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NXT In A Nutshell: It’s All About TakeOver

Folks, it is time for the last NXT Wednesday show before TakeOver, so the mantra of tonight is going to be all about the setup. It’s going to come at us rapid fire, fast and furious, but I for one cannot wait for next week!

Best Match of the night:

Have to go with Ciampa and Gargano, seizing an unexpected win over The Revival. It was a good, not great, match between two strong tag teams. I would love to see Ciampa and Gargano get a bit of a push, but the reality is that when it comes to tag teams, NXT is in great shape.

Worst match of the night:

Match I liked least. I should just change the title of this one, shouldn’t I? For this week, I have to go with Dillinger and Murphy. This one kind of disappointed me, particularly because, as far as I know, neither man will feature prominently in TakeOver next week. I would have rather seen the time given to someone on the card in a big match, or to set up another notable encounter.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Johnny Wrestling


Austin Aries


Let’s go Alpha

One more time

Star of the Night

I have to give the nod to Gargano and Ciampa, for their fine mic work and of course, their upset win in the main event.

Spot of the Night:

Gargano and Ciampa with the stereo dropkicks on The Revival.

Dillinger’s finisher. Modified GTS, so I am kind of surprised WWE dare allow him to use that, considering how acrimonious things were with Punk’s exit.

Liked getting my first look at the Last Chancery. Love creative submissions.

Very nice looking top rope suplex into a cradle for the pin and win.

American Alpha delivering the mirror image German suplexes.

Nia Jax with a power bomb to conclude the contract signing.

Jobber of the Night:

Sampson or Murphy. Take your pick, though for me I go with Sampson. Reason I do? Because with Murphy, I at least thought he could win the match. I had no thought of Sampson actually winning against Aries, not with his showdown against Nakamura looming.

Upset of the Night:

It happened! It finally happened! Gargano and Ciampa score an upset win over the number one contenders for American Alpha’s tag team titles. Of course, they got a beating post-match, but they did get the win.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Gargano and Ciampa coming down to shut up The Revival. Really digging these two nowadays. Was an unexpected way to get things started.

Botch of the night:

Good on the guys and gals who worked tonight, but I didn’t see any. I could say that Joe, at times, fumbled some words in the interview, but it didn’t take anything from it and could very well have been the plan all along. It came off as a very strong, very personal and emotional presentation-which in my mind, means things aren’t going to be perfect.

Commentary of the night:

One thing’s for certain, we don’t see Alexa and that’s a problem.

How many men do you know that can pull off a cape?

Did you know that Sampson’s not even the best guitar player in the ring right now?

LOL Moment of the night:

Nothing tonight. Was not called for, was not needed and did not happen.

Noteworthy Moment:

For the last show before they clash in a steel cage for the NXT title, we got Samoa Joe and Finn Balor doing a sit down interview with Corey Graves. Not a bad change of pace, as I think it’s a refreshingly different way to put champion and challenger in the spotlight. It skips the played-out contract signing, for example, which is smart. And things were made very personal and intense, delving into the past these two men share. Joe complained about it taking him so long to get a title shot, accusing Finn of throwing obstacles in his way, while Balor said Joe didn’t get a shot until he earned it.

And, we are getting Cien debuting live next week at TakeOver: The End. Should be interesting.

Overall lowlights:

Only one, really, for tonight. Would have liked to see more related to TakeOver, meaning seeing less of Dillinger and Murphy. That was it for me.

Overall highlights:

I really enjoyed the sit-down interview to set up Joe and Finn, even though the rematch really doesn’t need a whole lot to build it up.

Interesting take on the contract signing, and I was surprised to see Asuka land little in the way of effective offense before she was put down hard. But they need to make us think Asuka could lose, of course. Mission accomplished.

After the final bell:

Solid show sending us off into TakeOver: The End. Wouldn’t have minded having a few more matches set up or hyped, but the big four are clear: Shinsuke Nakamura versus Austin Aries, American Alpha taking on The Revival, Asuka versus Nia Jax and of course, Joe versus Finn. It should be a good show, just off of those four alone.


Tye Dillinger defeats Buddy Murphy

Corey Graves interviews Samoa Joe and Finn Balor, with things getting intense and personal based on their history. Interview closes with the men standing in each other’s faces.

Austin Aries submits Elias Sampson

Gargano and Ciampa stun The Revival

Contract signing: Nia Jax and Asuka put pen to paper for their TakeOver match. And then get physical.

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  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    Nia Jacks have been getting better and better every week.

    • Joseph Lisnow

      i say she takes the title.

  • Robert Krause

    Only problem I had with the show was how Samson sold the last chancery. He tried to get on his knees and raise his stomach off the mat. With that move the person needs to keep their stomach to the mat like Russev’s accolade. It looks painful rather than looking like Airies is just hanging off the guys shoulders on his head.

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