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Open Season: Chris Jericho Gone

As has been his prerogative of late, Chris Jericho comes back, works a short term program for a bit and then disappears for however long he wants to. Usually, his time away corresponds to a Fozzy tour, or something else along those lines.

As of yesterday morning, it appeared as though he’s again stepping away from WWE, per the his tweet, saying “it’s been real, see you next time”.

But, in a bit of an unexpected curveball, Stephanie McMahon cancelled the Ambrose Asylum and replaced it with the Highlight Reel. Jericho came down and the two men brawled. So, it sure doesn’t look like Jericho is gone again, yet.

So how much longer is he here for?  What did you think of his most recent run? And, how or when might he come back?

In terms of how much longer, I really saw his tweet and figured he was gone again. My guess now? He’s done before the Summer really gets going. I don’t know if that means Extreme Rules would be his last match for a bit, but it’s certainly possible (especially if we got a rematch in a “loser leaves town” match, which I am not expecting.)

On his most recent time here, I will remember it for his matches with AJ Styles. Yes, he did more than just those matches, but those stand out-as they should. Styles is, of course, an accomplished wrestler, but so is Jericho. And putting these two together ensured that the fans would get the most out of the matches and truly get to experience how great the Phenomenal One really is. Looking back now, I know there are other great talents in WWE who can or will have great programs with Styles, but it’s damn hard to think of one who would so selflessly put Styles over as Jericho did. He long ago recognized the value in putting over the newer guys, and he’s embraced that role.

As for when he returns? I’d say possibly SummerSlam, as he did in 2015, but more likely for a spot in the 2017 Royal Rumble. But this one is much harder to peg because he can be brought back and instantly be given a great program and it will all make sense. I mean, if WWE wanted to, they could bring Jericho back when Rollins comes back, and have these two work a short program to help Rollins get back into the thick of things. I don’t expect that to happen, but it wouldn’t be so crazy if it did.

WNZ readers, what do you say?

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  • Mike

    I thought he was just winding the fans up, when they mentioned it on the pre show I knew. I think he will be back through summerslam, I’ve heard fozzy aren’t touring for a while.

  • cp munk

    This seems like a work to me. Just to build some heel heat with the fans

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