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Possible New Social Outcasts Member

Adam Rose
The Social Outcasts are down a member for the next 60 days, with Adam Rose being suspended. With Rose missing, these wrestlers could take his place.
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  • Mikey Shango #DunDunDuuunnnnnn

    Lol RVD Really??? I’m convinced WNZ had a weed smoking party and I wasn’t invited

    • Zack

      Almost time!

  • Robb Frymyer

    The writer of this article has been hanging with RVD Smoking what Morley is selling.

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    Horrible list Lisnow horrible list


      Almost as shocking as me doing a parody.

    • biz

      Doesn’t matter the quality just how many shitty articles a week they can post.

  • cp munk

    Brian Kendrick would fit, he’s got that dorky demeanor. Possibly swagger..but the rest, just no.

  • Deano Wilkins

    Really? Really? REALLY? I can’t believe I actually clicked on this. 5 pages and all it is are pictures. Not even a paragraph for each to describe why they would be a good fit. Awful click bait stuff Wrestlenewz.

    • Deano Wilkins

      1. R-Truth
      2. The Hurricane
      3. Cody Rhodes
      4. Cody Hall
      5. GOLDBERG

      When can I collect payment for my ‘article’?

      • Buss da 6’1

        Jamie noble
        Joel mercury
        The vaudevillians
        Aj styles
        The rock


    Lisnow’s been sippin’ on Ravens’ Kool-Aid!

  • Buss da 6’1

    Lisnow you got some splaining to do

    • biz

      His articles lately have been thrown together crap. The fact that most these wrestlers aren’t even in the wwe is ridiculous. Then add the fact that he explained absolutely none of his reasoning is horrid. I literally could get a better article out of my 5 year old.

      I think that you writers, and I very loosely call everyone other than dorthy that, need some advice.

      First off, stop posting 10 paragraph articles for weeks after ppv’s and just post one that has actual substance.
      Secondly, take a second to read over what you are posting or to read the links you share. Half the time a simple read would help so that you don’t claim triple h is hated by mick’s son, when the link you show doesn’t mention that at all.
      Lastly, save your head cannon for a monthly what if article. Far too many times I read things completely out in left field like new day gaining another member in John Cena or other things that would never happen. All it does it take away from this sites credibility to new comers on here.

      Get your act together wnz

  • Lord Stevie REGAL #blublood

    this article is utter tripe!

  • AuctionPicker

    What about Raven?

  • Scib

    bad list but i think the bryan kedrick one is a must haha… bryan has that heath slater type thing that would work very well… i see it being the best for the group coz with bryan they can kick him out for being too cocky or something and that means they can bring adam rose back once they are sick of him..

  • Tomo

    Why not call the article Wrestlings Biggest Dopes. Least that would make sense.

  • MEH

    What in the blue hell did I just read? Click bait bihh! Why did I fall for it? Lisnow c’mon man we all have bills to pay but give a little to get a little.

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