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RAW Versus SmackDown Review – Week of September 19th

As Monday Night RAW is heading into their Clash of Champions pay-per-view (PPV) this week; SmackDown LIVE is slowly gearing up for their October PPV, No Mercy.

Which program came out on top? Here are my wins and losses for both shows.

Monday Night RAW


Seth Rollins versus Rusev – The match was solid. While I know I prefer seeing a concrete winner/loser in most bouts, the double count out was worth it to see Rollins climb over the announce table onto Rusev.

The List of Jericho – The backstage segments around The List of Jericho were hilarious. The ongoing bromance between Y2J and KO is brilliant … nothing can stop these two budding BFFs! Jericho has been on a roll (all in all) for a few weeks now, and is probably the highlight of my RAWs as of late.

Cruiserweights Debut – The match was on point. I read grumblings on the internet about why TJ Perkins would be a part of the debut, and to me the way everything unfolded made perfect sense. It was a fatal four-way to determine the #1 contender. Perkins is the champ. There’s prestige around this title, and we shall see him perform at the PPV. He could have been at the announce table, but maybe that wasn’t the best way to introduce him to RAW fans. If he failed to keep up with Cole, Graves, and Saxton; it may have been an epic fail.

Roman Reigns versus Kevin Owens – I found it crazy cool that RAW was having a steel cage match. I can’t remember the last time they did something like that. Rollins for the save was a bit awkward. I don’t know, maybe I need to get use to him being a face; or maybe it’s the fact that he went to Stephanie earlier on RAW to chat (heelish move). He needs to try and forget about resolution and focus on revenge to move his face character along.


10-Man Tag Match – Teddy Long would approve, but I don’t. I’m actually not a fan of big tag matches. I LOVE the Survivor Series, but that is an entirely different concept. It’s like they were trying to cram in three different programs in the matter of 15 minutes. Too much going. And nothing concrete was achieved.

Overall – Some of the matches were good, a few were great (see above). No promo really stuck out, and RAW (as per the usual) lacked any luster this week. The sad thing is, there were no real ‘fails’, but I found it a struggle for those three hours to pass.

SmackDown LIVE


The Miz and Daniel Bryan – It’s a shame Bryan can’t wrestle, because (unscripted or not), these two have tremendous chemistry on the mic when they banter back and forth. The good news is, despite the fact that DB can’t climb through those ropes, this storyline angle is a very interesting watch and quite entertaining. The Miz using Bryan’s classic moves in the ring is brilliant.

The Miz versus Dolph Ziggler – Incredible match, with so many ups and downs. While I would’ve preferred a different ending, the one that unfolded made sense. More heat on The Miz, which is a good thing for him.

John Cena versus Dean Ambrose – Another solid SD Live match. It was great, but what was even better was Ambrose’s clean win over Cena.

Beauty and the Man Beast – First off, love the name. Secondly, these two guys are hilarious. Eating spray cheese and crackers backstage while watching the #1 Contender’s match for their tag title? Hilarious. P.S. That match (Usos versus American Alpha) was also a pretty good win too.


The Usos and the Tag Champs Backstage Promo – I think it was the Usos, but what should’ve been a promo that walked a fine of serious (from the Usos) to comedic (from Slater/Rhyno); but it ended up being (or seeming) awkward. Something was missing from it, a certain intensity, and I think it was from The Usos to be honest. Maybe it is hard to keep a straight face around Rhyno and Slater, or maybe Jimmy and Jey are easing into their heel status. It just didn’t work for me.

Women’s Tag Team Match – Honestly, it would’ve been nice to see an entire match between these four. I love Naomi’s entrance, but it took longer for her to come to the ring then the match itself. The attacks by Carmella to Nikki Bella were once intense and shocking, but now are just lame. It’s really time for them to move on. It just seemed like a scenario or match that would occur, pre-women’s wrestling revolution.

Overall – Wasn’t all that bad, but SmackDown Live has been so much better in the past. The matches kept the show alive, but overall, nothing fantastic came out of SD LIVE this week.


I felt both shows were lame this week. I struggled to get through Monday Night RAW, and SmackDown LIVE too. SD LIVE’s only saving grace is that it is only two hours long; that extra hour on Monday night was killing me. If I had to pick a winner, I’d say it was RAW though. The Cruiserweight match was the tilting factor, plus I will acknowledge the fact that they do have an extra of entertaining fans to deal with.

WNZ fans, what do you think? Which brand won the battle of the programming this week? Was it RAW or SD LIVE? What were your wins/losses for both shows? I’d love to hear your thoughts … leave your comments below!

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