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Payback In A Nutshell: Let The New Era Begin

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Hello folks, and welcome to the Nutshell for Payback. The show is coming at us live from Chicago, and on the WWE Network (though the feed may or may not be misbehaving). It’s being called the beginning of the new era. Already on the pre-show, we’ve gotten to see Kalisto yet again retain his United States Championship, and Dolph Ziggler pulled out an improbable victory over Baron Corbin. But the time for the warm ups are over, and it’s time for the main card to get underway.

Best Match of the night:

It is going to be hard to top Owens and Zayn, and I have to give them extra points for being pressed into action sooner than expected following Enzo’s awkward bump. These guys have worked together for years, and the chemistry was readily apparent.

Honorable mention, in spite of the ending, to Natalya and Charlotte. I dug the match. Heck, even the main event deserves some love, as it was far better than I expected it would be (even giving AJ a ton of credit leading into the match).

Worst match of the night:

It seems almost unfair to drop this one here, but here it goes. The number 1 contenders match lands here, but for a different reason than most. This one lands here because, well, we didn’t get a whole lot of a match before the match came to a premature end due to medical reasons. Factor that in with the fact that this was, from where I sat, a pretty good card, and I go with this one. If things had gone differently? I don’t know. Maybe the women’s match, if only for the ending? But that seems unfair too, because I thought that was a good match too (I gave it an honorable mention for match of the night).

Crowd Chants of the Night:

New Day Rocks

How you doin’


Let’s go Sami/Let’s go Kevin

This is awesome

Let’s go Ambrose/Y2J


CM Punk



You still got it

Roman sucks

AJ Styles

You can’t wrestle.

Let’s go AJ

Star of the Night:

AJ Styles, in a losing effort. And, OK, fine. I’ll give credit to Roman too, since the two of them put on a great match, far better than I expected it would be. It still wasn’t my match of the night, but it very well could have been, I think.

Spot of the Night:

Sami’s through the ropes running DDT. Love it every time.

Sharpshooters. In stereo.

Phenomenal Forearm, from the top rope, through Reigns and the announce table.

Reigns, hitting a Superman punch in mid-air on a leaping Styles, who had been attempting another Phenomenal Forearm.

Reigns flying over the top rope to nail everyone on the outside.

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  • Deano Wilkins

    That was a great show. I am only really a casual watcher but when Reigns kicked out after AJ hit the springboard 450 splash it was the first time I think I have ever shouted at the TV. Hope they put the belt on him at extreme rules.

  • Bryskers

    The star of the night was clearly Kevin Owens IMO.
    From his match with Sami Zayn, to his post-match promo, to his commentary and for being the last man standing after the IC title match. He’s the one looking strong here.

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