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RAW In A Nutshell: On The Road Again

Happy Monday everyone! It’s time for RAW, this time live from the Steel City! Should be an exciting show tonight, as we are less than three weeks away from the biggest show of the year. We get the fallout from Roadblock and the Road to WrestleMania continues on! We get things started off big, too, as we get the tag team championship match to kick off the show.

Best Match of the night:

I am really torn on this one.

New Day versus League of Nations was good, but more about setting up something bigger.

Hunter versus Dolph was good, but also more about something bigger-specifically, Reigns.

Zayn-Miz was good, but only because Zayn was in it, and that is also setting up something bigger.

Take your pick, ladies and gentlemen. I am not in favor of any one match over another.

Worst match of the night:

Team BAD versus Brie and Alicia. Not much entertainment here, and the whole Lana/Brie thing needs to move forward quickly, because right now it’s not doing much.

Crowd Chants of the Night?:

New Day rocks

let’s go Ambrose

Lucha! Lucha!

Triple H


let’s go Ziggler

AJ Styles


Star of the Night

This one is really tough. I liked what Ambrose brought, but he didn’t wrestle. I liked Zayn in action,but not so much that he’d earn SoTN.

So how about someone whom I’m pretty sure I’ve never given this award to: Hunter. Why not? He looked good, he talked a good game, and he sold the beating pretty well too. Complete with blood.

Hey, if Reigns isn’t over, at this point it’s not Hunter’s fault, is it? Mr. COO has done just about everything he could, including taking a hellacious beating in 2015, and it’s been almost completely pointless.

Spot of the Night:

Honestly, nothing stood out to me. At least, not from a perspective of “wow, what an amazing move”. Perhaps if one spot in general did stand out, it would be Vince shoving Shane into Undertaker’s waiting grip, so that he could see his son get a choke slam.

Jobber of the Night:

I guess tonight, this one goes to the Social Outcasts? Maybe Sin Cara? Nothing too obvious tonight, but I think either choice works.

Upset of the Night:

Not an upset per se, but with a WrestleMania match of his choosing on the line, I was surprised that Ziggler didn’t defeat Hunter by some dirty finish.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

The beatdown of New Day by League of Nations stands out. In my eyes, it accomplished two things: returned League of Nations to most hated heel status (OK, maybe not most hated, but they absolutely had heat), and cemented New Day’s face turn. I thought they were ‘tweeners for a while now, but from what I saw tonight, they have to be considered full on babyfaces, don’t they?

And, I am intrigued with where they will be taking the Dolph Ziggler angle, challenging the Authority.

We have a Mick Foley sighting, as he showed up to give a talk to Dean Ambrose. And upgraded Dean’s crowbar-to a barbed-wire baseball bat. That ‘Mania match is going to be bloody.

Botch of the night:

Maybe not a botch, but Tamina had some spots she looked less than experienced.

Shane wasn’t crisp on his delivery in his speech to Undertaker. Flubbed the opening lines, for sure.

Commentary of the night:

Distraction? How can you miss those neon boots comin’ at ya?

LOL Moment of the night:

R-Truth as a penguin. Forgetting they were in Pittsburgh. And then asking Goldust to be his penguin mate-only to be turned down.

Noteworthy Moment:

League’s assault.

New Day’s face turn complete.

New all black look for Sin Cara. Not bad, but I am wondering if the all light (silver/white) for Kalisto, and all black for Sin Cara, is a visible cue that a rift is coming. Probably nothing though. But the match did lead to Ryback challenging Kalisto to a match at ‘Mania.

Hunter, wrestling on RAW for the first time in ages. And busted open to booth.

And Reigns is back, but man so are the boos.

Undertaker, Shane and Vince in the ring at the same time. And Shane planting the seeds that so many of us expected to be sewn. Question is, does it matter much? Three weeks to go, it’s not as though Undertaker would bail.

Also, congrats to Jacqueline.

Overall lowlights:

Reigns, getting all the boos, but a push that would tend to be intended for a face. Like, an over face, not someone who is just being pushed as one. It’s almost sad.

Overall highlights:

The brawl, and the intensity, between Hunter and Roman. Forget that Roman can’t get over, the passion in that interaction, the action moving through the backstage area-it was refreshing. I know we’ve seen it before, but to me I think it was one of the better exchanges like that in recent years, perhaps nearly as good as Undertaker/Lesnar that night last year on RAW.

After the final bell:

If there was any doubt about which road we were on, tonight should have cleared that up. I don’t know that I am all that jazzed about League of Nations vying for the tag team championships, but I can see what I think WWE is trying to do, so I am willing to trust the process.

Ambrose and Lesnar? Tell me you aren’t excited about that. Especially with Foley whispering in Dean’s ear, and supplying a new weapon to boot.

And we can see some other matches taking shape, too. Zayn versus Owens, Ryback versus Kalisto, League versus New Day among them.

My one grip about RAW, because let’s be honest, there has to be one…the show started off hot. It ended pretty strong. But it had some lulls in the middle. I think having the segment of Foley and Ambrose only happen backstage was a miss, as I think it would have played out better in the ring.

Bottom line, we have 2 more RAWs before Dallas. So,that’s 6 hours, minus the commercials, of time to build toward some bigger matches. I think..I hope..that means less Social Outcasts and more of The Wyatts and such.

So, WWE…the ball is in your court. Let’s hope the next two RAWs really get things set up for a strong WrestleMania.

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    The true stars of the night was the people in the comment section…We put on a way better show then WWE did.

    • Barooq Kidd #POP


      • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

        Damn I missed it

  • Sean Huggan

    Roman was brilliant. The fact that hes getting loud reactions says he IS in fact, over.

    • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??????

      Most of the crowd booed him. How is he exactly over lol?


      Roman Reigns is NOT over,RAMEN RAINZ IS in fact over….The Man Of Many Faces has spoken……

    • showoff

      Roman sucks. How the hell is he over?

    • Rizzy

      Who’s your drug dealer? I wanna buy the crack you smoked lol

    • The Shockmaster

      Haha what bull

    • RomieRome81

      I can’t wait until he wins at Mania and pisses all of you off. Lol….
      Going to a show on Friday and buy some Roman $hit.

      • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

        I just went to a few house shows and I can assure you there will be stacks of the same gray Roman shirts because no one buys it I can also assure you all New Day gear will be sold out

        • RomieRome81

          Just playing around. When I buy stuff it’s most likely retro….. Getting that Rick Rude shirt if they have it.

    • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

      Lisa did you start another account ?

  • The Shockmaster

    Time for WWE to pull the plug on Reigns

  • Mike

    I like reigns. Always have, but I am worried for him. He is getting reactions way worse than what cena gets, and every week. Cena has his good and bad weeks with the crowd, but that’s his thing he has owned that and very well I may add. I think the wwe need to stop pretending everybody in the crowd loves reigns. In raw hhh was saying that’s why you love ambrose and reigns, Dolphs didn’t use reigns name because he knew it didn’t make any sense at this point. The beating he gave hhh was excellent again. I loved watching it. But there is nothing they can do to stop the boos he will get at mania unfortunately. Maybe rather than push reigns more and more as a face they should really try and push hhh as the bad Arse oppreser, a monster heel who the crowd despises. For a few weeks now Jericho who had just turned was getting some cheers, so he just lays into the crowd and in two minutes they all hate him. That’s a brilliant heel. Hhh is a very good heel, however he needs to go darker. Just victimise faces on raw. Keep picking on Dolph, and ambrose, and also reigns.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    How can WWE go through with the Reigns match ? They made a big mistake by having HHH face Ziggy but only because there’s no way Roman can top that match. Vince you’re not deaf you clearly can hear and see the fans are not behind him.

  • Jakerams

    My biggest problem on Raw came from HHH promo. How dare he say we cheer Reigns? He really needs a hearing aid.

  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    Has to be some sort of swerve at the end of the Reigns/HHH match..it’s obvious that most people do not like the way Reigns is being pushed #fact

  • Leroy Sugarwood

    U know I have a serious issue wit Reigns gettin hated on so much! I mean I can see how initially he wasn’t received well because of his lack of experience on da mic and limited wrestling ability but he has definitely improved on all aspects of his character now and is legitimately a believable bad ass as a champ… So why da hate? Is it because he’s in shape? Because da ladies love him and he’s attractive? I mean hell he played football obviously he has real athletic ability… It’s just a mystery… They cheer da Usos, they cheer da Rock, they even cheer Triple H while he purposely insults da crowd to get more heat just to spite Reigns! What a bunch of douche bag idiots man! It’s still entertainment people… There is still room for super hero type characters for da kids and other fans of pro wrestling! Every superstar doesn’t have to be a normal looking or slightly out of shape yet talented Indy wrestler you cheer just because he looks more like you than Reigns or Cena… Go to da damn gym sometime! Don’t hate on guys with determination and a solid work ethic to help them try to accomplish their life long dreams… This unnecessary hating is ridiculous!

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