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One More Run…

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As more names keep getting added to the Royal Rumble-big names, since it’s basically the Rumble with the most at stake since Ric Flair won the Rumble and the then-vacated WWF Championship many moons ago-a thought hit me.

We’ve gotten a lot of big names announced already. Names that, in years past, would have been kept as surprise entrants. Jericho. Lesnar. Even the returned and now injured Cena. These all could have, and probably would have, been kept on the sidelines until the Rumble. But this year, for one reason or another, things have changed and we are getting the big ones now.

But what if this all means that there is a big surprise entrant coming for the Rumble itself? Not a guy like Hogan (though yes, even with his transgressions, his surprise entry would be huge). Not even Daniel Bryan, though his entry would be tremendous as well.

No. None of them.

What if WWE brought out a Phenomenal surprise entrant for the Royal Rumble.

Simply put, imagine if WWE shocked us all with The Undertaker.

And why not? He’s on a bit of a retirement tour, however unofficial it may be. He’s performed at SummerSlam, and at Survivor Series, to go along with his annual WrestleMania appearance.

Notice a PPV missing? Specifically, one of the Big Four? Yep, he didn’t appear in the Rumble, and hasn’t in recent years.

And, for winning this year’s Rumble, the prize is not a shot at the champ in Texas. Nope, this year, the winner IS the champ. And, a Rumble match is, coincidentally enough, the perfect kind of match to mask a wrestler’s shortcomings or deficiencies. Meaning you can have a guy in there for a long time, even if physically limited, without exposing those limitations to any great extent.

And with that in mind, I think Undertaker deserves to enter-and win-the Royal Rumble, one final time. And with it, naturally, give him one last ride with the championship.

When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. And for a few reasons.

1-WWE needs some big stars to be surprises. It doesn’t get much bigger than Undertaker

2-WWE has an overwhelming desire to have a mega-match as the main event in what should be the biggest WrestleMania of all time. Even though we were told that their last clash in 2015 would be their last clash ever, would the WrestleMania main event of ‘Taker versus Lesnar, for the WWE Championship, not fit the bill?

3-It’s a big stage, in ‘Taker’s home town. Even if he’s not going into the Hall of Fame this year, they could easily announce it as a win or go home kind of match. If he wins, he stays. If he loses, he’s retired. As much as I would hate to see him lose at ‘Mania again, having seen him lose once already lessens that sting.

And, while I won’t list it as number four, this one is still true enough: How awesome would it be to see the Dead Man, mid-ring, holding up the big belt one last time? Gives me goosebumps now just thinking about it.

What do you think?

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  • siddus

    Wow! Not only could it make for an incredible moment, but it could be a very smart booking path towards Wrestlemania…

    Picture it. We’re down to the final 4 (Reigns, Brock, Bray, Strowman), minus the #30 Entrant. The crowd is desperate for a D-Bry return at #30, particularly given the number of other key injuries at the moment. Whoever comes out is doomed to fail under that weight of desire, right? Of course. Unless they’re the Undertaker. We count down 3-2-1…. Gong! The crowd goes wild. Brock gets wide-eyed and immediately is looking down the entrance-way. Bray and Braun use the opportunity to eliminate Brock, setting up a Brock v Strowman match at Fastlane, and a Brock v Bray match at Mania. You then have an actual final 4 of Reigns, Bray, Strowman, and Taker. Strowman gets eliminated because now his role in getting Bray as far as possible is fullfilled. Reigns eliminates Bray to exact some justice for everything Bray put him through leaving Reigns and Taker. Taker wins and becomes new champ!

    So at Fastlane, you have Brock vs Strowman, and Taker vs Reigns in the obligatory championship rematch. Reigns goes over Taker (clean, if you really want Reigns to be Cena 2.0). The next night Reigns wants to know who he’s facing at Mania cue-ing Triple H’s music to hit and setting up their inevitable Mania main-event for Reigns to go over clean again. Reigns is now the Cena 2.0 Vince always wanted.

    • The one and only great one

      That could work and truthfully I would rather see Reigns vs HHH at Mania then Reigns vs Brock, simply because we seen that match last year and no matter how WWE says it went down, Brock beat Reigns a$$ and I’m not interested in seeing it again

      • Fat Owens Fat

        Brock also beat down a whole lot of other superstars and buried the league of nations all by himself. By your logic, he shouldn’t be wrestling ANYBODY in the roster ever again because nobody can take him down.

        • The one and only great one

          That’s not what I’m saying. I was implying that I feel HHH VS REIGNS is a better match to watch then seeing BROCK VS REIGNS for a 2nd time at WM.

    • Mean Dean

      That’s about the same route I’d go, except that taker vs reigns would never work, cuz then everybody would really hate reigns, exactly what Vince doesn’t want to happen, but a heel turn might actually work really good for reigns

      • siddus

        You get plenty of face vs face matches and they do work, when done right, without needing a heel turn. If there’s no funny business and Taker shakes his hand after it should give him the rub.

  • JFJ

    Wrestlemania 32 is NOT in Undertaker’s hometown. Undertaker’s hometown is Houston, TX. Wrestlemania 32 is in Arlington, TX. So it’s in his home state, but not his hometown.

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