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NXT TakeOver: Predictions

As I’ve done before for WWE PPV, I’ve now decided to also do for the NXT major events. And, this Wednesday, we are getting TakeOver: The End, which I felt was as good a time as any to trot out some predictions. I am going to deviate a little bit from my WWE PPV style, so let’s see how this works. Without delay, lets dive right in!

Andrade “Cien” Almas versus Tye Dillinger

Tye may be a Perfect 10, but Cien is coming in with a good bit of hype. He’s an experienced luchador, having worked quite a bit for CMLL. So what does that all mean for the show on Wednesday? My guess is that we should see a pretty good match out of Almas’ live WWE debut (he’s been working dark matches for a while now). And while Dillinger will say he’s a 10, Almas should get the pinfall in his debut match.

NXT Tag Team Championship – American Alpha versus The Revival

If you like tag teams. If you like tactical wrestling. If you like old school wrestling. This is the match for you. I’m sorry folks, I love the tag team style and for someone who has more often than not been starved for great tag team action out of WWE for the last decade or so, the past year has been like sitting down at an endless buffet of really good stuff. And this offering is just another example of that. I like Alpha, and while I’m no fan of Dash and Dawson, I can certainly appreciate and respect what they bring to the ring. A small part of me could see The Revival reclaim gold, leading to a Summer-long feud over the titles-which would not necessarily be a bad thing, as I don’t think either team is in line for a main roster call up for a bit. But I am going to go with a win, and retention, for American Alpha.

NXT Women’s Championship – Asuka versus Nia Jax

After the way things ended on last week’s show? It would be totally understandable to favor Jax. The reality is, she’s got a substantial size advantage over the fearless champion, but whether that size translates into a dominating win for the championship remains to be seen. It would be stunning to see Asuka lose so soon after winning it all in Dallas, but if WWE thinks it needs to really build up another monster in the Women’s division, then Jax is their lady, and a title win would go a long way toward that goal. But, call me crazy, but I think Asuka manages to submit or KO her formidable opponent, for a pretty impressive title defense.

 Shinsuke Nakamura versus Austin Aries

Ladies and gentlemen, this right here is probably going to steal the show. With all due respect to Joe and Finn, of course.

The NXT fans have loved Nakamura since the King of Strongstyle debuted. They’ve been pretty receptive to Aries, too. I say this one should steal the show because, while we know Balor and Joe ought to be good, we’ve seen it before-several times over. So, even if that match is really good, it would have to be incredible, I think, to top the wow factor of these two relative NXT newcomers. The anticipation for this match is high, as are the expectations. It’s so hard to even really tell which way I should be leaning here, though I will say I favor Nakamura for the moment. As we get closer to Wednesday, I am likely seeing this one as a toss-up, as it could go either way, and I see this as the beginning of an intense rivalry. Regardless of who wins or loses, we the fans will be enjoying this for months to come.

NXT Championship-In A Cage-Samoa Joe versus Finn Balor

They’ve made a big deal about how this is the first time the NXT title will be contested from inside a steel cage, so right off the bat you are witnessing a sliver of history. So the match has got that going for it. We also already know what to expect from both men, as they’ve put together several excellent matches.

There’s also the name of the show: The End. Which I gather is a nod to the fact that, unless Balor wins, this is his last shot to regain the NXT title. And, let me be clear: I do not expect him to regain it, and in fact calling this show The End is more telling to me, as I think it will mark the end of Balor’s NXT time. With the former Bullet Club heating up on WWE’s main roster, and with a brand extension looming, I think it’s not too long before we see The Demon debut on the main roster and join his club cohorts.

Or, in other words, Samoa Joe retains in this one.


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  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    Spot on. Still would like to see tye win tho.

  • Lisa

    I like Samoa Joe but I think Finn Balor is really overrated. He’s kinda handsome though.

  • Mark B.

    I expect the opposite with Joe and Balor. It will be Joe who comes to WWE. He not getting any younger. Can you imagine Cena vs KO vs Joe.

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