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RAW In A Nutshell: Fastlane Or Bust

Call me crazy, but I think I am still hung over from last week’s RAW. With some luck, the roster and RAW in general doesn’t feel the same way, but I have low expectations for the show, based on much of the past few weeks. But, with that said, we are less than a week away from Fastlane, which ought to set us up for WrestleMania. Hopefully. So without further delay…we get things started off quickly, with Dean Ambrose in the ring.

Best Match of the night:

The fatal five way, opening up the evening. I was skeptical, as I thought it would be too busy. And while it was busy, it worked. It was a way to get the title off of Ambrose without making Ambrose take the loss, which is wise heading into the triple threat match on Sunday. Breeze and Stardust did not look out of place, even though they were definitely the odd men out.

Worst match of the night:

Big E versus Mark Henry.

Look, I like Mark Henry for the most part. He’s had an incredibly long run in WWE. I bet if you asked folks back when he started, if he’d last twenty years, most would have said no way. But, he has. But…it’s time to call it a career. The pairing did neither man any favors, but Henry just looked unable to get it done.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Daniel Bryan

Yes! Yes! Yes!

New Day rocks/sucks

Fight Owens Fight

AJ Styles


We want tables

Star of the Night

I give this to Kevin Owens, for a strong performance all around in winning his second Intercontinental Championship.

Spot of the Night:

Not a move, but a segment.

Heyman and Reigns had a rather…cerebral…exchange. And just when it seemed like that would be that, we get the Dudleyz attacking Reigns out of nowhere. This, of course, creates a few questions. 1-Was this Bubba and Devon doing Heyman a favor? 2-Was this Bubba and Devon going after a relative of The Usos? Or 3-was this just WWE doing what they needed to do, to ensure The Dudleyz got more heat? Maybe it was all three.

And, for good measure, after Dean runs in and makes the save, and the friends embrace, Ambrose damn near lands Dirty Deeds.

Excellent segment. Best spot of the night.

Jobber of the Night:

Tyler Breeze, for being the man who was pinned by Kevin Owens, allowing him to become a 2-time IC titleholder.

Upset of the Night:

Summer Rae over Paige. Didn’t even look like a lucky pin, as I thought they’d go for. Just a very surprising move.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Starting off the show with a title change, less than a week from the PPV. And, Owens didn’t even pin the champ to leave RAW with the title.

Botch of the night:

Ryback and Harper, outside as Ryback charged to the ring to make the save. Timing was off somewhere, and you could see the initial impact was off. I have to wonder if Harper reversing into a monkey flip wasn’t covering the overall botch.

LOL Moment of the night:

R-Truth on a date. Goldust as his waiter. Whether it was the “In Your House” joke, or the champagne double entendre, it was the LOL of the night.

Also, it would appear that The Long Island Iced Z filled in for the suspended Titus tonight. Nice to see Ryder, but if he really was up because Titus got himself a prolonged vacation, given the accusations hurled at McMahon last week, it would be quite ironic.

Noteworthy Moment:

Dean Ambrose has lost the Intercontinental Championship, without ever having been pinned. And, that may very well be Tyler Breeze’s moment of fame.

And, I am curious because it was announced this evening that we get The Peep Show on Sunday, with guests New Day. On one hand, this is probably just getting Edge and Christian exposure to push their new Network show. On the other hand? Who knows…but I am going with pushing the Network.

And next week, we find out who has won the Vincent J. McMahon Legacy of Excellence Award. Now, for all it’s pretty, cut glass…I have a feeling this is going to be a chance to give the award to one of Stephanie, Hunter or Vince. It could be a legit award, but I bet it’s not.

Kane is back, alongside Ryback and Big Show, and I’m betting we get us a 6 man tag match during Fastlane out of that.

Overall lowlights:

There were still too many either short, or bad, matches on the card. Most of which could have just been left off. While we did get more matches announced for Sunday, it wasn’t the best show for a go-home effort.

Overall highlights:

The Heyman-Reigns-Dudleyz-Ambrose segment. So many possible ways that one goes, and most of them are intriguing.

Kevin Owens winning his 2nd Intercontinental Championship.

After the final bell:

In my eyes, this show was all over the map. Think about this one. You open the show with a fatal five way for the Intercontinental Championship-a match that gave us a new champion. But, on the flip side? Big Show versus Braun Strowman was the booked main event. Think about it. THE MAIN EVENT. That should never happen. Ever. I don’t care how over the Wyatts are; Big Show has not been main-event-worthy in years, and I don’t know if Strowman ever will be. Even if it is just on RAW. And yes, I know that match had to run last due to the Kane appearance from underneath/through the ring. But even that didn’t save the main event. It was just sub-par.

The positive for the show is we have a pretty good idea of what Fastlane will give us, and the lineup is encouraging. But RAW was just…still mostly flat for me. Perhaps some of my perspective is altered now that I’ve started watching NXT, and while it should be unfair to compare a three hour live show with a one hour taped program, but when comparing the two shows, you are probably getting the same amount of compelling action.

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  • BooGonk

    From the first half, I was really expecting a good RAW. But as it went on, it started to feel like they literally flipped the script. As in, the matches would have been awesome in reverse order.
    And for once, JBL actually got a solid laugh from my end.
    Byron-“Suckaaa!” JBL- “Shut up, Byron. You’re from the suburbs”

  • Trace Harston Hanner

    That sure was a blockbuster main event………

    • Lisa

      I don’t know why people like hating on the Big Show. He deserves credit for a long career and despite his mammoth size, the guy has always been pretty agile. He’s above average on the mic and he can act too.

      • Bonkerz

        I think his time has passed though, he hasnt really been relevant, nor has he been anywhere near the main event scene for a while, so it really felt out of place.

      • Fat Owens Fat

        Remember when Lesnar was asked to choose an opponent on SD and amongst all the talent back then he chose Big Show for that epic rivalry while the rest of the locker room laughed at his choice or were left in disbelief? That guy can work, he just needs a believable opponent that’s all. These new kids don’t hold a candle to the persona that was The Next Big Thing back then, far before his UFC career.

      • Trace Harston Hanner

        I wasn’t meaning I didn’t like him. I meant that if you’re gonna have a main event to actually let it last. Would have rather seen the fatal 5 way match main event than Big Show and Strowman in a 2 minute match.

  • Lisa

    This back and forth IC title changes between Owens and Ambrose are a terrible idea. Taking the title off of a stale, un-athletic wimp and putting it on a fat, boring pig is horrible booking in my eyes.

    • El Marichachi

      When did they give you the IC cuz it Sounds like you gave a description of Yourself

      • Lisa

        Shut the hell up, El Torito.

        • El Marichachi

          struck a chord

          • Lisa

            You’re just a confused Hispanic midget.

          • El Marichachi

            You’re a deluao

          • El Marichachi

            You’re a confused, delusional 40 something trannie That thinks hes Bruce Jenner.

          • Lisa

            Shut up, perro.

    • Fat Owens Fat

      Shh or else Ambrose will throw a weak ass punch at you like this: https://38.media.tumblr.com/ea8b9840af3e0f4de1e6a2d41b3292f0/tumblr_nb81vkbUla1tkslcoo1_400.gif

      • Lisa


    • Mike

      Ambrose is probably the most
      Popular superstar on the roster right now. He is very good In the ring, as is
      Owens. What Owens looks like is Irellevant.

      • Lisa

        I’m having a laugh.

    • josh

      Cena can’t hold every title at once all the time sweetheart.

      • Lisa

        I know. At least someone else that’s good enough should hold the titles.

        • josh

          Also Owens and Ambrose are two of the reasons why Cena had some of his best matches last year. So I think they deserve to hold that title.

  • The Shockmaster

    Speaking of bust, there were plenty of boos for Roman…..

    • Mean Dean

      According to Lisa he’s more popular than Cena

      • Lisa

        When did I say that?

  • robvanriot

    I actually thought Mark Henry looked OK last night. He even got a big boot in – I didn’t know he could even get his foot up that high anymore! The ending looked botched to me, not sure what happened.

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