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Open Season: Watch Holy Foley!

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Folks, let me first say this: I do not work for WWE. I am in no way connected to them or their network, and I am in no way, shape or form related to Mick Foley.

With that out of the way, if you haven’t seen Holy Foley on the WWE Network, I think you are missing out on a good show.

I will be completely and totally honest. Outside of WWE PPV and NXT, I rarely watch the Network. I am one of the outliers, I suppose, who does not consume mass quantities of current and historical wrestling footage. Doesn’t mean I don’t want to. Just means there’s simply not enough time in my day, more often than not, to stay up on the shows. I have seen a few of them, bits and pieces and such. I’ve caught some of Swerved and a few others, but I never treated any as “must see”. After SummerSlam, that changed as the Network went from PPV coverage to the debut of Holy Foley. I was immediately hooked.

I am an admitted Foley fan. I was won over, largely, by his ECW run. I was familiar with him prior to that, but for me, most of what I remember and am fond of, happened either in an ECW or WWE ring, or I took out of one of his books, all of which I’ve read. I remember seeing little Dewey and Noelle in Beyond the Mat, too. So, honestly, seeing them all grown up now? Makes me feel old!

This show, I would say, is a bit eclectic. I think for Colette, she gets a bum deal in terms of how her doll obsession is portrayed. Obviously the three main focal points are Mick, Dewey and Noelle, and I do think this show could evolve into something just following Noelle as she tries to emulate her Hall of Fame father, learning his craft and trying to make it in the business. As someone who trained in the past, however briefly, I am fascinated by that coverage because, too often, the casual fan does not understand or appreciate exactly what it means to train to work for any promotion, much less WWE. And seeing Mick as the loving father, not wanting his daughter to end up broken like he is? Just adds an element to the show.

I am surprised some things made it on the show, like Colette doing Noelle’s laundry and asking her clown boyfriend if things looked familiar, but I assume that was something seen as a way to make the show appealing to certain viewers. But overall, it’s a great show to binge watch. I highly recommend it.

WNZ readers, have you watched? Are you fans of the show?

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