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RAW In A Nutshell: NXT Takes Over

Almost as anticipated as a PPV, it’s time for the RAW following WrestleMania. These shows are historically strong and often get things rolling quickly for what’s to come the rest of the year. Here’s hoping this one is no exception! We are getting things started off quickly, with Mr. McMahon on the stage, so we should see soon enough.

Best Match of the night:

The main event. For the first RAW in a while, the main event was, I think, the best match of the evening. Good action, good chemistry, a returning Cesaro and everyone was a new face, or a fresh face, to the championship picture (while Jericho has been there, it’s been a while). So it was a recipe for success, as it was clear we’d get a number one contender that either hadn’t ever been a number one before, or hadn’t been one in a while. And I think that, above all, was what so many fans had been begging for-a new face in the mix that wasn’t being force-pushed.

Worst match of the night:

Dudleys versus Usos did absolutely nothing for me. Sad to say, but true.

Crowd Chants of the Night?:

I am putting a caveat here. The crowd is hot, which is great, but there have already been a few chants which, for whatever reason, I could not make out. If you caught one that I either missed, or did not call out, please shout it out in the comments.

New Day Rocks

How you doin’

Bray’s gonna kill you

Thank you Wyatts

We are idiots

Let him run it

woo woo woo you deserve it

women’s wrestling



Star of the Night

I will give a small shout out to all the debuts on the main roster tonight-and there were a lot of them. But, tonight, this star goes to the new number one contender, AJ Styles. Talk about a rocket to the top. Not sure if WWE would get the belt off of Reigns so soon (though, not in under 6 minutes like last year), but that would be a bold and appealing move, wouldn’t it?

Spot of the Night:

Cesaro powebombing the other three participants. At one time.

Owens putting Zayn through the table in the back.

Jobber of the Night:

Summer Rae. I know, I could not believe I got to put a woman in this spot, but with the retirement of the Diva nomenclature, why not let this be ANY Superstar, not just men. And, in a really short match, a motivated Sasha Banks made quick work of Summer.

Tyler Breeze could get a nod too, as he barely got in any offense against the debuting Apollo Crews.

Upset of the Night:

Just 24 hours after winning the championship, Ryder loses it, to Miz. I am sorry, but if you wanted it on Mike, just let him win the ladder match. As for Miz as champ? I can think of about 8 guys on the roster more deserving of that title. Or any title. But, we got to see Maryse again…

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

League of Nations identifies the rumored-to-be-departing Wade Barrett as their weak link, and Sheamus boots him, literally with the Brogue Kick. At which point, the Wyatts descend to the ring, and destroy the remaining three LoN members.

Maryse returns and aids her hubby in claiming the IC title.

Owens looking like a man who wants another title, as he destroyed former best friend Sami Zayn in the locker area, ahead of their main event match.

And while Owens took out Zayn, he opened up a spot. For the Swiss Superman.

Botch of the night:

Did not see much of that, but it looked like Sheamus and his cronies just couldn’t get Barrett out of the ring.

LOL Moment of the night:

Some of Enzo’s comments were quite good.

Cesaro with tear-away suit. Seriously, did WWE get a deal on tear away clothes? Rock last night, Cesaro tonight.

Noteworthy Moment:

Shane, limping as he was, was on RAW a day after leaping off the cell. And Vince decided to put Shane in charge of RAW.

League of Nations is down to three men, after Sheamus booted Barrett. And apparently, the Wyatts might become faces, as they then attacked the League.

Apollo Crews is making his not-previously-announced RAW debut.

Roman Reigns, yet again, getting booed mercilessly. Man this is so bad. But he issued an open challenge…and out comes…Jericho. And Styles. And Owens. And Zayn. And they brawl, and we get all four in the main event tonight-winner is the #1 contender.

Nice RAW debut for Baron Corbin. Not spectacular, but I think he acquitted himself nicely.

Wow, the NXT callups are plentiful, as the Vaudevillains will be on Smackdown this week.

Out with Los Matadores. Welcome back Primo and Epico.

And..yet ANOTHER NXT call up, or two. This duo was waiting a bit, but Enzo and Big Cass are on RAW and made their presence known, loudly, by going out and giving a verbal tirade to the Dudleys.

Overall lowlights:

Not much to complain about here. I was a bit bummed that Ryder became a former champion so soon, and was dethroned by someone so…unwanted…but I suppose we shall see how it plays out.

Overall highlights:

As usual, the RAW after ‘Mania is just off the hook. I do wonder if maybe they didn’t bring too many new faces into the mix on one night, but I doubt the fans would think so. We had a slew of new faces, a couple of returns, and a whole lot of happy fans for it. It will be interesting to see how things fit together moving forward.

And, when you think of all the call-ups, keep in mind there are a couple Bullet Club fixtures waiting in the wings, set to debut any day now. And the rumored imminent main roster debut of Samoa Joe. So things are fixing to get interesting in a major way.

After the final bell:

What’s not to like about this RAW? My one concern, if you choose to see it as one, is that there are a lot of new faces all starting at once. It’s kind of like a kid at Christmas, getting a ton of new presents. Sometimes, one or two shiny new toys gets overlooked or forgotten, but shouldn’t. So, in that respect, I hope none of these new additions to the main roster are wasted, though if we can make presumptions based on one night, I think things should be fine. Apollo looked fine, though it was ironic he squashed another relatively recent NXT callup in Breeze. Corbin will be interesting to watch, but did fine in a double-count-out with Ziggler. And I am really looking forward to Enzo and Big Cass, as it seemed most of the Dallas crowd was too. They were chanting for that duo since the early stages of RAW, and were eventually rewarded. Add in that The Vaudvillains are debuting on Smackdown, and suddenly NXT has some openings-thought they are sure to fill fast. And had we gotten Bayley during Charlotte’s ceremony, as the fans were shouting for? The roof may have come off.

And, lets not forget the return of Maryse (for how long and in what capacity?) and of Cesaro, who I bet many figured would win the main event.

And, oh yeah, in an interesting twist, Vince McMahon allowed Shane to “run” this RAW, even though he lost at ‘Mania. So I gather this storyline lives to see another day. Shane will say “look how good it was” and it will be extended somehow. My guess would be string it along till SummerSlam, except that that seems like too far off. But, I say that, because no stage between now and then feels like a big enough forum for a match with stakes presumably as high as control of the company, or it’s flagship show. So that will be interesting.

All in all? Another strong post-‘Mania RAW. Best part about this one, versus years past, is the sheer number of new faces.

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  • BooGonk

    Just as the last 3 or 4 years, the RAW after blew mania out of the water. Too bad the crowd only lasts one night.

  • Si Nicholls

    Great crowd tonight, the chant JBL couldn’t make out was a premier league darts chant from over here in the UK, and there were some football ones in there as well

  • Lisa

    The crowd was great. As for the show, well… Not so much.

    • jeff

      Just proves how much of a troll/moron you are. Everyone everywhere is saying how great the show was, and you come in with your troll statement. You’re a bafoon.

      • Lisa

        The Raw after Wrestlemania is supposed to be the best episode of the year. This one clearly wasn’t.
        Lastly, you need to learn to show respect to other people on this site.

        • jeff

          In 2016, this clearly was the best Raw. Probably the best since last year’s day after WrestleMania. Secondly, those who “Give Respect, Get Respect”. Thanks to Coach Nasuti for that quote. RIP Coach.

          • Lisa

            Now that you’ve accorded me no respect, do not expect respect from me.

    • Mike Honcho

      I gate to do this I agree thought the show sucked!

  • Edynol

    Yeah the crowd and NXT call ups made this RAW. But as far as post-mania RAWs go, this one was the weakest. JBL made me cringe twice with the whole “Boo who they normally Cheer” crap. Even when he said it at the start of the show it was obvious they were covering for Reigns. Also, I think Styles was the wrong one to win the ME. It should have been KO or Cesaro. Both men deserve it more. Yeah AJ has been wrestling longer, but he’s been in WWE only a few months, which is what matters.

    Also, is it just me, or did Charlotte look not-so-thrilled again tonight during her speech, especially when she had to put over her father again. I just get this strong sense she wants to do this on her own without him. As good as she is, she’s not a really good actress when it comes to hiding emotions. Wish they would split them up already. Sure, the dynamic is good with her being a heel, but I think she’d do better on her own, even as a heel. I mean, Flair won most of his matches cheating on his own. We didn’t see Bobby Heenan, Mr. Perfect, or Sherri interfering in every match. The majority of the time he won by holding the tights, using the ropes, or some illegal object. That’s what Charlotte should do, not relying on her old man.

    Also, Shane was hardly a factor tonight. A few short segments back stage and no real role on the show at all. Was hoping he’d come out and make some announcements or something, maybe reverse the decision on the Miz/Ryder match. Something.

    As for Reigns, I think he did good tonight. He had this “screw the audience” type attitude, kinda heelish but not quite, that I think really worked for him. Him as a pandering, Cena-esque babyface just does not work. At all. They guy has worked hard, despite being WWE’s current golden boy they’re trying to shove down our throats. He’s paid his dues in NXT and has been on the main roster what, four years now? Let him have a shot and see how it turns out. Do others deserve it more? Of course. But it doesn’t mean he’s undeserving of it as well.

  • Z….

    I honestly thought Jericho was going to win going in, and when he hit the codebreaker, I was pretty surprised that AJ kicked out, and then actually won. I figure its possible the Bullet Club debuts at the ppv, possibly costing him. I could also just see it as someone to feed to Reigns, and possibly set up him doing more heelish things, b/c as said by others, and as I’ve seen in the couple of times I’ve seen him, whatever they’re doing with that guy is clearly not working. I have to admit; I’ve seen a couple of really good matches from WWE in these last couple of days that I wouldnt have ever expected to see from them. Flair’s daughter is ridiculously amazing, and they let those 3 women go out there at Wrestlemania and actually put on a show. Then tonight, they put 4 guys together that can also obviously really go, and that every person there wanted to see. I’m curious to see how WWE builds off of this, but I will not forget the reason I stopped watching 7-8 years ago in the first place. They always blow the opportunity

    • MinneapolisMotherPucker

      I love Jericho, but it always pisses me off, when he can’t get a pin off his code breaker .. Only Jericho has finishers that consistently appear weak..

  • hotkillerz

    ok ill say what none else will say Where the heck were kelly and gallows. they had been said in various reports htat they were working the post mania raw, yet come raw there not even there. Also nattie for the belt yeah that wont last long sahsa and becky want revenge and i see it happening soon in a match were flair is bared from ringside. Also crowd chant the normal Bailey hey i wanna know if you will be my girl chant was going. Mizes wife now im hoping shes back to wrestle and not as a flair type figure.

  • PlanoStu

    GREAT RAW! Stoked that AJ won the Main Event, disappointed not to see Bailey debut, Wyatts turning was interesting. Thought there were too many newbies tonight. Are they purposely emptying out NXT or is this the prelude to a brand split again, not that I’d mind. PLEASE, will someone get rid of Ric Flair already. He’s so ruining his daughter and it’s painfully obvious she’s tired of it. And if Wrestlemania was Brie’s last match, how about a decent goodbye.

    One last but important question – WTF happened to Becky’s face? What a nasty bruise.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    *Botch of the night: KO botching a Powerbomb on Jericho*

  • The Shockmaster

    Botch of the Night could go to Lillian Garcia, announcing that Ryder was defending “the Intercon….” before stopping suddenly. Whoops!

  • jcice13

    I can’t say how happy I was to see Ryder lose the title.for the life of me I just cab’t see what this guy has to offer, especially with all the newer talent on the scene..I don’t like Miz in the least but to get the belt off woowoowooo???? you know it baby‚Ķ..and what about his old man selling that slap by Maryse‚Ķthat was a great moment in salesmanship.a big cut man like him taking a dive for a slap???
    as for my down moments of the show? the announcers when they kept on saying that Shane made this happen or shane had these guys come out etc..how could that be true if he knew he lost his Taker bout and was leaving.he had no idea Vince was going to put him in charge so how did a man, who was inches close to walking out the door have any input on the show’s having all these new members coming out for debuts???
    I just hate when stories don’t have an arc and make no sense

  • Mike

    Great raw indeed! I was pretty surprised to see aj win the main event , but also very happy. Looks like wwe are embracing the boos that reigns gets and sticking him up against one of the most
    Popular faces they have right now.

  • Barooq Kidd #POP

    In true #POP fashion, I really think that we have turned the corner with WM and last night’s Raw. Reigns winning was a necessary step..now I can see the puzzle pieces come into place. New blood is bringing in some new energy. People going to be mad that Styles might put over Reigns…gotta look at it this way, Styles is a new face in the WWE Title picture. This is refreshing.

  • Brett in MN

    Honestly, I think this is the best use of the Raw after Wrestlemania. It gives most of the main roster a night off, or at least some light activity on a night when the crowd is expected to be contrary, and gives some exposure to the NXT wrestlers. While it isn’t necessarily their real main roster debut (as you may recall, Charlotte had a one-off on Raw months before her real debut), they get to experience the crowd, the show, the craziness while at the same time it is a nice, subtle plug for the WWE Network. Much better than having them scream “WWE NETWORK!!! $9.99!!!” every 30 seconds all night.

    And on the other end, Vince gets to see how a real audience reacts to them. Don’t believe Enzo & Cass will get over with the WWE Universe? Excuse me, did you HEAR that crowd?

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