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Has Paige Lost Focus, Or Has The WWE Lost Interest?

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During an incredible upheaval of the WWE, brand extension excitement, and as we transition into an era (where dare I say it) wrestling seems cool again; at a time where the divas division is now the women’s wrestling division; one huge female WWE superstar seems to be missing as of late (and this was before her recent injury).

Where is Paige?

Seriously! I get that she’s really young, has time to hit milestones and be a part of key programs. I get that we haven’t seen a lot of other WWE superstars as of late, as both RAW and SmackDown start to roll out programs and storylines for SummerSlam and get into the groove of things. I also get for a long while, Paige was the focal point of the women’s division, was then helping younger talent over, and then seemed to be missing in action due to injury. She had come back, pre-draft, and at one point was lined up to help even out the score for Sasha Banks, as The Boss battled Charlotte and Dana Brook. The program was interesting, and then Paige was oh-so subtly removed from the picture.

Is the WWE holding her back, to bring her back to television in full force, much like they did with Sasha Banks a while back? Is there just too much solid female talent in the organization, that she is getting lost in the shuffle? Did the Divas Revolution bury Paige, while lifting up so many others? Or … is her relationship with Alberto Del Rio straining her work relationship with WWE brass? It’s hard to ignore that, while most WWE couples were neatly drafted into the same brand, ADR was sent to SmackDown, and Paige was drafted to RAW.

Which is shame, considering how high WWE officials were on Paige. She had one of the best main roster debuts an NXTer could ask for, winning the Divas Championship on her first RAW; she was a judge on Tough Enough and a cast member on Total Divas; she was the first female superstar to be on a WWE Network’s Stone Cold podcast (after Stephanie McMahon, of course); and seemed to be on course for an incredible legacy-building career within the organization.

So, what’s with the absence from RAW? Is something bigger happening here? Are backstage relationships bringing her down? Politics? Perhaps something else?

I hope not. Sure, Paige is a unique talent, with an out-of-the-box persona. She’s also unique, as a veteran of the sport, yet has many years ahead of her at the young age of 23. Maybe she needs a break; maybe she’s busy with other WWE projects; or perhaps there is a big comeback in the works. Either way, its undeniable that she has talent, mass audience appeal, and a loyal fan base.

WNZ fans – what are your thoughts on Paige? Is WWE missing a huge opportunity? Are they sitting on a tremendous talent? Or is something bigger going on backstage? Leave your comments below!

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