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NXT’s Next Woman Up

It’s always the challenge, when an organization gets raided for it’s talent, there is an inevitable void which needs to be filled. Sometimes, filling it is far easier than other times. Sometimes, there are heirs apparent waiting in the wings, and sometimes it’s far more murky as to whom can step in and run with things.

NXT now has some voids, thanks to the recent WWE Draft. It lost, or will lose, a number of key talents. And while losing someone like Finn Balor is significant, I believe the Women’s Division is the hardest hit.

Just think about it. Gone are Nia Jax, Carmella and Alexa Bliss. Bayley, by way of her appearance at Battleground, certainly appears to have one foot out the door, and I would venture to guess she would move up full time following Brooklyn. And, to be clear, before the draft I had expected women like Carmella and Bliss to step up and lead the women forward, as I expected Jax, Bayley and possibly Asuka to be on the move. So, things got changed up just a wee bit, didn’t they?

So, Asuka is still the champion. That’s good, though she’s the next one (after Bayley) whom I would expect to be called up. Perhaps they give her a long run as NXT Women’s Champion, and perhaps that makes her likely to be called up in 2017, post-‘Mania. That timeline would make sense. And like I said before, I do expect Bayley to join a roster, full time, in the next 60 days or so. So who currently on the roster might be the next big Women’s thing?

One look at the roster on WWE.Com, and you don’t get the warm and fuzzies. You’ve got Asuka and Bayley, and a bunch of others who make you say…who?

Of those listed, the only one I can honestly say I’ve seen, or am at all familiar with, is Liv Morgan. Could she be a benefactor of the new void? Most likely yes, but since she’s been seen so little on NXT Television, there’s much to be done. Peyton Royce, Aliyah and Billie Kay are also options, but like Liv, they suffer from a lack of TV time, which I don’t believe would begin to get rectified until following TakeOver: Brooklyn.

I had thought Deonna Purrazzo could be in a great spot to step up and be a new big star, but I don’t even see her listed on the NXT roster at the moment. Hopefully that changes, as she appeared to have a good skillset.

WWE has also had some other women working on TV of late, some with more promise than others. Some worked tryouts, and haven’t been signed to the full time roster, so it’s unclear if they might factor in to the future. Some of those names include Rachel Ellering (daughter of Paul), and Tessa Blanchard (daughter of Tully). Now, the name doesn’t mean they’d automatically be any good, but they seemed decent enough, so who knows if their tryouts, plus the new talent shortage, works out to an extended look.

The cupboard isn’t as well stocked as it was a year ago, but it’s not completely empty, either. The good news is there are several athletic and promising young women under contract, and time will tell who becomes the next big star deserving of a call up.

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  • hacksawtez

    I saw Ember Moon wrestle Asuka last weekend at an NXT live show.

    She’s damn good. I can’t wait for her to start appearing on TV.

  • Mikey Shango #Retired

    I think Asuka should come up next year

  • Zack

    Athena (Ember Moon) is something special. Got looks, ability, crazy moveset, and ring presence. I wouldn’t drop her right in the title picture and do too much too soon. Bring her in and have a mini feud or two with someone else on the card before taking on Asuka. She will be a big deal someday.

    A feud between Becky and Nattie on SD. I see them doing a bunch of gimmick matches like DDP-Randy Savage, Axl-Ian Rotten, etc. One of them can be “Loser Gets Suspended for 30 days/90 days/whatever”. Loser goes to NXT temporarily and buys the NXT women’s division some time. Either of them could make great chemistry with Asuka while we wait I believe.

  • thin54

    Bring someone to NXT like Velvet , Rosita ,

  • jcice13

    my only question is how the hell did Eva Marie get a call up before these women????

  • Sass.

    Ember Moon is going to be a huge asset to the division once introduced. Billie & Peyton are great to, just need to showcase their new gimmicks on TV more.
    I say sign Candice LeRae, Kimber Lee, Kay Lee Ray & Evie. Mia Yim, Allysin Kay & Courtney Rush would also be awesome steals from TNA.

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