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Program Changer: Lana & Rusev Engaged

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First off, on behalf of everyone here at WrestleNewz, I would like to congratulate WWE Superstars Lana and Rusev on their recent engagement. On behalf of the entire WWE Universe, I would also like to thank the happy couple for deciding to take their relationship to the next level; in doing so, and in it being leaked out to the public, you have essentially ended one of the worst programs in 2015 – and for that, many of us will forever be grateful.

Okay, I might be exaggerating a tad, but who else is happy to see the end of this program?
The love triangle between Lana, Rusev, and Dolph Ziggler was weak from the get-go. Adding Summer Rae into the mix didn’t help that much either. Bad chemistry between Lana and Ziggler; bad chemistry between Summer and Rusev; and dare I say bad in-ring chemistry between Ziggler and Rusev. It was just bad all around, and seemed awkward from the start. With a feud plagued by injuries and absences (first Rusev had his foot injury, then Ziggler took some time off to shoot a movie, then Lana hurt her wrist); it was like a higher power was trying to tell Creative something. However, in typical fashion, despite the fans not being into the feud, and despite injuries and absences, Creative continued with the program – regardless of challenges. Thankfully, this past weekend, the feud came to a screeching halt; and that may also be thanks to TMZ for leaking the news.

Apparently, the engagement took place in September, but was kept under wraps. Probably due to the looming program on screen, however, regardless of trying to keep the engagement hush-hush, the wrestling world took notice and started speculating on this in early October, thanks to these Instagram pictures of Lana, with a mysterious ring on her finger.

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And now, as of Monday Night RAW the feud is officially placed to rest, with a neat, tiny little bow on it. WWE also acknowledged the happy couple’s engagement on their website, which solidifies the idea that with this angle, real world will collide with onscreen drama.

The good news: the fans no longer have to suffer through this storyline. It might also even mean a potential face turn for Rusev. Those hoping to see Lana in a wrestling role, may also still see that; as there is clearly unfinished business between Lana and Summer Rae. The best news of all, is that Ziggler has exited from this storyline (see video below) and is free to move onto other things … potentially a feud with Cena and a U.S. title run?

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  • Captain Kamikaze

    I don’t know if the us title is the best case scenario for Ziggler. He had it before and it was completely forgetable. I’m just happy to see Rusev move on to better things, I love that guy.

  • The one and only great one

    The feud was ok for the first 2-3 weeks but quickly got boring. Personally I think WWE should go back to having longer feuds but need to know what’s working and what’s not. That feud should’ve only lasted about 5-6 weeks because it lost its luster very early into it. But I’m happy the news broke about their engagement cause now creative has a lot of options for Lana’s return, and try to live up to the so called “Reality Era”. Hopefully they don’t drop the ball like they have done in the past… They should do an injury angle for Rusev and bring them both back together. But whatever they do PLEASE don’t do a wedding angle upon Lana’s return…

    • Joseph Lisnow

      creative probably already has an idea for the wedding.

      • The one and only great one

        They probably do but I hope not.

  • Meg Matthews

    Getting my hair did ?

  • jcice13

    why should Rusev become a face just because he got engaged? he’s done nothing worthy of being cheered other than getting engaged, why not just turn Lana back to heel. the entire angle was a bust and it has been from day one

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