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Brock Lesnar – Kevin Owens Is Money

WWE Championship
If you missed it, go back and watch the closing segment of the January 11th RAW.

If you didn’t miss it, I’d still suggest going back and re-watching it.

Though, perhaps you know where I am going with this. Actually, based on the headline, I really hope you do.

In the midst of all the brutal clotheslines and vicious suplexes, one specific encounter stood out. Perhaps this was just a coincidence, but I don’t buy into that theory.

When Brock Lesnar encountered Kevin Owens, this interaction stood out. There wasn’t any specific reason that it did-it wasn’t as though when these two tied up, a flashing neon sign lowered out of the rafters to ensure everyone took notice, after all. But nevertheless, when these two were going at it, it stood out. No one else Lesnar attacked-not even the WWE Champion himself-stood out.

But when Lesnar grappled with Owens? That one portion of the action is still replaying in my mind’s eye as I type this. And what it has me thinking is simple.

That program. That feud. Could be money.

Let’s be frank. Lesnar, at the moment, is gunning for the WWE Championship. That’s obvious, but so are 28 other men who will partake in this year’s Royal Rumble. I’m not counting Reigns, since he already holds the belt, though I guess he’s vying for it too, since if he doesn’t win the whole deal, he’s no longer champ. But, one way or another, Lesnar is going to resolve his issues with Reigns, and I doubt it becomes a protracted program-that one just doesn’t have the staying power of what he had with Undertaker, but few will.

So where will he turn his attention to, post-Rumble?

My money is now on a program with Owens.

I would assume this is how it was written. That, or Owens was doing everything he could to resist a suplex and put up a fight. But when it came time for KO to suffer the Beast’s wrath? He didn’t go down nearly as easy as any other heel in the ring. It was quite noticeable how he resisted, and it was very easy to allow the mind to wander.

And, if you wanted further evidence to support this? Heyman, early in the evening, called his client a Prizefighter. Paul Heyman is not a man to waste words, nor is he one to say something that someone else would normally say-unless he meant to. So I would bet dollars to donuts that, in referring to his client as a Prizefighter while lobbying for the WrestleMania main event, he was doing so in part to lay groundwork for a feud not yet kicked off.

And why would such a feud be money? I have a few reasons in mind.

For one, both men are pretty big, and yet both move extremely well regardless of their size. I don’t mean size to have a negative connotation here, but the reality is both men are thick, strong, powerful athletes. And yet each man moves like a much more diminutive talent. Neither would ever be mixed up and mistaken for Neville, but they move far better than men of their size usually do. Because of this, because of their athletic skills, I think a program of Owens and Lesnar could be a joy to watch.

Another reason being, it would be a fresh feud. We’ve seen Brock and Rock. And Brock and Reigns. And of course, Brock and ‘Taker. So why can’t Brock get himself a shot at some more of the great young talent?

And, this one is pure blue sky, since I don’t work for WWE Creative, and I presume I have a better shot of winning the lottery than of having them read this. But, if what I suggest could happen at the Rumble does, and Undertaker walks out as champion? In my mind, he drops the title to Brock at WrestleMania. And from there? Lesnar versus Owens, headlining SummerSlam? Why not? Put Owens over for this one, and depending on fan response, you either have a super-hot heel, or a super-hot face as champion. Crowds seem to get behind both men, appreciating their skills and the efforts they put forth in their matches, so at the end of the day, it would be a win-win. The only way SummerSlam could be even bigger for Owens? If WWE managed to have the PPV come at us live from Canada, allowing Owens to become “The Man” in his own backyard-though, apparently, the Summer Spectacular will be coming at us live from Brooklyn again this year.

Honestly, while I am merely thinking to myself at this point, if you told me (as a fan) that in 2016 we would get to see, in order, an Undertaker Rumble win (and championship reign), a ‘Taker-Lesnar final rematch, and a Lesnar-Owens championship match headlining SummerSlam? I’d be pretty excited for those three events at a minimum.

WNZ readers, would such a scenario make you happy? Or would you be disappointed with those matches?

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  • Fat Owens Fat

    *3 mins into the match*
    There’s a baby in there damnit! That monster!! How could he do it to him? He just broke the man in half!!!

    *10 suplexes later*
    Bah Gawd Almighty!!! Lesnar helped Owens deliver the baby with an F5!!!

  • Mean Dean

    Fight wise I’d bank on Sheamus vs Lesnar , but that could be a bit to brutal for the pg era

    • Philip Hollett

      Their last fight was quite decent. Which is saying something because 90% of the time Sheamus bores the poop out of me.

  • jcice13

    let me ask this…would it be even better to see Lesnar/Angle at mania??? and save Owens for later, say have Owens and samoa joe for mania?

  • Philip Hollett

    I would love to see Owens ask to enter the Rumble but Steph wont allow him because he is in the IC championship match. So he gives the match to someone in the Rumble just to get an opportunity to get at Brock, Brock eliminates him, so he pulls Brock out after being eliminated. Double countout at fast lane and a blowoff match at Mania in a semi main event. (between IC and World title match). The story writes itself.

  • Mike

    I like owens I am a Big fan, but a wrestlemania match with lesnar, he is not ready for that.

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