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RAW In A Nutshell:Did The Legends Help?

Xavier Woods
It’s Legends Night on RAW, as we have the final Monday night show before Sunday’s Hell In A Cell PPV. The night promises to be loaded, which Stamford no doubts hopes will boost flagging ratings-and considering RAW is going head to head with a pretty strong football game, they will need all the star power they can get. Speaking of star power, we get things started off with a bang.

Best Match of the night:

It felt like it was the night of the six man tag match, and fortunately most of them were decent enough. The main event was it for me tonight, as it told a decent story, teased some possibilities, and delivered good action.

Worst match of the night:

Divas tag match. Just didn’t do much for me, in spite of having Sasha in it.

Crowd Chants of the Night

New Day sucks/rocks

Let’s go Cena/Cena sucks

Feed me more

this is awesome

Star of the Night

I would say HBK and Rollins, for the verbal segment ahead of Seth’s first match, and Rollins for sort of pulling double duty. He’s doing a decent job as “the man” for now, and he hasn’t been shy.

Spot of the Night:

Dudleys and Cena putting Xavier through that poor table. Ouch.

Sheamus with a Brogue Kick from the outside on Ziggler to give his team the win.

Owens hitting a pop up powerbomb on a very large World’s Strongest Man

Strowman catching Ambrose as he leapt through the ropes to the outside and then planting him….followed by Reigns leaping on the Wyatt Family to save Dean.

Jobber of the Night:

Xavier Woods taking the shot through the table. Again.

Upset of the Night:

New Day stole one against The Dudleys and Cena. Not an upset like 123 over Razor, but quite a win out of nowhere

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

More of a Holy Sh*&, he’s dropped to that level, but Ric Flair kicking off the final hour of RAW by announcing Roman Reigns walking to the ring. Surely they could have done more with Flair, no?

And how weak of a return was Rowan’s?

Commentary of the night:

You can’t hit a unicorn like that

Maybe-probably-I missed some others, but lately just have not been feeling the announce team.

LOL Moment of the night:

Doesn’t take much, but hearing Xavier referred to as a unicorn, then once again put through a table? One of these days the guy is going to have a complex, and/or get out of there before he can be the sacrificial lamb. For now? It’s funny.

Noteworthy Moment:

Maybe it was me, but I expected a bigger pop for HBK. Either it didn’t sound as loud as it was, or it wasn’t that loud. Seemed like they warmed up when he spoke, however. Especially when Rollins joined him and the two jawed at one another.

Rollins said it wasn’t a Shield reunion…but the main event did give us just that.

Overall lowlights:

Maybe it’s me. Maybe I expected a lot more from a go-home RAW, especially one billing a slew of big name stars and legends. What we got? Nothing close to amazing. It had it’s moments, but it could have been….should have been…so much better than it was.

Overall highlights:

The opening segment was good, keep Lesnar and ‘Taker in the ring but away from each other, so that it make’s Sunday feel that much more epic.

Rollins and HBK was pretty good, with Shawn busting on Seth for being HBK 2.0, and I see the moment as another step in Rollins’ development.

The six man tag was pretty good, too.

After the final bell:

Again, maybe it’s me, but this RAW felt off for some reason. Started big, then kind of fizzled in the middle with the exception of HBK and Rollins, and then Reigns/Flair/Wyatt, and then we picked up for the main event. Much of the time between the opening and closing was, for me, not all that thrilling. And maybe it just didn’t come across well on TV, but the crowd didn’t seem hot. This was not a Chicago-type crowd, or a NYC Metro area crowd post-‘Mania or SummerSlam. And while WWE has to give the fans a reason to be electric (and didn’t tonight), a hot crowd can make even a mediocre show seem so much better. Here’s hoping they saved the really great performances for Hell In A Cell, at least.

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  • The Shockmaster

    The crowd was dead when HBK made his entrance :(

    • Joseph Lisnow

      shows how old and forgotten he’s become.

  • Mike

    Loved this raw. Hbk was on form as usual. The shield re uniting kind of. Also im curious as to where harper is. I’m kind of sensing a face turn for harper. Rowan already tried and that didn’t work so I’m glad that he did not return to oppose the family, harper on the other hand is not a monster like strowman or Rowan and that could be why wyatt had them take him it possibly, which sets up a surprise turn and push for a man who deserves it, luke harper. Also looking forward to the us open challenge. Ziggler is busy on the kick off show. So maybe it won’t be him. Love the surprise element of The l opponent for hiac.

  • Damian Starr

    lowlight for me was the poor banter new day had this week, we know you can do better than that

  • siddus

    The whole Orton/Harper/Rowan thing was poorly handled from the get-go. The whole time you were just left confused while you were drip-fed reasons by the commentary team as the night progressed. The absence of Orton should have been front and centre, not an aside. Rowan’s return should have been done with impact, as a suprise moment, and Harper’s absence was just a “where is he? i dunno. maybe he has orton” and that was it?!

  • jcice13

    you’re not feeling the announce team because there’s nothing to feel, they suck on ice…this has to be one of the worst major promotion teams in the history of the sport and the WWE has had some brilliant p[eople doing their shows over the years..I truly don’t know why JBL is there and the other guy is worse..and Cole has gone downhill as well and that hill wasn’t all that steep to begin with.as for the legends? they could have had a person who’s never watched a wrestling show book them better I was very disappointed


      Cole should of stayed the heel announcer with someone like Foley sad the face

      • jcice13

        you really can’t have the main play by play guy doing heel…and when he was playing that role he sucked just as much..the play by play man should be relating the action and playing into his color commentators strengths


    So weird I have to wait till Thursdays now in Germany to watch raw

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