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Royal Rumble: Roman Reigns Or The Field?

Not that I advocate betting, but we all know there are even betting lines on pro wrestling. Which to me, is just insane all things considered, knowing what we all know about the business. But, for the sake of this discussion, we can use that betting parlance. Would you take Roman Reigns, or would you bet the field-that is, the other 29 wrestlers?

Simple math tells you to take the other 29, right? I mean, that really is that simple. With only one man winning, odds are much better that one of 29 men will win, versus a single specific person. But, we aren’t actually betting, and this isn’t a real sport with an outcome that wasn’t predetermined. So we can factor story lines into it. As well as ticket sales and PPV buys..or Network subscriptions.

Factoring all those things in, would you take Roman Reigns, or one of 29 other men?

For me? I take the field. And not just because of the mathematical odds. Having thought things through, I doubt Reigns leaves Florida with the championship. For this, one must consider the role of The Authority, and how pervasive that angle has become. And, also, because WWE executives are hell-bent on getting Reigns over, or more over-depending on your perspective.

So how do they achieve that?

By taking the belt off of him yet again, and making him work hard to earn another shot at the champion, Perhaps at WrestleMania.

Now, I’ve been projecting Lesnar as the winner of the Rumble. Depending on the ending scenario, WWE should be able to do one of two things. The first option is, of course, to take the final group of men who didn’t win, and have them face off at Fastlane in a number one contender’s match. Easy enough, wouldn’t be the first time, and nothing wrong with it. The other option would be to have Reigns so obviously screwed at the ending that WWE had no choice but to name him the number one contender, but this is so counter to The Authority, I can’t imagine it would happen. But, in either case, you eventually have Roman Reigns back as number one contender, possibly against Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania for the second year in a row.

But, in terms of building up the Legend of Roman Reigns? It makes sense. Tear him down, knock him down, build him back up stronger than before. It may eventually work out.

Now, of course, Roman could win it, which would change things up a bit. If Roman wins it, they build up Reigns just like that, and then they work toward setting up who faces him at ‘Mania-a big name, no doubt, to satisfy the big main event need for WrestleMania.

But, if it were me….I’d say it’s a smart bet to see Roman losing on Sunday.

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