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NXT In A Nutshell: Oh Yeah, We Went There

William Regal
Ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to read is not a typo! We did not run the RAW Nutshell a few days late, or wicked early. Instead, we decided to give NXT some more love around here, and I am doing my part by getting an NXT Nutshell going. It’s an experiment at this point, but if we all (that is, you and I) enjoy it, then we may just add another article to the weekly rotation. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Best Match of the night:

I enjoyed most of them, honestly. Of the five, I would give strong marks to Balor and Crews.

Worst match of the night:

Likely goes to the two matches with jobbers-Enzo and Cassady, and Asuka. Why? Well, I’d like to see them against non-jobbers, mostly. So not really worst, per se, but on a card with 5 matches…someone has to be ranked at the bottom.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Let’s go Emma

How you doin’

Asuka’s gonna kill you



Star of the Night

I could be cheezy and say NXT as a whole, but I will give the nod to Finn Balor. Impressive to watch, especially because he’s only billed at 190 pounds. I do have to wonder how that translates to the main roster, where we all know he’s going to land eventually. But I can just imagine matches between himself and Seth Rollins, or Dean Ambrose, or any others for that matter. He may “only” be 190, but he fights big, and I look forward to that.

Spot of the Night:

Don’t really have one specific one, but it was pretty neat seeing the Coup de Grace. Overall, a lot of crisp, fundamentally sound wrestling.

Jobber of the Night:

That would be, as the announce team called them, Jamoke 1 and Jamoke 2. It’s so nice to see actual jobbers!!

Or, something new, a woman jobber. Santana Garrett.

Upset of the Night:

None. I have a hunch this one may be removed, but for now it stays.

If I wanted to say who was upset tonight? Easy. Baron Corbin, for not being involved in the number 1 contender rematch.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Only because, I really don’t know where to put it…but in what has to be considered one of the more unique, bold ring attire choices, we have Asuka. Part Rocker, part lingerie shop. And yes folks, bear with me, I understand she’s been around and that’s her thing. Consider this my first time to comment on it (which it is) so I will. But, considering her skills, she can wear just about whatever she wants.

Botch of the night:

Long Island Ice Z botched a spot in the middle of his tag team match. Minor botch, masked well, but a botch all the same (and I needed something here).

Commentary of the night:

“I’m fashion forward!”

“You wear black!”

“That guy looks like ALF!”

“Slimer’s on the loose! Someone call Peter Venkman”

LOL Moment of the night:

Not a comedic moment, per se (that would go to some of the commentary). But Carmella saying she’s the Princess of Staten Island. Anyone, of course, could check the wikipedia page to know she’s not from there…but as I’ve lived there the past 13 years? I could tell right off the bat. I get it, they want to tie her in with Enzo and Big Cass, both guys from the NY-NJ area..but Worcester (Wooster!) still has a distinct enough accent…call me crazy, but if ever she’s supposed to be a main roster Diva, she can’t ever take that with her. Especially not in NY shows.

Yep. That made me LOL.

Noteworthy Moment:

William Regal announced a new match to determine the number one contender, between Samoa Joe and Sami Zayn.

And, I have to say, I love…LOVE…that they call it the Women’s Division. Oh, I am sure they are saying they do it to keep the Divas name for the main roster…but Women’s Division is many times more palatable anymore.

Overall lowlights:

Yes, this one is here. I don’t think you will disagree with it though. Only lowlight is that the show was over so quick. A two hour NXT (or, really even 90 minutes) would be welcomed, I think.

Oh, and the fact it took me so long to watch it.

Overall highlights:

But, less is more. Less fluff. Less BS. No need to really pitch so many tie-ins and special appearances, this felt like just a good, old fashioned wrestling show. Imagine that. I know the big shows have to pay the bills and all that…but man oh man what I wouldn’t give to see a minimalistic RAW for a change.

After the final bell:

What’s not to love? Yes, I am late to the game, but seriously. An hour long show had a couple backstage segments AND five…FIVE!!…actual wrestling matches. Two tag team, two women’s matches and a singles match featuring the NXT champion? Wow. I feel as though I got to watch more in an hour than I usually do with three hours of RAW. I know so many readers and fans have been saying it, but I can agree fully. It’s almost criminal how solid NXT is, while we deal with the bloat that is RAW on virtually a weekly basis.


Vaudevillains defeat Hype Bros

Carmella defeats Emma

Enzo Amore and Collin Cassady over two jobbers

Asuka over Santana Garrett

Finn Balor over Apollo Crews




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