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RAW In A Nutshell: Welcome To The New Era

Just a couple RAWs to go until Extreme Rules, so things are going to start coming into focus. Shane and Stephanie are in control and in the house, and we get things started with a Highlight Reel.

Best Match of the night:

The 6 man tag team elimination. Did not ever expect to see this one in this spot, but here it is. While every match tonight seemed to further a storyline (what a crazy idea!), this one stood out. And, that’s a good thing, though the placement was kind of funny.

Worst match of the night:

I don’t know that it warrants a “worst of the night” award, but I was less than thrilled with the Paige/Charlotte match. The extracurriculars was where it was at, really, as this one was really all about setting up the Extreme Rules match between Charlotte and Natalya. I accept that. But something seemed off between Charlotte and Paige.

Crowd Chants of the Night:

How you doin’


We want Lana



AJ Styles/Roman Reigns

New Day rocks

Star of the Night

Big Cass did shine brightly, but I was disappointed that the main event I spent 3 hours looking forward to was a bust. Kind of figured as much as I was clock watching, and you just knew Ambrose was around. But still.

Since I can’t only give it to Cass, I will give a nod to Roman and AJ (and a minor nod to the Family and the Club), because that match was surprisingly good.

Spot of the Night:

Big Cass, nailing the big boot on Jericho as he was charging into the ring.

Sami, getting out of being whipped into the barricade by leaping onto it and moonsaulting off of it.

Jobber of the Night:

Hmm…Jericho’s jacket?

I guess I could give the nod to Fandango from a wrestling perspective, though honestly when it came time to fill this one in, it took me a lot of thought to get to a conclusion. Meaning there wasn’t really an obvious one, or I completely missed it.

Upset of the Night:

Sin Cara knocking off Rusev, who is set to challenge Kalisto for the US Title.Not exactly how the Bulgarian Brute wants to warm up for Extreme Rules.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Cass, making the most of the spotlight, basically telling Y2J to shush.

Ambrose attacks Jericho during his entrance, steals his jacket and finishes his entrance. And as payback for destroying his beloved potted plant, Mitch, Ambrose destroys the light-up jacket.

Botch of the night:

A couple spots in the Charlotte/Paige match looked less than crisp. The rollup to close out the match, it looked like Paige almost whiffed.

Looks like Kofi and Bubba had a bit of a botch early on in their tag team match, too.

Commentary of the night:

Forget about the guy who can take a punch, how about the guy who delivers it.

The closest to Miz is Nyquist

And–no specific lines, but a kind of tense exchange between Natty and JBL. Can’t tell if that was planned, or just awkward.

C’mon unicorns, that man has a family!

LOL Moment of the night:

Stephanie, after Y2J tried to appeal to her by putting down Shane: Never….eeeeeeever…..do that..again. Nice Jericho impression.

Darren Young asking Bob Backlund to be his life coach, with the tag line of “Make Darren Young great again”. Oh boy, this should be interesting.

Noteworthy Moment:

AJ, in a backstage interview, said that tonight, the Club is back together. And I guess due to trademarks, that’s all we can call them. Club. Couldn’t think of anything else, eh WWE Creative?

Big Cass challenging Jericho after Chris ran down the New Era stars, and the 7 footer took offense to it.

McMahon siblings sure sounding unified throughout RAW.

Emma has backup on RAW, as Dana Brooke has made the jump to the main roster now too. And beat up Becky.

Primo and Epico. From Puerto Rico, to Spain and now back to PR, and RAW, next week.

Overall lowlights:

Some of the matches, even with a story, are just not very interesting-looking at Goldango et al. This is the one beef with a lot of RAWs. It’s three hours long, but too often to get the full three hours, we get 40 minutes of replays and 40 minutes of garbage wrestling, when we could either do a much better job in say, 2 hours (less is more, right NXT?), or just do a job in filling out a three hour show with better material. They have the talent, it would seem.

Maybe it was me (very possibly was) but I had a hard time picking up the crowd chants. Crowd definitely seemed hot at times, but I feel as though it was hard to make out a lot of chants. Or, when one got going, we’d be stuck with it drowned out by the announce team.

Also, Cass not actually wrestling in the main event…sucked.

Overall highlights:

New Era keeps pushing things, though tonight was a wee bit of a tease.

Ambrose with a most unique run-in/attack on Y2J, and destroying the allegedly $15000 jacket.

The 6 man tag, much better than I expected.

Big Cass continues to acquit himself nicely in a singles capacity while waiting for Enzo to return.

After the final bell:

So, with Enzo out, is Cass getting a teaser singles push? Pretty big spot for him, main eventing RAW. Until he actually didn’t.

Emma got herself backup. Wonder if the Lass Kicker has a surprise in mind too?

We went from a triple threat to a fatal fourway for the Intercontintental title at Extreme Rules. And it should be a fine match, too.

Very curious to see what happens with this Darren Young program. Will it just be with Bob Backlund? Or will WWE trot out other old-timers too?

All in all, not a mind-blowing RAW, but a solid enough effort.

And let’s not forget that, for now, Steph and Shane are working well. But, you just know that the swerve is coming, right? I mean, before that last shot cut back to Dean Ambrose, I was waiting for Steph to smash the picture or something. It’s inevitable, even though right now, I like this new power pairing.


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  • Darda Cook

    something seemed off between Charlotte and Paige.

  • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

    Didn’t catch Raw because of finals but it seems like it was a snooze fest

    • Barooq Kidd #POP

      It had its moments..listen to the New Day…really edgy lol

    • jcice13

      they have this new fangled invention DVR

      • IM MAD JOHNSON #NewNation

        Thanks for the info lol I have DVR

        • jcice13

          LOL did you use it? cause that’s exactly how I watch raw…fastest 35 minutes in sports

  • Darda Cook

    Never….eeeeeeever…..do that..again

  • Lisa

    I just can’t stand Ambrose. He’s so freaking annoying.

    • Joe

      I’m starting to agree with you;same thing over and over,no change. I made the mistake of thinking he would be the next Mick Foley because of what I’ve seen of him prior to WWE… Obviously that isn’t the case though.

      • Lisa

        I think he should turn heel. He’s pretty good on the mic. He would do much better as a heel.

        • robvanriot

          When Seth comes back, instead of bringing Seth in as a face, turn Roman and Dean and reform the Shield. S-heel-d.

          • Lisa

            That’s not a bad idea. They would probably feud with the New Day and a face Wyatt Family.

          • Joseph Lisnow

            i think the fans will almost turn Seth into a face.
            give the fans what they want; not like with Reigns and this whole failure of a face push.

          • jcice13

            the fans??? they’re the ones who were cheering Reigns like crazy for a long time and then he wins the title and they boo him..when they were building his run to get to the match at mania and the cards were stacked every week against him the fans backed him then when they gave those fans what they wanted they jeer him

      • jcice13

        of course you made the mistake he’d be the next mick foley when it’s been obvious for so long he’s been brian pillman jr.

    • El Marichachi

      so are you.

      • Lisa

        Shut up, El Torito.

        • Joe

          El Torito is no more…..maybe this guy will follow suit. Haha

          • Lisa


  • The Shockmaster

    Shame about the (non) main event. Big Cass will have to wait.

  • jcice13

    I could care less about the Young/Backlund angle and what vets are they going to bring out? the sarge? Volkoff? the iron sheik? who cares this angle is going to fall flat. it’s going to make the Gold dust/RTruth angle look like ole and dusty from the 80’s…
    and finally Cole told JBL that it’s 2016 when he referred to Miz and maryse as some stars from the 1940’s I have a great job for JBL let him manage the Vaudevillans
    and of course the swerve with the siblings is coming, that’s a no brainer, the only thing that’s unknown at this time is when and who is going to try and screw shane, not if

  • jcice13

    hello!!!!!!! I’ve been saying for years here how they waste so much time on RAW with replays and crap matches especially now when they have a great new roster to work with….and not just RAW but even Smackdown where it’s only 2 hours yet they push replays of RAW down our throats there as well

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