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Possible Brock Lesnar’s Return Opponents

Brock Lesnar is making history, competing for the UFC and WWE at the same time. Of all the names in the business, Lesnar is one of the few who can accomplish such a feat. Before Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 opponent is named, we took some guesses.
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  • Darda Cook

    Damn Damn I could see it being a wwe star to cross promote
    but then I could see it as Cm Punk too to show the other UFC
    people Cm Punk can go, UnderTaker i dont see so much any
    more but in his heyday go Taker


      Omfg….it’s a real sport….no WWE guy is going to go in there and get hit for real by an almost 300 pound freak of nature. You people need to get real and stop treating MMA like it’s pro wrestling,because it is NOT….These guys sacrifice weeks and months at a time to train and get into peak physical condition to prepare for fights. They have to cut huge amounts of weight,an unhealthy amount at times. They are on an entirely different level then these actor’s


    For the love of God people,MMA is not pro wrestling,stop trying to treat it as such. Brock will NEVER face CM Punk in the octagon,he outweighs him by huge amounts,they have weight classes. Brock will NEVER face undertaker in the octagon,because Undertaker is not only a broken old man,he is only a fan and has no clue wtf he is doing. Dana White and the UFC have made a mistake doing this deal,because now we get this kind of stupid crap. Let’s be honest,does anybody still care about Rousey? Her hype train has pretty much stopped,and Connor McGregor is about to get whooped on again at 202..MMA is a REAL SPORT,not choreographed stunt men. I obviously like wrestling as well,but this whole thing might tarnish UFC more than help them. Yeah they get Brock,their biggest draw EVER for a single fight,but in return they have to hype a product that honestly is sub par and that we only watch out of habit.

  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    He’s fighting Hunt


      Should be interesting

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Brock vs Punk or Brock vs Taker at UFC… Yep you’re high…..


      Right,he needs to share. I wanna experience what it’s like to live in LaLa land too.

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