on the chest. It might have been intended that way (I haven’t seen much of Bliss), but it didn’t look great just holding it there (like Ellering couldn’t just pull away).

Commentary of the night:

Death, taxes and Samoa Joe: the only inevitabilities in life

Consider the white lion tranquilized.

Maybe Alexa Bliss is going to make a career out of beating everyone’s kids.

LOL Moment of the night:

Alex Riley. Cut Alex Riley. Still wrestling on NXT. Yes I know it’s taped, and they wouldn’t want to get rid of a Shinsuke Nakamura match. But, this is the downside of taped shows.

Noteworthy Moment:

Dash and Dawson came down to watch American Alpha up close. Didn’t get physically involved, but it’s only a matter of time.

Another week, another kid of a wrestling legend on NXT. This time, the daughter of “Pretty” Paul Ellering, in a losing effort.

Samoa Joe has an opponent for the next TakeOver on June 8, and it’s the same one as the last TakeOver. Finn gets his rematch.

Blake and Murphy will face Austin Aries and a partner of his choosing next week.

Overall lowlights:

Nothing, really. It was a good show that kept me entertained.

Overall highlights:

Great tag team action.



After the final bell:

Stop me if you’ve heard me say this before (because I have) but this program, with the NXT roster, and given that it’s only on the WWE Network? They could, and probably should, consider expanding it. No, not to 3 hours-no wrestling show on weekly TV needs to be that long. But an hour and a half? 2 hours for special occasions? I doubt anyone would complain. They fit a lot in in the 50-ish minutes we get every week, so I am certainly not complaining about what we get. I just want more.

And why do I want more? Because the show was action packed, full of good stuff, and was setting things up for the next weeks and months ahead, and it’s going to be a good Summer.


American Alpha take care of Hollis and Skyler

Shinsuke destroys Alex Riley

Alexa Bliss defeats Rachel Ellering

Finn Balor goes off and dominates Elias Samson


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  • Lisa

    While I watch it regularly, NXT is WWE’s most boring program.

    • Joe

      Ya know,ever since we had that conversation about how this site has changed, I’ve started observing more. I have to say,you’re 200% right. This site is all but dead. Constant mistakes,whether they be actual mistakes or bait to get us to click and comment. The constant multiple page click bait “articles” … The recycling of articles. PLAGIARISM…. It’s like people only come here for the play by plays,which in reality it’s probably more for the social aspect. As well they come to see what a train wreck this has become.

      • Lisa

        This site needs to step up. News articles often aren’t posted on time. The writers also need to ensure their articles are edited before posting. As for the play by play reports (especially Raw), the writer can do better. They are simply not detailed enough – they are too shallow. Whoever writes them should take notes from the way they were done in 2011/2012.
        This site can regain its lost glory – only if its management focuses more on improving the professionalism of its writers.

        • Joe

          Andrew Ravens “writes” on multiple sites and he is garbage on every site I see him on. This site has one consistent writer in Dorathy. The owner of this site seemingly has more interest in quantity over quality. How many click bait articles can we produce today guys? Buzzfeed may as well own this site. I’m surprised they haven’t started producing top 10 lists . Should they step their game up? Yup….Do they need to if they want to survive? Yup…..will they? Probably not…. They bought a site that already had a following and are milking it…

          • Lisa

            This site was great in early to mid 2012. It honestly looked like WNZ was well on its way to becoming the most popular wrestling website in the world. And then this http://www.wrestlenewz.com/wwe-news/press-release-rebellion-media-acquires-wrestlenewz-com/ happened. Things have been on a downward spiral since then.
            I hope this site’s writers are reading this and I’m asking them to step up and make this site fun again. Wrestling fans are very passionate, they are always willing to spend as much time as possible on their favorite wrestling website. WNZ can regain its lost glory if the writers on this site work harder and show more commitment. They simply aren’t doing enough at the moment. It’s almost as if they are writing at gunpoint. The last thing I want to see is this site going down under.

          • Joe

            Hmm,so it’s a company that bought the site. If that’s the case I highly doubt they’re listening or care. It’s all about profit, and if the click bait bulls**t is creating that,then us fans are S.O.L…. If they really cared the majority of “writers” wouldn’t have a job. Especially that goon Ravens. Although,no excuse for whoever moderates this site to allow this crap.

          • Lisa

            It’s unfortunate. I guess the writers couldn’t care less either because they are getting paid regardless of our complaints. But I’m pretty sure at least one of the writers (especially Lisnow, who I know usually reads comments) has followed this conversation and hopefully we’ll see a positive change.

          • Joe

            Only time will tell. I hope that’s the case. One thing for sure,that clown Andrew Ravens needs to get the axe. He is terrible.

          • Lisa


  • Darda Cook

    the return of Finn Balor,

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    1 hour is fine for them tbh. They get a lot done as is. I fear a 2 hr show or more will end up like how raw is now

  • Bonkerz

    Mr Degan, love your NXT nutshell. Just one small note, Nakamura’s WWE-renamed finisher is called the Kinshasa.

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