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Punk Would Return IC Strap to Former Glory

The current feud pitting Punk against Curtis Axel, largely because of Punk’s Paul Heyman obsession, could be a boon for the Intercontinental Championship. What was at one point the federation’s 2nd best belt and the launching pad of many WWE title runs, has lost a significant amount of luster. I blame this in large part on two related items. First, the purchase of WCW, and as a result, the integration of the former WCW championship belts.

You used to have 3 championships-the World Tag Team belts, and the two singles belts of the Intercontinental Championship and the WWF/WWE title. In the years since the greats such as Savage, Hart, Henning, Michaels and others carried the IC strap up until present day, the WWE added the former WCW championship belt and the US title, along with now retired (or merged) titles such as the hardcore title, the cruiserweight title and the ECW championship. When there was more of a brand split between SmackDown and RAW, the separate top champions made more sense, in my opinion. Now that there’s hardly any separation, I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to a unification, though I doubt it happens. But I blame this proliferation of belts on the diminished value of the IC belt.

I’ve seen it commented on elsewhere-the IC belt used to be the number 2. It was a major title; winning it back in the day was almost as good as winning the MITB briefcase-often a successful IC championship run led to a world title shot, if not a title reign. And this is why it makes sense to put it on Punk.

First, while I understand the lineage for Henning’s son, and that he’s been around and in WWE before this current version, I’ve not been a fan of putting the belt on him so soon. Watching this week’s RAW even, I wasn’t a fan of how he as a relative greenhorn compared to Punk, was admonishing him and “teaching him a lesson”. Yes, I understand Curtis is the heel and playing the part, so I take it with a grain of salt. Just not a fan. Unless, it’s a means to an end. Which is where getting Punk into an IC title reign makes perfect sense.

Clearly, Punk and Axel are going to meet and meet some more until Punk claims the hallmark victory. If I were booking it, I would pull a match out of the history books-Punk versus Axel for the IC title, with Paul Heyman suspended above the ring (or locked up ringside). Punk wins. Gets Heyamn retribution and locks up Axel in the cage for good measure.

Getting the strap on Punk accomplishes two things. One, it does elevate Axel, or at least it should. I already think it is. Second, considering Punk is a former world champion, having him hold the IC belt for a few months or more absolutely elevates the title as well. I don’t know if it makes the belt as significant as it was when the WWE had fewer belts-that may not be possible without eliminating some titles. But I think it would be an exciting feud with a satisfying ending, building toward something even bigger.

Punk does not even necessarily need to hold the title for hundreds of days-though on one hand I would not object to it. My perfect payoff for this? Bryan as WWE champion versus Punk as IC champion at WrestleMania XXX.

Does this happen? I don’t know, as I am not in charge of booking. And seeing how the Orton/HHH “face of the WWE” angle is in full swing at the moment, it’s too soon to call. But if nothing else, consider me in favor of a CM Punk IC title reign.

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I hope that CM Punk win the IC Title i mean it does not hurt his credibility as a main eventer and people are saying that he does not need the IC Title but i think it will make the IC Title relevant again if he does win against Curtis Axel

  • Mr. Creative

    I could see how Punk’s presence can not only bring a certain value/prestige/relevance back to the IC belt, but I also see it helping push many wrestlers/superstars that are in the mid cards. It would be great to see Punk feud with those guys & in the process assist in putting them over. Punk without question is Main Event material, but his presence can make an impact on raising the bar for all the guys who maybe are stuck in the mid-cards & perhaps give many of those guys an opportunity to shine. So with that said having Punk as IC champ I feel is a great idea.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      You took the words right out of my mouth because people think that it will hurt is credibility but it does not, it will make an impact like you said so i agree with you 100%

      • Mr. Creative

        Thanks. I also agree with the comments you made. I don’t see it hurting him one bit. If it’s done right I could see it being very beneficial.

        • Mrs. Ambrose

          I agree

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Thanks for agreeing with me

  • Mark Henry’s poop bag

    The intercoochinental champion, cm punk

  • Macho Man

    As a long time pro wrestling fan I find it sad how far WWE has let the IC Belt fall from glory. When I was a kid that belt was second only to the WWF/WWE Championship. WWE has pretty much made it so any belt other than the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship don’t matter! No one (WWE) seems to care about the IC belt or the U.S. Championship Belt and the Tag Team Titles have been reduced to looking like to over sized pennies! WWE needs to get rid of the STUPID World Heavy Weight Title! Every time I see it I think WCW and not only that, it’s just beyond STUPID to have TWO guys who are essential the same Champion. I know technically they are different but really only in name. WWE needs to scrap the WCW Heavyweight Title and the U.S Title. There should only be 4 Championship Belts in total.(1) WWE Championship Belt,(2) IC Belt, (3)Tag Team Belts,(and bring back the old tag team belts or get new ones, as the current ones are very pathetic looking) (4) The Diva’s Championship(I know no one really cares about this one but if the Divas are going to wrestle they should have a Championship Belt). This would RIGHTFULLY restore the IC Belt to the second most important as it SHOULD BE! The only exception to this that I would not be against is them (WWE) adding a Television Championship Belt ONLY if it was going to be defended on EVERY Raw and Smackdown show. Mainly because we barely EVER get Championship Title matches or new champions on FREE TV anymore, as there all Non Title matches! Hopefully someone (Vince) remembers the great history and importance of the IC Belt real soon! The IC Belt should garner respect no matter who wears it!

  • Devon

    Punk won’t step down to the mid card titles. He wants to be the best & on top which is the WWE title. He will be champ again in 2014

  • Kayfabe Fan

    It’s Hennig dammit!

  • Daniel_P1

    Totally off topic. I’d love if this site had a chat window where we (the users) could log in and chat instead of just commenting.

    • jcice13

      that would be a great thing

  • Tyler Drummond

    I dont think a CM Punk title reign would do much for the IC Title. I just think its a waste of Punk talent, he should continue to be the main event guy he is. I dont think it would hurt him, but I dont think it would help anything. Besides Punk has said countless times on TV he wants the WWE Championship, why would he waste his time going for the IC title? Isnt this why WWE didnt make the handicap match for the title (Unless that is announced later which I doubt)? If you ask me its an overall simple process that will take a little bit of time to make the IC Title relevant again. Just have people feud for it. You get your mid card guys to have proper feuds for the title, make sure its defended on every PPV (or at least every few weeks), build rivalries, have #1 contenders matches and give the IC champ a shot at the WWE or World title every so often, bada boom bada bing. Same with the US title. Punk can easily be inserted back into the WWE title picture after this Heyman storyline, why put him with the IC title. I dont think just one guy can bring the IC title back some prestige and I dont think WWE should/would waste time putting it on Punk. I too want the title to have some prestige again, but its a waste putting it on Punk. Christian, Miz, Jericho, Mysterio, Ziggler, etc have all won the title in the last 5 years, but its still where its at. Punk just winning it wont do it any good. Why not just let the midcard guys battle for it properly.

  • Mike Honcho

    The World Heavyweight Title is pretty much the ic title now.

  • KingBack

    It’s not Punk who needs the I.C.Championship.. It’s the I.C.Championship
    that needs him.
    No offense but Curtis Axel is nothing special and the last time I really
    enjoyed a I.C.Championship run was Cody Rhodes a couple of years ago.
    The problem with the I.C.Championship is that it’s only mid-card guys
    who compete for it and therefore it also becomes a mid-card title.
    I’m not saying that a top guy should hold it but it would bring the
    prestige of the title up if top guys like Cena, Orton, Punk, Bryan, Sheamus, Del Rio etc.. went after it.

  • cubfan4life

    If I was in charge, which of course im not, I would eliminate the WHC thus elevating the IC back to #2 on the title food chain. Then I would treat the US title as a de facto TV title making it 3rd in the pecking order.

    In doing this you could in the course of the HHH/Orton storyline book a face to win the title over ADR and then have HHH come out and strip him of the title saying the spotlight should always be on the WWE title and there isnt room for 2 at the top etc. Big Show would be perfect for this given what HHH has put him through so far this would likely send him over the edge. This would also set up a next challenger in line after Bryan assuming that they keep the belt on Orton for a while.

    Then everyone else at the top of the card that isnt in the WWE title program along with the upper mid card guys would compete for the IC belt with the true mid card title being the US title which is defending primarily on TV.

    This would elevate the IC belt back where it should be by having guys like Punk, Cena, Bryan, Sheamus, Ziggler, RVD etc. all fighting for it instead of having someone like Punk take a perceived step down to go save the IC title.

    Then the guys like Kingston, Fandango, Ryder etc. along with guys who arent involved with a program at the IC level would compete for the US belt. And by keeping it as a mostly TV title it would get extra exposure as well.

  • Abudadein

    I would love to see the Southwest Brass Knuckles Championship brought back, that we’d see defended at San Antonio’s old HemisFair Arena back in the early ’80s. I could see Wade Barrett holding that one and defending it against the likes of Sheamus, William Regal and Big Show.

  • jcice13

    I know this will get heat but the IC belt was always just another title and I never thought it meant all that much, and that’s because what sport has a title for the second place type of guy, now I know that a lot of the greats held the belt and did a great job but as some people here alluded, it’s not really the belt it’s the holder of the belt so if those guys wrestled an opponent and there was no IC belt on the line and just a feud? it still would have been a great match. same for the old US belt in the NWA. the last thing that punk doesn’t need the belt and if he does get it that would only mean he’d be out of the big title picture, of course right now he is anyway.

  • Shell

    If CM Punk does win, I suspect he’ll right away go after the WWE Championship and hold both belts.

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      Hey it could happen you never know.

  • Andy Thompson

    if the storyline plot at moment that new wrestler will come out and save Heyman i wouldnt go far behind R-Truth or Bryan R-truth to go back heal again would be interesting

    • Mrs. Ambrose

      I hope he does not turn heel again his last heel run was horrible.

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