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Payback’s Main Event: Great Action, Lack Of Storytelling

Pre-show aside, Payback proved to be a night for the company’s heels. Kevin Owens gained a huge win over Sami Zayn; The Miz retained his IC title; Charlotte retained her Women’s Championship with a lame Montreal Screwjob-esque closing; and I’ll umbrella Roman Reigns win under the heel category as well, basing it on Chicago’s reaction to him.

In terms of action, Payback delivered. The matches were great, Zayn and Owens delivered a powerful bout to really open the show; one that almost made me forget about Enzo’s injury. It had to be hard to follow a match that was abruptly stopped in that fashion, and its undeniable the professionalism that these two exhibited, showcasing high-flying moves to help the audience forget about the bad, and focus on the entertainment. The Miz versus Cesaro was solid; and the women killed it once again, despite the terrible closing (which was of no fault of their own). While I personally felt that the Jericho versus Ambrose match started off slow; it did end with a bang – and it was great to see Dean get the win. In fact, including Vince’s announcement segment, I felt that overall, Payback provided some solid wrestling, along with some great storytelling; however, once we got to the main event, I was disappointed.

The match itself was incredible, and I am consistently amazed at AJ Styles: his performance, his athleticism, and unique ability to help carry an incredible match. Stephanie and Shane resuming the match after it ended in count and disqualification, respectively, was a great way to carry on their power-struggle storyline; but I guess I was expecting some sort of resolution around Styles, his former Bullet Club members, and if Roman Reigns would turn heel. If not resolution, something to trigger a new program. Either way, I was sadly disappointed. Perhaps the powers that be are still on the fence about turning Reigns, perhaps the story will continue to unfold as the WWE Universe heads into Extreme Rules, or perhaps Creative is still unsure of how to proceed with this. It just felt like the ‘same old, same old’, and for me, it’s a teasing and tiring process: JBL, heel commentator, was clearly on Roman’s side; which he’s been doing recent weeks on RAW. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows interfered in the match and attacked Reigns; which was to be expected, since this is something they have been doing since their debut on RAW. Styles seemed disapproving of their actions, but he was also on a mission to become the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The Usos came in for the save, chaos ensued, Roman leaped over the top rope onto everyone else outside the ring; he then laid a Spear on Styles, and the match was over.

No conclusion to the Styles versus Reigns program; no real reason to further the program either to be quite honest (although it’s great to see Styles still in the title race picture); in my opinion, all players, all stories, are really still where they were at, last Monday Night RAW, prior to Payback.

The good news is, the match was incredible, and we get another replay of this in about three weeks at WWE’s Extreme Rules pay-per-view. That is plenty of time, to hopefully, fill in some of the gaps. The bad new is: I hope WWE Creative doesn’t mess this up. You have a champion that fans are struggling to identify with right now, and that many want to see turn heel. You have a face that many fans would love to see carry the company. You also have two tweeners that fans are excited to see within the company; enforcers who don’t play by the rules, and who could turn on their friend within a blink of an eye. Then there is the element of a family legacy within the WWE, that has been teased so much, and that could really grow into a faction that fans might be able to connect with.

So much going on, and so much that could help to further evolve each and every character to another level; and there is so much value in that. Not only for present storylines, but for future ones as well.

Here’s hoping WWE Officials see the value in that too.

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  • Lara_P1

    AJ made Reigns look so good, he is lucky they got a veteran like AJ to work with him.

  • Si Nicholls

    After watching AJ in TNA for so long, its fantastic to see him doing it on a bigger stage, and if you haven’t seen TNA, just wait until he gets in the ring with Joe, Eric Young or Austin Aries

    • Someguy

      ( ?° ?? ?°)( ?° ?? ?°)

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