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Roman Reigns Retains, Seth Rollins Returns

WWE Champion
Before any action, we get the Dudley Boyz calling out Big Cass. He cleans house and ends with the SAWFT line, which got a huge pop in New Jersey.

Rusev and Lana do a Q&A on Twitter. Lana still has the ascent, but Rusev now has an English accent. Rusev wants money and will do that by taking the United States Championship.

Baron Corbin Goes Low To Gain The Win

With less than 10 minutes, we get Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin in a No DQ match. Corbin has control after tossing Ziggler over the turnbuckle. Ziggler gets tied in the ropes and Corbin with shots. DDT to get Dolph back in this one. Corbin with a low blow and hits his finisher for the first win of the night.

Not much of No DQ match.

The Club’s Teamwork Stops Usos

The Usos meet The Club at the ramp and they fight around the ring. Jimmy Uso and Karl Anderson are working in the ring with the other halves are still outside. Tag combo off the apron gives The Club the advantage.  The Club works on Jey Uso and won’t let Jimmy in the ring. Anderson looked to hurt his leg on a running knee.

Both Usos get in the ring and hit a double super kick. The Usos’ double splash is reversed. Gallows tosses an Uso over the barricade and grabs the ring bell. Jimmy lands a super kick before hit with the bell, but misses the splash. The Club with their finisher for the three.

Brute Crushes Lucha Dragon

In our second match of the night from Newark, we are getting the United States title match between Kalisto and Rusev.

Early on, it was just a continuation from RAW, with Rusev abusing Kalisto’s injured back. In the early going, there was very little Kalisto could do but absorb the punishment. It wasn’t until mid-match where Kalisto began to get some reversals in, and getting the momentum to tilt in his direction.

Kalisto hit a couple high risk maneuvers which paid off, but went for a third of the top rope, which Rusev met and slammed Kalisto spine first onto the apron. The officials were checking on Kalisto for an injury, at which point Rusev jumped in and slapped in the Accolade-so much so that Rusev was on his own back, getting a quick tap-out from the now former champion.

Your winner, and now 2-time US Champion, is Rusev.

New Day Has The Numbers

New Day are out. Xaiver Woods plugs his Twitter and asks for private videos. Big E has two shovels to bury some hoes. Woods and Big E representing the team. No gimmick attached.

After some five minutes, Woods gets Big E in. Lots of slams from Big E as “New Day Rocks” chants start. Kofi with outside interfere to retain their belts over The Vaudevillains.

Miz Wins in Instant Classic

It’s time for the much-hyped, greatly anticipated fatal fourway match for the Intercontinental Championship.

And man did it get off to an explosive start, as right out of the gate Sami Zayn took Kevin Owens out with a gnarly Helluva kick, and Miz was sent flying by a Cesaro uppercut.

Much of the early match was spent as a one on one affair with Zayn and Cesaro working each other over. Miz eventually made a comeback to make things interesting, and just as we thought we might get an incredible corner spot, Owens recovered and singled out Sami.

Ultimately, I pity those doing play by play because once all four got involved, this pace was intense, high spot followed high spot, and no one was separating from the pack. We started to get near fall after near fall, including Miz tapping out to Cesaro, but Maryse had the official distracted.

In the end, Zayn appeared to have Cesaro laid out and pinned. Owens pulled Zayn out, and Sami snapped, flinging Owens all over the place. But while he was doing that, Miz snuck in and pinned Cesaro for the win, and the unlikely retention.

Dean Ambrose Wins First Asylum Match

Time for the first Asylum match. There are weapons hanging everywhere and the cage is locked with a chain.

They use a mob, including spots that the mop is used. They have numchucks, which Dean knows how to use. A fire extinguisher and strap were also used. Off the cage, Ambrose with the elbow drop. Ambrose pulls the bucket down and has tacks inside. They trade spots over the tacks.

Ambrose counters the codebreaker by dropping Jericho into the tacks. Jericho is covered. Dirty deeds from Dean for the win.

Flair Uses Plan B to Retain

It’s time for the women’s championship match, which now sees Ric Flair banned from ringside, and it can only be won by submission. Considering that the names Flair and Hart go hand in hand with two of the better known submissions in the business, this fits the legacy to a “t”.

The ladies were going at things fast and furious, with each trying to take away the other’s submission  maneuvers. Early on, things looked really bad for Charlotte, as Natty was getting in her shots.

Just as it looked like Natalya was going to get Charlotte to tap out, Ric Flair’s music hit, and out came plan B, as in Dana Brooke. And with that, Charlotte had the distraction she needed to get Natalya in the Figure 8, and Natalya had no choice but to tap.

Roman Reigns Still WWE Champion

They fought around the arena, which saw Styles go through two tables. The Club and Usos got involved. In the end, Reigns won with a spear. Post-match, Seth Rollins returned and hit Reigns with the pedigree.

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