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RAW In A Nutshell: Happy 4th Of July!

Xavier Woods
With apologies to our international fans, I must first say, Happy Birthday, America! And, since I had nothing running live last week, a belated Happy Canada Day to our Canadian neighbors to the north, including our own Dorathy Gass!

With that said, tonight’s RAW is fixing to be a patriotic affair, with plenty of fireworks in the ring to satisfy the fans in Columbus, Ohio. And speaking of fireworks, I apologize again if I get this out slower than usual, or if I missed any big items, as we are enjoying the fireworks here as well. But without any further delay, let’s get into RAW, shall we?

Best Match of the night:

Tonight gives us two really strong matches, one topping the other, but I felt that both needed a nod here, and so we start with Dean Ambrose and The Miz. It almost pains me to mention Miz in here, but the reality is for all his annoying mannerisms, he’s become a solid mid-carder. I doubt he ever holds the major championships again, but this match wouldn’t land here if it didn’t have great efforts from both Miz and Ambrose.

For the other, it was Rollins and Ziggler. It was like the Dolph of old, and the Seth we know and love (or, love to hate, depending on the day of the week and all that). But seriously, we got two great matches in short order, AND got strong booking to continue setting up the triple threat main event for Battleground, where the only people who actually want to see it remain a triple threat must be relatives of Roman Reigns at this point.

Worst match of the night:

I think it comes down to the battle of the overly short matches. I am going to list the three nominees, all of which I believe kept it under three minutes. Becky and Summer Rae, Vaudevillains and Golden Truth, and Social Outcasts versus Enzo and Cass.

For my money? It has to be Vaudevillains and Golden  Truth. Just was not a great match.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

How you doin’

John Cena sucks

lets go Cena/Cena sucks

We the people

Star of the Night

I give this one to Rollins and Ambrose, as they work well off of each other, and the two of them are hyping up their triple threat match for Battleground without help from the suspended Roman Reigns, and doing a good job of it.

And a notable honorable mention to Ryder and Show, being the surviving members of the winning US side in the main event. Never would have imagined that!

Spot of the Night:

I like to keep things simple, and a sweet spot from the top of an announce table does the trick for me. With that in mind, tonight it was all about Dirty Deeds being delivered from the top of the announce table for Rollins, a week after he hit the champ with the Pedigree. As they¬† say, payback’s a b….

Jobber of the Night:

The Social Outcasts. Even dressed as Minutemen, they can do nothing but be the butt of the joke, the punchline everyone laughs at. Tonight, they got to take bumps for two minutes to give Enzo and Cass a relatively easy night of work. I think Enzo’s pre-match monologue ran longer….and that’s a good thing.

Upset of the Night:

Golden Truth-not only beating the Vaudevillains, but doing so in quick fashion. This is an upset because…well, because a month ago, Golden Truth couldn’t win a match, and about that same time frame, English and Gotch were #1 Contenders. My, how the tables have turned.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

In the latest former GM appearance, we have none other than Vickie Guerrero!

And, the BBQ brawl that set up the main event.

But my favorite? Cena calling out The Club. The Club running him down, saying he’s got no backup. And just when you thought he was going to get another beating? Out come Enzo and Cass. It will be hard to completely boo that trio, considering how over the former NXT standouts are.

Botch of the night:

Had to be one, but nothing came to mind for it when writing this one down either. I mean, I guess I could call out Mark Henry, for appearing to have been off on his timing, but I wouldn’t say anything to him personally…

Commentary of the night:

I am taking the night off for this one folks. Or, rather, I shall make it audience participation. Just wasn’t hearing any good lines, so I leave it to the readers to offer up any they were particularly pleased with.

LOL Moment of the night:

The whole BBQ brawl thing was just silly, up to and including the formation of teams based on American or not, ignoring heel or face status.

Noteworthy Moment:

We will learn Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponent on SmackDown, apparently.

Xavier Woods, after a segment with The Wyatt Family, now appears to be fully entranced.

Bob Backlund has given Darren Young permission to make use of his cross-face chicken wing maneuver. This could make things interesting.

Overall lowlights:

Seriously, did we need a food fight on the 4th of July RAW? I mean, I get it, it’s an interesting lineup that the brawl set up, with wrestlers choosing country loyalties rather than face or heel…but I’d rather have skipped the whole food fight bit.

Overall highlights:

I actually liked the Vickie appearance, even though I could not stand her as GM

Dolph and Seth

Dean and Miz

Club/Cena + Enzo and Cass.

And, I will even admit there were bits of the massive 16 man tag match that were interesting enough.

After the final bell:

It is clear, and for very obvious reasons, that WWE is putting all their eggs in the Ambrose/Rollins basket. And that’s OK, a one on one match between those two likely makes more sense and makes more people happy.

The 16 man match was an interesting gimmick match, from the setup to the execution. Not the least of which was the winning members being Ryder and Show.

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  • ‘Drowen Hart #NN #NBNC ?????

    This episode of Raw was 4 out of 10.

  • Sean Huggan

    Worst match of the night was Becky vs Summer which leads me to correct you on botch of the night. There were a couple during the Becky vs Summer match – which clocked in at just under 3 minutes, so shouldn’t have really had any.

    First, a Becky roundhouse kick clearly missed Summer as Summer looked to try swerving it, but then acted as if she got her nose chopped off.

    Then, Summer went for a suplex, or so it seemed, but it ended up looking more like a very nasty DDT. Clearly didn’t get all of it. For a pro wrestler, that’s a very hard move to get wrong.

  • Darda Cook

    It is clear, and for very obvious reasons, that WWE is putting all their eggs in the Ambrose/Rollins basket.

  • josh

    Botch of the night goes to Summer Rae for the suplex turned DDT. Just looked awful. Also you can hear Rusev clearly use some language not suitable for PG WWE during his match. The crowd was blah too.

  • The Shockmaster

    I give this RAW an A. an A for awful.

  • Meg Matthews

    The whole thing sucked tbh, the only thing worth watching was the food fight after that it got a bit too boring for me ?

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