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Does Randy Orton Stand A Chance At SummerSlam?

Someone had to pose the question.

Closing in on Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 return, WWE announced his SummerSlam opponent recently on on SmackDown.

And I was really excited, I really was. The two debuted in the WWE the same year, yet had never really had a feud together. Both men, have undoubtedly achieved tremendous success in their respective careers, yet have taken very different paths. The Viper versus The Beast, had program gold written all over it.

Now, to say I could even begin to predict what would happen within Lesnar’s UFC match would be a joke. I’ve watched a UFC bout, here and there; but I really have no clue about the organization, its athletes, and cannot really talk about matches within the Octagon. So, I can’t say I thought Lesnar would lose; but I cannot also say, I thought he would win. I was totally indifferent. Within the land of the WWE, Lesnar is unstoppable – however, I was unsure how he would make out in reality; and based on that win, it seemed he was unstoppable.

However, all these plans got mashed up considerably, thanks to the news that hit on Friday July 15th, regarding Brock being flagged by the USADA for a potential violation of their anti-doping policy.

It could all be a misunderstanding, but still, this does not look good. What seemed like a win-win situation of allowing Lesnar to compete in the UFC, seems like a bit of a PR nightmare now for the WWE.

And where does this leave Randy Orton now? Assuming that Lesnar will still be able to perform at SummerSlam. After all, it seems unclear if all of this will even be resolved at all, by August 21st.

On the one hand, WWE is clearly strong on its stance when it comes to violation of its own Wellness Policy, with the recent 30-day suspension of Roman Reigns. However, Lesnar did not violate the WWE’s policy, so this is where the situation gets sticky.

In terms of Randy, this is Orton’s grand return from injury, was suppose to be much-hyped by all angles; and five will get you ten, that he doesn’t step into the squared circle, until SummerSlam. With all this controversy, does the WWE continue to book Lesnar as the unstoppable ‘Beast Incarnate’, or in light of all this scandal, will Randy Orton’s character be awarded the privileged of bringing down Brock Lesnar? Cleanly? Before the proverbial poop hit the fan, I would think that Lesnar was a shoo-in to win … but now? Not so much.

So much needs to, and could fall into play here. There is already speculation that the USADA’s flag could have been a result of Lesnar’s inhaler medication (for ashtma), Advair. It’s way to hard to call right now …

WNZ, how do you feel? Does Randy Orton even stand a chance against Brock Lesnar … does any WWE superstar for that matter? Leave your comments below!

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  • Mikey Shango #Retired

    I don’t even care about this match a decade too late

    • T-Rock (#TeamHollywood)

      if this match happen a decade it wouldn’t be as hype in my opinion since Orton had gotten better over the years. If lensar would actually wrestle and not just do suplexs the whole match it can still be a good match

      • Mikey Shango #Retired

        Exactly why I’m not interested in any of Brock’s matches any more lol

        • T-Rock (#TeamHollywood)

          Same here, this is the only other match that I care for featuring lensar at this point

        • It Begins kid

          2002-2004 Brock Lesnar > 2012-2016 Brock Lesnar

  • Si Nicholls

    According to the papers over her Brock failed the test on the night as well, something to do with an estrogen blocker

  • GrumpyOldMan

    Didn’t WWE set the example with Billy Gunn? His positive test was at a body building comp not the WWE test, if I’m remembering correctly. But still got fired

    • Joseph Lisnow

      you are correct about billy gunn.

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