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NXT Stars Who Will Be Drafted

With the draft in less than a month, WWE’s roster is about to take a dramatic turn. The NXT roster is expected to take a major hit because of all their talented stars. Out of all that talent, these five are most likely to join the main roster.
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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Nia shouldn’t be drafted lol

    • It Begins kid

      I want Bayley or Alexa not Nia lol

  • jcice13

    do you know that Balor will be in the club or is it a smart educated guess, because I’ve thought for a while now that when he’s called up he will be there with them and in a year or so it will be Balor vs Styles whether it would be for who runs the club or just a turn on someone
    of course leave it to creative to split the club up when the brand split comes

    also Aies hasn’t been with the company that long so he probably won’t get the call but he should as should Roode

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