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RAW Vs. SmackDown Review: Week of September 5

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With Monday Night RAW and SmackDown LIVE going head-to-head for quite a while, it’s only natural to compare the two shows; and I know I’ve been doing this internally for some time.  Well, it’s now time to place pen on paper – or rather fingers on the keyboard. I present to you, the WNZ fans, the very first RAW versus SmackDown review, where I will be analyzing the wins and fails of each program to determine a weekly winner! As this is my first such feature, and the column is a work in progress, I’d love to hear feedback from you fans.

Why waste any more time? Here.We.Go!

Monday Night RAW


The Kevin Owens Show – LOVED everything that came from KO this week: from him ‘dressing up’ for the occasion and coming out in a suit (signifying that he is indeed ‘the man’), to his celebration, to his match with Zayn. He’s proving to everyone just why he is the WWE Universal Champion (and the longest-reigning one at that … ha! I kid!)

Seth Rollins Turning Face – Another solid RAW MVP. Turning face was incredible, but really everything he did that night was gold. From his promo with Kevin Owens that opened the show, to his match with Chris Jericho. He’s once again proving to the WWE Universe, just he’s been in the title race picture, or holding that title, for quite some time now.

Where’s HHH? – In general, I love the tease around Triple H, why he turned on Rollins, and whether or not Stephanie knew about it. It’s a great build up for something far bigger than the Clash of Champions. I also loved the segment between Mick and Stephanie; reminding the fans that these two do in fact have a history; reminding us that Stephanie once was not the villainous boss-lady she is today.

Bayley Defeating Charlotte – The match itself was great, and the win over the WWE Women’s Champion, without the title being on the line, was a solid push for Bayley. With Sasha Banks back, who knows if Bayley will still be in the title race picture, but Monday’s win was a good way to keep her looking strong.

Kevin Owens + Y2J – Their bromance lives on, despite KO’s title win last week. This is fantastic, and I’m so glad their ‘BFF’ storyline continues. These two have incredible promo chemistry and are hilarious to watch.

Nia Jax Finally Gets A Program – I like Nia Jax, I can’t wait to see more things from her than just squashing jobbers. Okay, so the backstage promo was awkward. Especially Alicia Fox’s reaction when Nia got hit in the face by that bottle; it seemed as if Foxy did it by accident and then felt bad about it … rather than scared. I could be wrong though … but I’m still laughing about it! I digress. The promo wasn’t epic between these two, and maybe the feud won’t be either, but the fact that we will get more from Nia’s character, well, it excites me and that’s why I’m labelling it as a win.

Sasha Banks Promo – I wrote this in another article, but Sasha Banks nailed that segment on RAW. From the Twitter post, to her emotional speech (before Dana Brook interrupted) … and then the beat down on Dana; it was gold. A big win in this review, and a big win for the fans. The Boss it back! #Legit


The Old Day – Everything about this segment was terrible. From The Club bringing out The Old Day – to the ‘seniors’ getting beat up by The New Day at the end. What is the WWE doing with The Club? Seriously …

The Best Of 7 Series – I feel bad saying this, but I want this program to go away. Like now. I don’t know who came up with this, but it’s been terrible from the get-go. I really don’t care who wins it at this point. And while I love Cesaro, what’s up with all the tape? Also, can they not run through the rest of these matches at house shows and then offer a video montage recap?

SmackDown LIVE


The Miz and MaryseThey continue to turn up the heel heat, and whether Miz retains his Intercontinental Championship at Backlash or not; he’s had a nice solid run with this title. His win on Tuesday against Apollo Crews was fantastic: throwing Crews into Ziggler, getting the win, and then sending Maryse to get his IC title, while Dolph stood in the ring.

The Usos Turn HeelSo, their match with American Alpha was short, and despite AA’s win, it seems the team will not be participating in the finals against Heath Slater and Rhyno. Bad news for AA fans, but the silver lining is that the Usos are on Team Bad Guy now, and I am already more interested in them then I have been in years.

Heath And Rhyno Win! – Yup, the Cinderella story continues and I’m loving every moment of it.


Dean Ambrose/AJ StylesBacklash’s match is sure to be a good one, but overall, the build up to this program has been terrible. Where’s the story? Last week’s top rope incident with Styles was humorous, but Styles returning the favor this week to Dean was in poor taste. Does this entire storyline center around their groin regions?

Kane I love seeing Kane, and I love the fact that they are building him up once again to be an unstoppable force to be feared, but these random chokeslam segments have got to go.

Before The ChokeslamWhat was up with Fandango and the woman he was dancing with before Kane blew out? I cringed, I cringed a lot.

Randy Orton/Bray Wyatt I HATE putting this in the fail category, because both (individual) segments were strong between Orton and Wyatt – but this was the go-home episode to the first SmackDown pay-per-view (PPV) in a while – there needed to be a little bit ‘more’ between these two superstars. Much like the Styles/Ambrose program, there really isn’t a story here. However, I’m sure their Backlash match will be fantastic.

Overall – Not a very solid go-home show. As I’ve said above, Backlash is SmackDown’s first PPV. While Miz and Maryse got a win, their program with Ziggler seems to only be ‘going through the motions’; which is the feeling I get with all the major storylines heading into Backlash (Ambrose/Styles and Wyatt Ziggler). The women were okay this week, just not anything to write home about.


Had it been any other week, post-draft, I think I may have awarded my overall program win to SmackDown; the show itself has generally been on point and quite exciting. However, for some reason, SmackDown just wasn’t working this week, and my overall win is awarded to Monday Night RAW.

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