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RAW In A Nutshell: Change Is In The Air

Xavier Woods
It’s the last RAW as we know it! OK, kind of. I mean, as far as we know, the RAW set and logo and everything is going to look the same this time next week, but the roster? The roster may very well be quite different in seven days’ time. So, folks, enjoy this show, as it exists, while you can, because for all we know, next Monday there won’t be any Cena to see. Or New Day. Or Enzo. They could all be on SmackDown. Or perhaps, none of them will be. We find out tomorrow, but for now? Tonight, they fight.

Best Match of the night:

As entertaining as the 12 man tag match was-and it was, actually, entertaining, considering it was nothing more than an organized train wreck-it won’t get the nod here.

It would have gotten here, probably, by default. But this spot goes to the main event between Dean and Seth, in what was a satisfying match, one that I was into, as was the crowd.

The ending will be talked about for a while, I bet. Show goes off the air with everyone thinking Rollins won, because Stephanie announced it as such, and Seth leaves with music playing and belt held high…but the reality is, the ref counted three, but was so out of it, he had no idea who pinned who. And, both men’s shoulders appeared down.

My guess? Title is held up, both men are draft eligible, and the belt gets put up for grabs in a winner-take-all Battleground main event.

Worst match of the night:

There are a few choices, aren’t there?

I could have gone for D-Young and ADR, except that I get it, they are trying to build toward something with Young. So I’ll allow it.

I did, however, go with Sin Cara and Baron Corbin. I get it, Corbin is imposing and intimidating, but I still haven’t seen that “it” factor that perhaps others have. Maybe it’s me, but he has not stood out as much as I expected he would by now. And really, a lot of the worst factor comes from Sin Cara-who, I thought, was making things work out with his tag partner, but now that those two have split? I see no appeal to him anymore.

Honorable mention?  That goes to Ryder/Ziggler and Rusev/Sheamus. Because, honestly, Rusev and Sheamus can drag anything down, it seems.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Daniel Bryan

Thank you Daniel

how you doin’

let’s go Cena/Cena sucks

New Day rocks

let’s go Ambrose

let’s go Rollins

Star of the Night

Stars, plural. Mick Foley and Daniel Bryan. The two new general managers get the nod. Just on the strength of their opening segment, they’d land here. But they were pretty strong all night. So for the last pre-draft RAW? These two take the prize.

Spot of the Night:

Xavier Woods’ splash over the top rope, taking out all the Wyatts.

The portion of the match where New Day and Wyatts traded high spots and finishers.

Enzo’s off the top rope move, I was not sure if it was a facebuster or a bulldog or DDT, but it looked nifty.

Jobber of the Night:

Alberto Del Rio.

Seriously, is ADR falling out of favor? Is he on his way out? Because I never would have expected him to lose to Darren Young at all, and now he’s doing so without hardly breaking a sweat.

But, Sin Cara actually puts in a vote for himself, considering Baron Corbin dispatched him in, I am pretty sure, even less time than Young needed for Del Rio.

Upset of the Night:

Darren Young, taking out Del Rio in under three minutes. I get it, D-Young is challenging Miz for the IC title, so he’s going to be expected to win, but having him polish off a former world champion so quickly? Sure seems like an upset to me.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

The General Manager of RAW? Mick Foley. The General Manager of SmackDown? Daniel Bryan.

Both land here, because while each appeals to the masses (and is clearly just a fluff pick, as if there was any doubt), but I never expected Bryan. I did think Foley was possible, but I never would have paired Foley and Stephanie.

Botch of the night:

This one goes to Charlotte, as she hoisted Sasha Banks back into the ring. Why? Because I don’t think she intended for it to go quite that way, making Sasha’s shorts become more thong-like, and Sasha was forced to rapidly attempt to pull things together before getting beaten up.

Commentary of the night:

Not commentary, but line of the night. Enzo saying that without ugly, there’d be no beauty, so thank you Luke Gallows for his sacrifice.

This could be our last broadcast together.

I hope you get drafted to an Elon Musk Mars Expedition.

LOL Moment of the night:

Enzo. His monologue at the 9 o’clock hour? As good as he’s delivered. Sure, maybe it’s some juvenile humor too, but it’s funny and the crowd loves it, and it just deserves to be here.

Noteworthy Moment:

Why am I not surprised that Xavier Woods is a Pokemon Go trainer?

In the “what took them so long” department, we know now that the cruiserweights will be back on RAW. Considering WWE Network has been hyping the CWC for months now, it was just logical to keep things going from there, and it appears WWE will. On the one hand, I get why you tie it to a specific show (need to differentiate things), but at the same time, I am fine with the difference between shows being nothing more than the rosters. Because, if only RAW has the cruiserweights, then what special division is left for SmackDown?

Overall lowlights:

The filler matches. I get it, they are always around, but tonight just felt like a lot of fluff.

The fact that, thus far, there’s no cruiserweights on SmackDown, nor any other exclusive group for that show.

Overall highlights:

Mick Foley is back.

And so is Daniel Bryan!

Enzo on the mic. It’s a treat.

Color me surprised that WWE kicked off the main event title match at 10:32, according to my clock. And, by kick off, I mean the entrances at least. How many times do we see a match kicked off with 10 minutes to go till the top of the hour?

After the final bell:

Cruiserweights are back, as a RAW exclusive item. Now, we have to wonder, what division (if any) does SmackDown get? I can’t imagine they make the tag teams exclusive to SD Live, especially since WWE made specific mention of tag teams in the draft rules bit tonight on RAW.  Women would be foolish too-a step back for those ladies who’ve worked their asses off. So what does that leave us with? Do they make the IC or US title exclusive to the show? Maybe. As long as they don’t go get midgets and run with it, we should be OK.

Talk about kicking the show off with a bang, or a bang! bang!, if you will, getting Foley and Bryan in place as the show GMs. Not totally surprising in either case, but at least somewhat surprising. Odds are, even if both men are well received, we should see some regular turnover here, whether annual or at some other logical interval. And with Shane name-dropping his brother in law two weeks in a row now, after barely uttering his name during the ‘Mania hype? Do we have a SummerSlam match being lined up, or are they starting a really slow build toward a match in Orlando next Spring? Time will tell, but I don’t see Shane name-dropping for no reason at all.

A lot of the show was the posturing and supposed negotiating of stars to be drafted by on GM or the other, with a few matches in there. And then, of course, the main event title match. Not in love with how they finished that match, but if they do with that what I think they are going to do with that? Then it makes sense. Put the title up for grabs on Sunday, and make the two biggest stars in WWE not named Cena as draft eligible for Tuesday. I just hope this isn’t WWE’s way of letting Roman win on Sunday, without having to officially take the belt off of Seth or Dean. Because unless they are embracing a despised heel Reigns…that wouldn’t end well.

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  • Darda Cook

    that wouldn’t end well

  • Aldrich Yan

    Heel reigns… Rapper reigns maybe? (rapping about how he failed his drug test etc) would be loool

  • Mike

    Strong raw, going into the draft.Surely ambrose v rollins was a draw, which means ambrose keeps the title? In any case, I expect dean ambrose to win at battleground, he deserves a proper reign as champ.

  • The Shockmaster

    Not a fan of the ‘WWE Champion’ banner on the belt

  • MrEddyG

    Damn, Foley need some Just For Men for that beard.

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