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NXT TakeOver Back To Brooklyn: The Predictions

In just a few short hours, we will get to experience yet another NXT: TakeOver special. If history is any guide-and why wouldn’t it be?-this should be yet another awesome special. With that brief intro, here’s my predictions on just how TakeOver should unfold.
1-Billie Kaye versus Ember Moon
This one is about as much of a lock as you can get. I mean, NXT has been hyping the arrival of Ember Moon for a few weeks now, right? Billie Kaye may play a big part in the future of the NXT women’s division, but it’s a good bet that Ember Moon will too. And it’s for that reason that, honestly, Moon wins this one. It may be a close match, but there’s just no way Ember Moon loses.

2- The Revival versus Ciampa and Gargano

This ought to be an excellent match. The Revival are a solid, not flashy, tag team. They don’t do any exotic or insanely crazy moves, but what they do? They do it well. They have to, in order to have become the first and only two time NXT tag team champions. And, honestly, I can’t really see them jumping to the main roster as of yet, so there’s a good shot of them retaining here. But, their opponents are no slouches. Gargano and Ciampa would make excellent champions, in my opinion. But I am sticking with the champions retaining.

3-Bayley versus Asuka

Bayley has been the champion. And a very good one. But it’s Asuka’s time, honestly. Bayley has tasted the main roster, and one would think it’s just a matter of time before she joins the main roster full time. So for this one, Bayley puts up a valiant fight, but Asuka leaves the ring with the prize.
4- No Way Jose versus Austin Aries
Aries probably didn’t think this is where he’d be when he debuted in NXT in the Spring. Considering the other star he debuted with is now main-eventing the show? He probably figured he’d be there too. But, let’s be honest here. No Way Jose has been a pleasant surprise, and he’s matured quite a bit in the ring. But I don’t think he’s quite at a level where he beats Austin just yet. Give it time, and Jose will win one of these, but for this round, it goes to Aries.

5- Andrade Almas versus Bobby Roode

This one is a lock too. Sorry, Cien, but Bobby Roode is just not losing his debut in NXT. No way. Not happening. But what this one can do? It can shine. Possibly even steal the show. Almas has been impressive in his first weeks in NXT, thus far, but a bout with Bobby Roode? It’s a big step up. It’s a challenge. It’s going to be a great match. But Roode will be glorious in his victory.

6-Nakamura versus Joe

Where to start, folks? This one is going to be an amazing match. The fiery intensity of Joe, the arrogance and charisma that is Nakamura. They are yin and yang. Opposite styles will clash in Brooklyn, and while I do think there’d be a strong case to be made for Joe to retain, I think we could also see a quick changing of the guard too. My call? Honestly, it’s a toss up for me. I am going to say Nakamura wins this belt, but before Samoa Joe becomes a full time main roster talent, we will get his rematch in a bit. But this is a case where, if Joe should retain, I wouldn’t call it a major stunner.
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