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NXT TakeOver Predictions

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the “Could-Would-Should” is finally doing an NXT edition. And why not? TakeOver:Dallas has shaped up into a damn exciting card. So, with that said, let’s put my spin on things, shall we?

Austin Aries versus Baron Corbin

How this one could go: I’ll call it a toss-up. Corbin is not so far removed from title contention, in theory. And, he’s deserving of a win. But, it’s Aries in his debut. I strongly suspect they will want Aries winning his debut.

How this one should go: I think winning his debut is a fair projection for this one. Alternative to that would be some form of a DQ by Corbin, so that both men can be booked strong.

How I wish it would go: Not really wishing for anything, outside of a good strong match.

The Revival versus American Alpha

How this one could go:I think The Revival could win and retain here. I don’t think they will, but I think they could.

How this one should go: I feel like it’s time for American Alpha to win the titles. And that’s my call for this one, an Alpha win and title change.

How I wish it would go: Going for the Alpha win here, that’s my wish. Of all the tag teams in NXT, The Revival impress me the least thus far, so I am ready to see someone else at the top.

Apollo Crews versus Elias Samson

How this one could go: I suppose Samson could win. Not sure it makes a ton of sense though.

How this one should go: Crews, getting a dominant win over the drifter. This one makes too much sense.

How I wish this would go: Another match where I really have no wish either way, though I am fond of Crews and could see him being set up for bigger things.

Sami Zayn versus Shinsuke Nakamura

How this one could go: This could steal the show-but honestly, you could sat that about several matches on the card.

How this one should go: Thinking this might be Zayn’s farewell match to NXT, as well as obviously being Nakamura’s debut. I think Nakamura wins this one, in what should be a possible match of the year.

How I wish this one would go: No skin in the game, but if we can get a match of the year contender? We all win.

Bayley versus Asuka

How this one could go: Another with the possibility to steal the show. Seriously, between this match and the triple threat on Sunday, these could be two of the best women’s matches we’ve seen in WWE in like, a decade.

How this one should go: I have a feeling Asuka becomes the new champion, and Bayley transitions to the main roster.

How I wish this one would go: I think everyone would be thrilled with another show-stealing effort. I do not think the ladies disappoint.

Finn Balor versus Samoa Joe

How this one could go: Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but another possible show-stealing match. I think this one has a harder time doing it than the previous two, but capable all the same.

How this one should go: I have a hunch this is Finn’s farewell to NXT, as he seems destined for a main roster debut very soon. And you can only keep Joe down for so long.

How I wish this one would go: Give me a third straight strong match, and this one could be the show of the weekend.


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  • Mike

    I’m calling this. Ok. All the winners; American alpha, asuka, Aries, joe, nakumura, crews. I will say, Corbin is a big name in nxt, doesn’t lose
    Often, so if it went the other way don’t be to surprised, but I’m sticking with Aries, the title matches all three are a toss up, but I like my calls. Should be an incredible event, crews is the only clear cut obvious winner.


    Will there be a Live coverage so that the great commenters of WNZ can bring their own brand of entertainment?

  • Mr.???

    this seems solid. i just hope nakamura and asuka-sama win as well as joe.

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