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Outcome To The 2016 Royal Rumble Was What’s Best For Business

I was reading many mix reviews from the WWE Universe late last night, and early this morning on social media and this site, regarding the 2016 Royal Rumble pay-per-view (PPV), and here’s my two cents.

I’m among the group of fans that thought the PPV was well done, and the match itself of well booked.

Yes, I’m a longtime fan of Triple H’s; simply put, in my opinion, he’s one the greatest in-ring performers this business has ever seen – both on the mic and in the squared circle. I love the fact that he’s WWE World Heavyweight Champion for the 14th time, and I think I’m not in the minority when I say this. However, my feelings as a fan of Triple H’s pushed aside, I feel that the PPV, Royal Rumble match, and outcome was truly best for business. It defined what the PPV is all about, and that is setting the tone for Wrestlemania, and laying out the foundation for feuds moving into the big event.

Looking at the matches outside the big one, all were pretty solid. If I had to pick one that lagged behind the rest, I’d say it was the tag team match; but it was not even close to being bad … just my least favorite. Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose tore the house down, neatly ended their feud, and really helped gear the crowd up. The divas match added some heat to Charlotte, truly solidify her heel status, and teased a pending program and Wrestlemania-worthy match with a returning Sasha Banks; which would be huge for the divas division, and truly place a spotlight on them for the flagship event. The U.S. title bout proved that Kalisto’s initial win was not a fluke, and I’m hoping to see this so-called underdog continue to make strides in the WWE as a singles competitor.

Now, onto the big match. For anyone who may say that the Royal Rumble was poorly booked, well, I respectfully disagree. Surprise entrants were revealed, there was plenty of action, and stories were told. We saw the incredible WWE debut of AJ Styles; and the reception he got from fans amazing. We saw a deeper story being told about Kevin Owens, revealing just how bad he wants success in the WWE, and how’s he’s willing to stop and nothing to attain it. We also saw a hint of possibility for a feud between him and Styles, as well as a door opened to rekindle his program with a returning Sami Zayn. There is definitely bad blood now between the Wyatts and Brock Lesnar as well. To note, Bray slapping Triple H and then attacking him (versus going after Reigns as Triple H suggested) added some further insight to his persona and the faction; as the Wyatts are becoming unique heels, alienating themselves from the rest of the roster, yet continuing to dominate between their ‘strength in numbers’ philosophy. These are all new chapters for these characters to move on from, new storylines moving into Wrestlemania, paving a way into WWE’s flagship event, which is what ‘The Road to Wrestlemania’ is all about.

And then there is Roman Reigns. Fans of Reigns would have loved to see him overcome the odds and retain the championship; I wouldn’t have minded to see that as well. But what would that have accomplished? How would that have been compelling to anyone in the audience? How would that have really added depth to his character and persona? What about his story entering Wrestlemania? Winning the title wouldn’t have helped his push, and would have just given Reigns’ haters even more to ‘boo’ about. Whether one cares to admit, Reigns has come a long way from last year’s Royal Rumble (although you might not have known based on the boos coming from the Orlando crowd last night). Reigns’ ended 2015 with a bang by becoming the WWE World Heavyweight Champ. He fought the Authority, and seemingly won. To further build this character, he needed a road block; and one that could not easily be overcome. Last night, WWE Creative hit a hero recipe that tends to work. Roman Reigns did not overcome; audiences weren’t insulted with a so-called SuperCena 2.0 storyline. But the beauty of it is, Reigns still looked strong, despite being eliminated before being the final two. And this is a good thing, as it created questions around how these two would lock up, alone in the ring. Speaking of, as Reigns was the 28th to be eliminated, the WWE was able to give a nod to Ambrose as the last competitor to be thrown out, squaring off against Triple H. A huge deal, considering the night he had, and the match he had just one previously. He may not be getting the push Reigns is, but Ambrose is certainly getting a gentle nudge into the World Heavyweight Championship picture.

Lastly, we have HHH. So, he may be past his prime, and yes, he’s been fortunate enough to main event in many Wrestlemanias in the past … so why not pass this opportunity to another wrestler? Well, in my opinion, Wrestlemania is not about handing out opportunities, (that is what RAW/SmackDown and other PPVs are for) it’s about creating the best of the best in terms of performance and entertainment. It’s the SuperBowl of pro wrestling. It’s about closing chapters of story with a bang; and its storytelling at its best. And there is no better storyteller than Hunter. He’s a lot of things, and I’ve read comments like narcissistic, egotistical, etc. Which is probably a good thing, because Triple H is a heel, and wants to be hated as such (although his pop last night from the crowd may seem like otherwise). Still, what he does best is tell a story in the ring, push other talent over, and his win/loss record at the flagship event can prove that. Matches with John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and even The Undertaker have proven his commitment around creating a memorable event, and telling a story that is worthy to tell; win/loss aside. Not actions of a narcissistic talent in my opinion. Therefore, if the idea is to further strengthen the Roman Reigns character, then Triple H winning, and extending their ‘Bossman versus Employee’ program (a storyline that has been a successful recipe in the past, i.e. with Stone Cold and DB); Triple H winning the Rumble, winning the title, and moving onto main event Wrestlemania works. It’s just what is best for business.

What were your thoughts on the 2016 Royal Rumble? As a PPV? As a match?

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  • robvanriot

    I’ve been surprised that there have been so many negative reactions to this onine. I’m on board with you about this; I enjoyed the PPV and was happy with HHH winning. He’ll only be a transitional champion (and will likely drop the title back to Reigns at Mania), but it gives us something other than the norm. Also, personally, anything that gives HHH more ringtime is fine by me. I always felt his in-ring career got wound down way too early.

    • Dorathy

      I agree about his in-ring career winding down too early. thanks for reading and the comment!

  • PlanoStu

    I’m calling it that somehow it will be HHH vs The Rock main eventing WM32

    • Joseph Lisnow

      Thought Rock would win the Rumble.

  • Barooq #NewNation

    It’s shocking to me to see people wanting to cancel their subscription to the network after HHH winning. This was a necessary step, also will do Reigns good in the long run. Reigns will have his WM moment

    • Joseph Lisnow

      It’s only to help Roman.

    • Babertus Maximus

      some people are always like that…if they didn’t get what they want or in this case whoever they wanted to win they’ll always do those kinds of things but then again later on they’ll have a change of heart and watch the product again…

      • Victor82

        LOL. I always say to myself: If Cena wins the title again, I’ll stop watching WWE. I said that since the 4th or 5th title reign, and I’m still a fan. What I never did is boo everybody else because my favorite wrestler is not winning the title.

  • Lemmy Is God

    Solid ppv top to bottom and the rumble was well paced…..I’ve never been a triple h fan and as much as I hated seeing him win…..it made sense

  • Victor82

    Haters will never stop moaning and booing until they see Bryan, Styles, Zayn or some indie guy with the belt, so i don’t care about their reactions. If you want to see indie guys, come and watch NXT, or you have other options like ROH, NJPW… If you like indie guys that much, i don’t understand why the other promotions has low ratings, come and watch them. I don’t have anything against those guys, but keep calm, the best of them will have his time, but not now, just wait. I hate the reaction of the crowd with Roman, look at this guy, he has it all, and with the usos the same thing. You want new day as champs, that’s ok, but no need to boo the rest of tag teams.

    The wwe title match at Wrestlemania will be Triple H vs Roman Reigns, and Roman will become the 3 time WWE world heavyweight champion, maybe with The Rock in his corner, wether you like it or not, wether you boo it or cheer it. Deal with it.

    • El Marichachi

      He has the family heritage, some,talent, but it’s the blood line and Vince having a chubby for him, I . I like reigns but I like Ambrose a lot More Seth Rollins too

  • MEH

    I’m not a HHH fan in the slightest, think I may have marked out for him once when he returned from his quad injury and I’ve always admired his workout regime as I used to be a gym guy until kids struck me lol. I understand where they are going and why it was done for him winning the Rumble, doesn’t mean I have to like it! HHH is a great in-ring hand who has had amazing matches, but no matter what he was never “the guy!” (Well to me anyway). I’m hoping he’s going to be much better than last years Wrestlemania as he showed signs of slowing down and it wasn’t as good as his previous performances and this is down to Father Time catching up to him, which is why I’m also against him winning the title in 2016 with a herd of young lions. Again I understand it was done to ultimately build Reigns but I believe WWE also needs to build more stars for the future as their main event roster is looking pretty weak especially with the injured list expanding.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    With Vince,HHH and Steph screwing the champ, would it not make sense for the Rock and Ronda to return to this storyline taking it all the way to Mania? Vince and Steph in HHH’s corner and Rock and Ronda in Reign’s corner given that neither can sign the dotted line for a WWE match there and also the fact that WM32 wants major star power since Hogan/Rowdy and others cannot be brought back?

    Can a returning Shane Mcmahon do some damage when he announces that at WM, the match isn’t just for the title but if the Authority loses the title, they also have to forfeit the WWE back to him(storyline only?). Or has the VKM-Shane relationship severed so much that Shane wants nothing to do with the WWE? The guy has so much potential to be an interesting Authority figure and a much needed break from Authority is long overdue.

    The WWE is investing in the Indy darling lists lately so that takes care of the whiney Internet Indy fanboys to some extent, and the Training centre will find new talents over time. What the product badly needs is a few people in the GM roles for both Raw and SD.

    • MEH

      Gonna take a lot and a miracle to bring Rowdy back. I agree though, Shane would be a breath of fresh air and a much needed Authority storyline end.

    • Warren Roby

      Shane wanted to do things his way and not be “Just another wrestling guy”.

      Shane went out and did his own thing. He might come back

    • Dorathy

      It would be awesome if Shane could return. Thanks for the read and the comment.

  • Si Nicholls

    I’m not a HHH or Roman fan, but at least for me the Wyatts. Owens, Ambrose, Becky, Sasha and Paige when fit again are featured prominently as well, so i can take my breaks now when hhh v’s roman are on together

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    I understand why they had HHH win the title last night but I would of changed things up a little bit since most of the fans knew this scenario would happen. Nontheless, Royal Rumble was good last night.

    • Dorathy

      Fair enough!

  • The one and only great one

    I enjoyed every match last night and was really excited when AJ Styles came out and HHH eliminating Reigns and winning the title. I’m a huge HHH fan and him being champ will make a great program. For all we know, he could vacate the title and they can have a tournament at Fast lane to crown a new champ and #1 contender for the main event at WM.

    • El Marichachi

      Won’t do another tournament after SS

  • Jonny

    Respectfully disagree with this column totally. This is not best for business. What is there to gain?

    Let’s look at the obvious , straightfoward route. We have Reigns somehow getting back the No1 Conteder slot at Fast Lane despite the Authority trying to screw him again, setting up a Reigns/HHH match at mania. That match in front of a Wrestlemania crowd no less, will get booed out the building, even you can admit that.

    Reigns isn’t over the way WWE wants him to be yet, and this isnt from last night’s observation. Even in front of “Cena” friendly crowds, his reactions are mixed. And that Philly night where he got cheered, people fail to realize it wasn’t for him they were cheering. They cheered to the fact that a real beating was taking place to the most hated people on the roster and Vince himself. If that doesnt garner cheers, then I don;t know what will.

    WWE had the chance to build something new, something fresh, but instead played the safe bet. Now we have a Lesnar/Wyatt feud? Please. Bray doesn’t belong next to LEsnar as he is now. Pre-Cena burial Wyatt maybe, but not this Wyatt.

    And what happens to the rest of the roster. Just meaningles matches. Only other bright spot are potential matches with Styles and Sasha Banks challening for the title.

    Unless creative changes it up on the road to Mania (HHH forfeting the title, new champ leaving his match with Reigns not title, stuff like that) , this Wrestlemania isn’t shaping up to well.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??


  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??


  • Interlet

    Usually I am not compelled by as yet-to-be-established top of the top wrestlers. If the layout of the Rumble had not been as it was, HHH winning would have been acceptable. But I think the Wyatts could have convincingly be pushed just that little bit further to the very top, and establish an opposing faction to the Authority and/or the League. When you see such dominance from the Wyatts – Strowman eliminating Kane and Big Show almost straight away, and then the very impressive teamwork after that, it was convincing enough to think “Wow who on earth can stop the Wyatts”. I honestly thought they might be paving the way for Bray to win it based on early Wyatt’s dominance. When the rest of the family were eliminated, I started to wonder where the ending was going. The rivalry between Lesnar and the Wyatts in that match alone was intriguing, and I still think should have been part of the ending. I like Reigns but if the WWE think the only way they can push him even more is making him superhuman like Cena, then his credibility will fade rapidly…faster than Cena’s which was pretty unique. Turning Reigns heel right now could keep his credibility, make him stand out more, and then down the line turn him into a more unique but non-superman face. My long two cents.

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