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Roadblock Predictions: Could-Would-Should

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In just a few days, we get another WWE Network Special,”Roadblock”-live from Toronto. We’ve seen a handful of announced matches, and for a non-PPV, I do think it’s a pretty solid lineup. So, with all that said, it’s time to dive in to yet another edition of Could-Would-Should.

NXT Tag Team Championship: The Revival (Dash and Dawson) versus Enzo and Big Cass

What could happen: Considering we’ve been hearing rumblings of a main roster debut for Enzo and Big Cass of late, these two could win, but what sense would it make (assuming the rumors have any credibility).

What should happen: If those rumors are true? If the boys from the Empire State have a main roster call-up in their very near future? Then there is zero point in putting the tag team titles on them, unless NXT wants to shake things up and have several teams holding the tag belts in a short period of time.

What I wish would happen: I’ve seen some really good tag matches out of NXT. So really, all I wish for in this instance, is another superb tag match.

WWE Tag Team Championship: New Day versus League of Nations

What could happen: Considering the fact that there’s the NXT Tag Team Championship match on this very same card? What could happen is simple. This might not be the best tag title match we see tonight.

What should happen: Something to set up a bigger match at WrestleMania. In my eyes, that certainly doesn’t mean a win for the League. I mean, it could, but since New Day has lasted this long, whats a few more weeks?

What I wish would happen: We expect good work out of New Day. I can’t say the same for the League, so here’s wishing they could put forth an impressive outing.

Brock Lesnar versus Bray Wyatt

What could happen: For once, WWE could recall how huge Bray and his family were on the verge of being, and actually get them there. As cool as it might be to see Bray/Brock, this program could be so much bigger.

What should happen: I expect a Brock win, if for no other reason than he needs to be booked strong heading into Dallas.

What I wish would happen: Two things. One, I would love to see Wyatt booked to win this one, in some sick and twisted fashion. Two, I’d love to see this one happen at WrestleMania. I don’t ask much.

WWE Championship Match: Dean Ambrose versus Triple H

What could happen: Dean could get a clean pin for the win, sending Hunter home without his gold.

What should happen: A stellar match, and more of them. But with ‘Mania just approaching, I don’t see any chance of WWE wanting to have a major change to the main event-in other words, I’d be stunned if Hunter lost.

What I wish would happen: Considering that Ambrose is already booked to face off with Brock, I think WWE screwed things up a wee bit. Had Ambrose lacked a match, there’d be some suspense-would Ambrose win? Would it alter the main event? But now, with Dean heading to Texas to hook up with Lesnar, it seems all but certain he won’t win the belt. Because, if he did win, what would they do now? Triple threat for the title? Fatal fourway? It would be too crazy a change. So my wish here is for a good match, with some work done to set up both men’s matches at ‘Mania. Not asking too much here, I assure you.

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  • Mark Rouleau

    The wyatt Family should screw Lesner. Ambrose should win. This would setup where Brock is furious over the Wyatts and goes against Bray at WM32 for a true one on one match. Ambrose vs RR. Keeping HHH out of this all together.

  • Mike

    Come on. Wyatt isn’t going to beat lesnar. Nobody beats lesnar. Lesnar destroys everyone. Losing to Brock is far from a burial. It wouldn’t affect him in the slightest.

    • Martin Koehler

      Course not. Wyatt loses to EVERYONE, so it would be same old same old.

      • Mike

        Bray loses to very few people. Only reigns, cena and taker have actually beaten bray wyatt, even ambrose couldn’t pick up a win against him.

        • Martin Koehler

          as of Roadblock, Bray (in total) has a 3-1 loss to win record. He has lost to everyone, Kane, Ambrose, Jericho, Reigns, Cena, you can keep naming them. Wyatt has not won an actual match since past Nov 30th. Granted many defeats have been by DQ.

          • Mike

            Bray in singles matches, hasn’t lost to Kane, he beat ambrose in thier fued, winning every time. I think he did load to Jericho, However he won the fued.

        • Martin Koehler

          oops, my last reply is incorrect (I read the site wrong) he has won in that time frame. But he does only have 10 wins since last August. Which is sad.

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