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NXT Takeover Respect: Post-Show Reaction

Sasha Banks
NXT Takever: Respect delivered all around; especially with the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Tournament concluding and the first iron woman match took place between Bayley and Sasha Banks. After letting the event sit in our head for a few days, here’s the reaction.
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  • Bonkerz

    Gree on everything except for that last point. Would just be in poor taste.

    • Starman

      Yeah that would’ve ruined it if they turned heel. It was nice to see storylines & characters put aside to pay tribute to Dusty.

      • Matt G

        And in an interview Cody said that dusty thought it was in bad taste when they use someone’s passing to create storylines and he promised dusty he would never do that……that’s why he’s still competing as stardust

    • Mike

      Was going to say the exact same thing.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    That wasn’t even an iron woman match contender. First off if they really wanted to compete with the men as you blatantly put, then it would have been a 60 minute match, not reduced to 30 minute just because they’re women. Second of all, of those 30 mins they hardly wrestled each other for 15 minutes. The first 2 minutes was wasted staring, the next 5 minutes with the pin attempts and the other 8 minutes in general selling a beating on the floor inside or outside the ring. In 20 minutes into the match, both women were exhausted to a point that they were panting for breath and slowing the pace till that last but one pin after which Bailey picked up some pace to win it.

    • Jakerams

      I agree that the match was not really wrestled for thirty minutes and instead was spent doing a few other things but it’s not the only 30:00 iron man match to ever happen it’s been some 15-30 minutes also so I think it was reasonable for them.

      • Fat Owens Fat

        Michaels vs Angle comes to mind but that match was full of pace from the very first bell to the end. If you drop the pace in such a short match, it takes off the interest. It makes it look like you’re stretching a 10-15 minute match with a lot of breaks, as if it was a tv commercial which you don’t want in such a match type.

    • MEH

      Sometimes less is more, I was happy with the pace and phsycology used. There were some points in the match where they could have been more solid and had greater fluidity transitioning holds and selling but in general it was a great match by two great athletes. I take my hat off to them.

  • Dexter

    My thoughts after takeover respect.

    Asuka and Nia Jax will be the next 2 top NXT women hopefully more like Alexa Bliss and Dana Brooke rise up to fight for their spot. I wouldn’t mind seeing Emma taking the title from Bayley, Emma has deserved that belt since the start of the takeover events.

    The Full Sail Crowd really put Chad Gable over and he delivered with his performance. I’ve read online that people backstage didn’t think he had what it took because of his size but I hope now they know he can be as good as all of the talent. That roll up into suplex he did on Corbin was beautiful.

    I’ve read online that Corbin is HHH’s project…and I think what’s happening to him is the same as Roman Reigns the crowd use to count down Corbin’s less than a minute matches and cheer. I’ve read that although Corbin is a green guy he’s picking everything up so well…But I don’t know if he’ll get over the crowd booing him…If he is HHH’s project the boos won’t matter.

    3 of the 4 horse women are out and now that Bayley has the belt how much time left in NXT does she have? Will the little girl that dresses like Bayley still dress like her after Bayley is up in the main roster?

    Tyler Breeze needs a takeover win and he also needs to get the NXT title. I think Apollo, Joe, and when Hideo recovers they’ll get it before Breeze. New after new guy that joins NXT they keep going straight for the belt while Breeze hasn’t had his chance since like when Neville had it.

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