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RAW In A Nutshell: Hazard On Road Ahead

This week’s RAW is live from The Windy City, and things are getting kicked off in a hurry as we get Shane McMahon to open the show. It should be a great show with a hot Chicago crowd into it. So let’s get things going, shall we?

Best Match of the night:

I thought Neville and Owens was pretty good…but give me Y2AJ versus New Day. It’s sadly not that often that I get to give a tag team match this honor on RAW, but tonight it was deserved. Styles in particular is destined for great things in the singles world, but in the short term? The impromptu and unexpected duo worked well together, and there’s a nice chemistry between the two teams-which was great for all of us as fans. Until Jericho did what I kind of felt was coming. It was too good to be true, right?

Worst match of the night:

Naomi/Tamina versus Sasha/Becky? But this one was designed toward getting more spotlight on Becky/Sasha/Charlotte, so it worked in that aspect. But the match? Totally avoidable, and that I credit Tamina with.

Crowd Chants of the Night:


holy sh!#


CM Punk



You look stupid

New Day rocks/sucks

AJ Styles

This is awesome

Star of the Night

I have a few tonight, so we go back to the hockey method.

Star #1: Y2AJ. Fine, it’s bad enough that I am doing 3 stars, not one, but now I am using a star on a tag team? Er, former tag team, really. Yes, I am. Because that, right there, ladies and gentlemen, was an excellent heel turn. Did you hear how the fans were booing Jericho? Not 20 minutes after his entrance got an amazing pop? That is how you do it.

Star #2: The McMahons. What? He did it again, getting more mentions for a single star? Yes, yes I did. But, in my defense, they both got this one for the opening segment. It was a group effort, and Vince did as much as Shane did, really. It was another strong open for Shane. My one wish though? That at some point between now and April, we get Shane, Vince, Undertaker and all that jazz together on the same RAW, at the same time. And in the main event/overrun slot.

Star #3: Dean Ambrose. From cutting an excellent promo, to the match and selling and all that, Ambrose was passionate and flat out brought it tonight, I thought. If he hadn’t brought up Roman, I don’t think fans would hve cared either way.

Spot of the Night:

Neville gets it here, with not one but two. A Red Arrow from up top to the outside? Crazy. Another one, in the ring, but from the second rope? Damn.

But…Styles with his somersault, off the second rope, DDT looking move? I seriously don’t know what to call it, but damn that was an awesome move.

Jobber of the Night:

Has to be at least a nod to those four fake security guards. Man they made Shane’s iffy offense (at least those really rapid punches) look insane.

Upset of the Night:

Really wasn’t one. I didn’t think so, anyways.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Ladies and gentlemen, Sami Zayn is back on RAW. Hopefully, this time to stay. He came down to make the save as Kevin Owens was delivering a post-match beating to Neville. Here’s thinking Zayn will factor into the IC title match at WrestleMania, one way or another.

Jericho turning on AJ. I mean…the thought had crossed my mind, that for no apparent reason, he’d turn his back on AJ. Because we’ve seen that kind of heel turn from Y2J before. But I had hoped this time would be different. But, sadly, I was wrong. After getting defeated in their attempt to win the tag team titles, it appeared as though they’d get the applause for a job well done, if coming up short. But then Chris delivered not one, but three Codebreakers to AJ and got the boos for his efforts. Guessing we get another round of Jericho versus Styles, this time from Dallas. There are worse matches to get, I can tell you that much.

Botch of the night:

Both from a Divas match. On one hand, it would appear Brie was having a wardrobe issue-her bottom half was getting adjusted a lot by her. No biggie, right? But, much worse than that? Summer’s roll up leading to the winning combo. Just awful.

Commentary of the night:

This match is a psychiatrists’ dream–JBL, speaking about Ambrose/Wyatt

LOL Moment of the night:

There were a few, though nothing amazing.

-R-Truth, looking to make it up to Goldust, coming in as a pizza delivery guy to deliver Goldie a deep dish pizza. Except, we learn, that whatever Ron put in the pie will make Goldust’s butt explode. And then Henry gets a free pie.

-Big E declaring that New Day is such a good team, they got matching tattoos. And then he played down possibly getting a unicorn and rainbow tattoo’d on his rear. Scary.

Noteworthy Moment:

Zayn with a return to the main roster. Just when I thought Neville was getting the Intercontinental title shot, perhaps we are getting Zayn/Owens.

Jericho with a masterful, if somewhat anticipated, heel turn. I know I figured it was coming. But still, expecting it is one thing, but he did it so well, and I can only imagine what kind of revenge match happens when it’s WrestleMania.

Overall lowlights:

The Divas action was less than great, though the post-match happenings may have evened that out.

It wasn’t the best RAW, but it was an improvement.

Ryback’s rant on Kalisto and superhero movies. I gather we may see those two go at it, but it was just…so odd.

Overall highlights:

Jericho and Styles. And New Day.

Neville and Owens. And Zayn.

Ambrose and Hunter and the build up for Roadblock. Just their match alone should be worth it.

Bray with the staredown of Hunter, before walking away.

After the final bell:

Not the best, not the worst. I give WWE credit, I think they are doing a decent job making folks want to tune in for Roadblock on Saturday. I know I will be watching. I don’t know that Ambrose takes the title, but WWE has at least done it’s job in presenting Dean as a credible threat.

Shane’s promo, and Vince’s response, were great.

A month to go, folks. So far, the buildup has been decent, to say the least. Looking forward to the next two or three weeks, and seeing what WWE has in store for us.

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  • Darda Cook

    the past + the present + the future = Ambrose the man of my dreams = Future WWE CHAMPION!

  • BooGonk

    Ok, Did nobody else notice they photo shopped out Taker’s hand on Vince’s throat? What’s up with that? #justiceforTitusOneil

  • Rogue13

    Am I the only one who thinks the mini-ppv this Saturday is ruining what could potentially be great programs. Ambrose vs Lesner at Wrestlemania should be a great match, but it seems to have been placed on the backburner for Ambrose vs Triple H this weekend, which I think has been a great program for something that started only two weeks ago. But since it is Ambrose/Lesner and Reigns/Triple H at Wrestlemania this feud obviously has to end this weekend so that the Wrestlemania matches can gain traction. Not to mention I think just slapping Wyatt vs Lesner together is a loss for the fans, considering this should have been a rivalry stemming from the Royal Rumble and I think Wyatt vs Heyman on the mics would be fantastic. But we again have another program which would be awesome to seen drawn out in Wyatt/Lesner have to be put on hold so Ambrose Lesner can happen at Wrestlemania.

    I also think the teasing of Triple H vs Wyatt also holds incredible appeal but again I feel this will get lost in the shuffle, especially since Roman Reigns will probably return next week.

  • Red

    Worst. WrestleMania build up. Ever.

  • Mike

    Good raw. I did not expect the y2h heel turn. I thought It Would of happened it would happen sooner than this, before they became a team. I don’t mind the heel turn, I liked them as a team. However a heel Jericho is a welcome addition to the heel ranks. I keep expecting sin cara to turn on kalisto, I do believe its coming, maybe ryback has planted the seeds, maybe kalisto tries to break away amicably from sin cara and then sin cara doesn’t accept and attacks him. Either way, that team is on its last legs. A little surprised we didn’t see lesnar, I expect after road block he will be a saw regular for three weeks up until mania. Does Roman get involved some How in the roadblock main event ? I really can’t see dean winning, but I would love it if he did.

  • Lara_P1

    Was at that Raw last night overall it was an awesome experience! I wonder how the crowd came off on tv..hmm, anyways, by the main event, we were kinda tired, 3 hours of cheering takes a toll on the voice lol, I’m kinda sounding raspy this morning. Loved chanting a**hole to Vinnie Mac and following it up with a CM Punk chant just to stick it to him lol

    • Barooq #NewNation ??

      The crowd came off amazing on tv! Kudos to y’all ????

  • Edynol

    I really enjoyed the Ryback. Loved how he mocked the fans with Punk’s GTS gesture after kneeing Axel in the face. Such a good troll.

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