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WNZ Open Season: Does New Day Get A Fourth?

That’s what I was left wondering after this week’s RAW, which saw New Day get laid out by the four man League of Nations-a group that, not all that long ago, New Day offered to help.

My how times have changed.

Before RAW went off air, the League had issued a challenge for a ‘Mania match, though the parameters were scarce. No idea if this would be a four on three match-which is what I assume it is-or if they’d push for a four on three with the tag titles on the line anyways. Or something else entirely.

So, let’s assume it is a four on whatever match. And let’s assume, in spite of Bad News Barrett’s rumored departure, that WWE has no desire to blatantly bury the League by having them lose to New Day. So then, New Day needs a fourth. But who?

Here are just five of the ideas floating in my head for the moment.

  • Mark Henry or Titus O’Neill. I put both here because I think Henry would be the obvious one-he was just recently an honorary unicorn, was he not? And Titus? I think he’d be interesting aligned with New Day, though there’s that minor issue of his suspension.
  • Randy Orton. Here’s one that would likely surprise, and might make for an interesting, if brief, pairing.
  • Neville. I prefer him in a ladder match, should ‘Mania get one. But I think he could be a unique talent and there’s some semblance of history with the League.
  • John Cena. Yes, I know he’s out with injury, yet here’s two bits to ponder. Thing one, he’s always busting his butt to come back early-this time, surely, is no different. And second? Coming back from an injury, how do you bring someone back early? By having them in matches where they don’t have to do too much. Like, say, a four on four tag match. And a bonus? Clearly he has a history with Sheamus. And Rusev. And Alberto. And even Bad News Barrett. So, yes, it would work.
  • Cesaro. Also injured, but also on the road back. He could be an exciting addition to any group, though you wonder if WWE would turn him heel and align him with the LON, based on him being Swiss. Though, the Swiss should stay neutral…so who knows.

WNZ readers, do you think New Day gets a fourth? If so, who?

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  • MikeLo #DunDunDuuunnnnnn


  • biz

    Smart. 4 out of the 6 names are injured. And another suspended. What about Eddie Guerrero or the ultimate warrior?

    • Buss da 6’1

      Lol sting

      • Meg Matthews


  • Mike

    I don’t think they should throw in anyone else, the group works perfectly together. But if they did, it should be for only one night and someone interesting. Possibly an nxt superstar, but they’d need to fit the new day persona a little I guess or possibly get involved with one of the lon members, if say barret or rusev went to nxt and had a match lost and just attacked that guy after, possibly Austin Aires or Apollo crews.

  • http://NUNAYSHON.com #NBNC Hawk HENRY #NewNation ??

    If anybody would be a good fit it would be Tyler Breeze…when all four guys are on UPUPDWNDWN their chemistry and friendship really shows and that can easily transfer to TV

  • Buss da 6’1

    I thought they should’ve had titus in the first place his commentary fits right in

  • The Shockmaster

    John Cena?!

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