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RAW Versus SmackDown Review – Week of September 12th

Another week in WWE programming has come in gone. SmackDown LIVE has had its first pay-per-view (PPV) on Sunday, and Monday Night RAW is gearing up for theirs now. So we have one brand centering around PPV aftermath, and another brand building it up.

So who did it better this week? Here’s my two cents.

Monday Night RAW


RAW’s Opener – I love how RAW opened up with the ladies; Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Charlotte are tremendous on the mic and have excellent chemistry. I was even impressed by Dana Brook’s ‘slap that was heard around the world’. The Triple Threat match to determine the number one contender that followed was solid. Still, you’ll see two fails around this storyline below, specifically the ending of the match and creative.

The Main Event – It was a good match. Rusev costing Reigns his spot at No Mercy was a tad predictable, but the match and the ending was a win. It was a solid bout, that accomplished the story that needed to be told.

Nia Jax – Pummeling poor Foxy through the barricade was impressive and a huge win for me. Nia Jax made a huge statement and impression on RAW, and she deserves to fall into this category this week.


Women’s #1 Contender’s Match – *disclaimer*: The match itself was incredible. However, the idea around it, not so much. I get why it happened, they needed to book a triple threat to open RAW. But it’s frustrating how WWE flip flops on the rematch clause within contracts and ex-champions, to suit storylines and booking matches. Banks deserves a rematch for SummerSlam, plain and simple. I know I’m talking about RAW, but the same thing occurred on SD LIVE with Dean Ambrose, and it was annoying. Also, not sure if it was a botch or what, but both Banks and Bayley had their shoulders pinned (or seemed that way to me), but Banks was awarded the winner of the match. Wondering if this was storyline related?

Best of 7 – Hits the fails list (again) because it has got to go. Hopefully next week’s RAW is the end of this. I’m fully aware we still have two matches to go in this series, but I hoping they’ll get taped footage from a house show on the weekend. Please let this happen and be over already.

KO/Zayn Feud – It’s so sad that every time Sami Zayn is on the mic or in a promo, there is a need to bring up Kevin Owens’ name. KO is like Zayn’s asterisk or something and it really shouldn’t be the case, especially since Sami has pinned him (on the main roster) before. Creative needs to stop constantly associating KO (pronto) with this character, and move Zayn to another program. In fact, I was just shaking my head on Monday night at the fact that Zayn is entering a program with Y2J, technically because of Kevin Owens. It’s time for Creative to let go of the KO/Zayn feud, unless they are planning to place Zayn in the title picture anytime soon.

The New Day/Club program – Speaking of moving on … this program is just dried up.

Overall – RAW was hard to get through, all in all. The beginning was strong, but it went downhill significantly as each hour passed.

SmackDown LIVE


Cena’s Back – The opener to SmackDown LIVE set the tone for the entire show. AJ Styles coming out to parade his WWE title win; John Cena’s return was great; Dean Ambrose getting into the mix was also solid. All three men are incredible on the mic, so I found it highly entertaining. I love the fact that they got right into No Mercy, and the main event been set.

Jack’s Back – His promo skills were rusty, but it’s been a while since Swagger has been on the mic, so I’ll give him a break. All in all, I’m excited that he is on Team Blue, and perhaps might be given an opportunity to shine.

Orton/Wyatt Segment – Honestly, it may have been a good thing that Randy Orton wasn’t cleared to compete on Sunday. I sincerely felt that Wyatt and Orton weren’t given ample time to really build up their program heading into Backlash. I felt it was rushed. Last night’s segment proved that perhaps Orton’s head not healing quick enough from SummerSlam may have been a blessing in disguise.

Main Event – From beginning to end, the main event was incredible. The story around AJ struggling to find a partner, then bringing in James Ellsworth, the jobber who faced Braun Strowman in the summer, was hilarious. The beating of James added heat to The Miz – and the overall match between the four men was solid. The ending was good – Ambrose turning on John Cena, was even better. With all the booing Ambrose has been getting as of late … is there a heel turn in his future?


I’m struggling here, I didn’t see anything that went totally wrong. One annoyance was the fact that Dean Ambrose deserves a rematch, and that was ignored (much like my comment above with RAW and the women’s title). There were segments that weren’t as strong as the wins … but they weren’t total fails. The women’s #1 contender’s match was fine, but with them just having the 6 Pack Challenge on Sunday, they had a lot to live up to in a short amount of time. The Usos/Hype Bros. match seemed quick, but reaffirmed the Usos’ heel status. Heath Slater’s contract signing seemed to lack something, I can’t put my finger on it, but it wasn’t even close to being a fail.


Hands down, SmackDown wins the review this week. I’m not surprised, with the exception of last week; they have been kicking RAW’s butt, consistently. Despite the fact that generally after a PPV there is a RAW and this time around SmackDown had to wait a day and half before exploding on the aftermath of Backlash, I thought they did a really good job with everything. Seeing all the new winners with their titles was awesome. I’m not sure if it is the three hours versus the two, but RAW hasn’t really seemed on point as of late.

WNZ fans, what do you think? Which brand won the battle of the programming? RAW or SD LIVE? Leave your comments below!

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