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RAW In A Nutshell: Hitting The Reset Button

Following last night’s Hell In A Cell, Monday Night RAW is coming at us live from San Diego, and we are getting things kicked off with The Authority in the ring, to give us details of what’s to come at us this evening.

Best Match of the night:

I have to give this to the fatal four way. It wasn’t an amazingly good match, plenty of RAWs have given us better. But tonight it was the best of a mediocre evening. Del Rio was stealing the show, for the most part, but Reigns was not going to be denied.

Worst match of the night:

Was not a fan of the Diva tag match, but it served a purpose, I suppose. The post-match was more noteworthy than the match.

Crowd Chants of the Night

New Day rocks/sucks

this is awesome

we want Becky


feed me more

you look stupid


Star of the Night

With his very successful return last night, I could have given him this nod last night, but tonight he earned it. That being, Alberto Del Rio

Spot of the Night:

Cesaro, in the loss, hit a number of nice ones. Del Rio also showed off some nice moves as well. But a night after Hell In A Cell? Not really any epic spots that just begged for attention.

Jobber of the Night:

True, it was a match to determine who could eventually wrestle to determine the #1 contender, but it sure felt like Neville was in there to do the job tonight.

Upset of the Night:

Rusev, Sheamus and Barrett, stealing one from Team 3D and Ryback, just when Ryback and Devon went to get the tables.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Paige reconciled with Becky and Charlotte…only to turn on them once again, following their tag team defeat. Not really a huge shock though, was it?

Commentary of the night:

I’d call Cesaro a throwback, but I don’t remember guys 30 or 40 years ago being in that good a shape

I understand the capital is going to be Zebsylvania.

LOL Moment of the night:

Apparently Colter and Del Rio have created their own country, called MexAmerica.

Noteworthy Moment:

A night after carrying off The Undertaker, Bray came out to cut a promo, which was eventually interrupted by Kane, who lasted a wee bit before getting the same treatment as his storyline brother. Guess we have a reunion for The Brothers Of Destruction coming at us.

Tyler Breeze makes his RAW debut, which is interesting in that he debuted on SmackDown last week, ahead of the RAW debut.

Overall lowlights:

After a hotter Hell In A Cell, this RAW felt like it was missing something. And I don’t mean Cena. Just didn’t have any one major definitive angle or spot. Kane and The Wyatts may have come close, and the show-ending segment approached it, but there was just a lot of new programs starting, and that takes time to develop.

I get that having the matches to determine the participants in the fatal four way, and then the fatal four way itself, makes sense for the title match, but I do feel it’s at least slightly lazy booking-you get four guys to work twice, and even if it’s four guys we wanted to see more of, we had a third of the show-probably more, really-spent focused on those four guys. The roster is deep enough that we could have gone a different direction and been fine, in my opinion.

Overall highlights:

The idea of a possible Brothers of Destruction reunion will appeal to a lot of people, no doubt. Del Rio looked sharp, again. Tonight was all about hitting reset, and primarily for the World Title picture, and to a slightly lesser extent, the Undertaker/Wyatts angle. But much is still unknown about Survivor Series, so we shall see what next week reveals.

After the final bell:

The theme of the night? Reset. Just like that, the Kane/Rollins program is gone. Dudleys are moved away from New Day, so we have to wonder if/when they get another shot at title reign number 10. The US Title? There’s no Cena, and Del Rio was chasing the number one contendership. IC Title? Owens also chasing the number one contendership, so no new challenge there. But, we get Roman Reigns finally getting another shot at the big belt, so that could be interesting.

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  • showoff

    Reigns sucks still. I don’t think they’ll have his title match at survivor series tho. They’ll throw them both in the ss match. Rollins/Wyatt family vs Taker/ Kane/ Reigns/ Ambrose/ Someone else

  • Bonkerz

    Was watching Nuclear Heat with Vince Russo about how WWE is losing viewership because of many minor issues (I strongly recommend that episode because he brought up excellent points and also provided great solutions), one of those issues was lazy booking, mainly evident by the lack of continuity. That there’s little to no acknowledgement of what happened the previous time on the show. Last night was a prime example of that.

  • Sean Huggan

    I feel your a bit off but we all have opinions. Raw was centred around the WWE Championship, as it should be. The matches I felt were very high standard,new feuds are brewing, and we still have more questions to be answered next week.

    As for ADR, I feel he was off again tonight. Was a step behind Neville, and putting him on the mic straight after Zeb isnt exactly wise.

  • Mike

    Brilliant raw. So many top class natches. Owens vs cesaro, Neville vs Adr, big e vs Ziggler and reigns vs kofi. Then the fatal four way stole the show. Reigns has shown time and time again he can put on very good matches, he deserves this shot now, it’s the right time. Weather he wins it at as I don’t know, but I see it taking place there.

  • Edynol

    I had a dream this morning that Ricardo returned and he was jacked like Ryback. lol.

  • jcice13

    WHAT year is this?my God, who knew what JBL was referencing when he said tyler breeze was a young bill holden and talk about the hindenburg? come on JBL,it’s almost 2016 and you’re bringing up a blimp crash from 1937 and an actor who DIED in 1981 and the last movie he made of any consequence was 1976, the network? is Vince kidding me or what, there isn’t anyone else that can do this job with at least some knowledge of this millennium? now I know I’m older than JBL so I got his remarks but damn I don’t see many WWE fans catching them

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