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Open Season: Excited For Roadblock?

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It is not often that we have a calendar month without a PPV, but in March we have just that-no PPV, due in large part to Fastlane being so late in February and WrestleMania being right at the beginning of April. But, with the relatively new WWE Network, they have come up with an excellent way to bridge the gap between the events-though, for the record, having more than 3 or 4 weeks between a PPV is not necessarily a bad thing.

So, rather than just have a completely quiet 5+ week span between major shows, the WWE Network is giving us Roadblock. So, I ask…are you excited for it?

For me? I do believe it is a strong yes. Honestly, they could give us 30 minutes of Ambrose and Hunter and I-along with others-would be quite satisfied. I mean, seriously folks, I think many would openly admit that they think the Roadblock main event is going to be better than Hunter-Reigns a couple weeks later.

And, on top of that match, we get Lesnar and Wyatt-a one on one match that was at times rumored to be a major WM32 match. This one by itself could also be better than the announced ‘Mania main event. And it gets better, as we also get a WWE tag title defense (New Day versus League of Nations) and, in a nice treat and something I am personally looking forward to? An NXT tag title match featuring The Revival against Enzo and Big Cass. Let’s be honest-it’s only four matches as of the end of RAW, but between now and Saturday, I wouldn’t be shocked to see another match or two-hopefully a Divas match.

So, yes, if you ask me, all things considered I am very excited for this Saturday. WWE has done a good job building up the main event especially, and the lineup is solid.

WNZ readers, what do you think?

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  • jcice13

    there should be some decent interest even if it’s just to see Brock and what they do with him and if it will lead to a mania match with the wyatts..but I don’t think anyone really believes Ambrose is coming out of this with the belt..whatever Diva match they have won’t be anything of consequence since they’re not going to screw around with their mania 3way

  • Martin Koehler

    waste of time. Just another Raw. Nothing special.

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