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Roman Reigns Retains WWE Title; Both McMahon Siblings Slated To Run Monday Night RAW

Live from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois, Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WWE’s Payback pay-per-view (PPV). While there was interference by Anderson and Gallows, as well as The Usos, Reigns laid a  on Styles, and the rest was history. In other Payback news, Vince McMahon announced both Shane and Stephanie McMahon would be running Monday Night RAW.

Full results of the 2016 Payback, below:

Dolph Ziggler defeated Baron CorbinPre-Show Kickoff Match

The match started off with a little smack talk, and then flew right into action. While Corbin destroyed Ziggler during the match, and knocked him out during some action outside the ring; Corbin wasted time showboating in front of the crowd. The cockiness was a rookie mistake, and as Corbin wasted time, Ziggler rested; and was able to take him by surprise and roll him up for the three-count and the win.

Kalisto defeated Ryback to retain the U.S. Championship – Pre-Show Kickoff Match

The ‘David versus Goliath’ story between these two continued at Payback, with a very similar outcome to Wrestlemania 32. The high-flying action by Kalisto was able to help keep Ryback’s strength and size difference at bay; and in a lot of ways, wore out the Big Guy. When all was said and done, it was a miss by Ryback off the top rope, and a Salida Del Sol finisher from Kalisto that earned the Lucha Dragon the win, and helped him retain the WWE United States Championship title.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass versus The Vaudevillians – Tag Team Tourney Finals – Match Stopped Due To Injury

Shortly after the match began, Enzo was thrown from the side of the ring, and hit his face off the second and bottom rope, and was knocked out completely. The referee stopped the match right away. It also seemed like a legitimate injury, and not storyline related.

Kevin Owens defeated Sami Zayn

Off the cusp of the tag match that was stopped abruptly, the Owens/Zayn match began with a bang, with Zayn flying off the top rope, and into Owens, outside the ring. Owens dominated most of the match, however, Zayn did come back mid-way through. Amongst chants of “YES!” and “this is awesome”, both men had a move and counter move for each other. An incredibly-fought match by both superstars, but in the end, a Pop Up Powerbomb scored the win for Owens.

The Miz (with Maryse) defeated Cesaro to retain the Intercontinental Championship

With an interfering Maryse by his side, the Miz dominated the beginning of the match, working on Cesaro’s shoulder. Cesaro came back, to power out of two different moves; and the crowd was treated to a nice long Cesaro Swing. Sadly, as Kevin Owens was commentary, Sami Zayn returned to the ring (well, really the announce table), and attacked Owens. While Cesaro had The Miz in a Cross-Face submission, and had him tapping out; the referee was distracted by Zayn and Owens. In the end, the ref did not see Miz tap out, but as Cesaro tried to push Zayn and Owens off the ring apron, to finish off Miz; Miz rolled up Cesaro for the three-count, to retain the Intercontinental Championship.

Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Jericho

An evenly-toned match, with it going back and forth between Y2J and Ambrose; the Chicago crowd also seemed mixed when it came to backing either superstar, with a “let’s go Ambrose; Y2J” chant. While Y2J did place The Walls of Jericho on Ambrose, he was able to break the submission; and then the action spilled outside of the ring. Ambrose tried to hit Dirty Deeds on Jericho, on the announce table; but it back fired on Ambrose, and Y2J ended up throwing Ambrose off the table and over the barricade. After being placed in The Walls of Jericho a second time (and reversing it), Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on Jericho, and scored the win.

Charlotte (with Ric Flair) defeated Natalya (with Bret Hart) to retained the Women’s Championship

The Chicago live crowd gave a very warm welcome to Bret Hart, who accompanied Nattie to the ring; marking his first WWE appearance since he won his battle against cancer. The women performed an incredible match; with plenty of action inside and outside the ring. Both women tried to apply their signature submission holds (The Sharpshooter and Figure Eight, respectively); and both were unable to apply. While Charlotte placed the Figure Four leg lock onto Natalya, Nattie was able to reverse, and Charlotte was able to break the hold. In a crazy storyline that resembled the infamous 1997 Montreal Screwjob; Charlotte placed Nattie in a Sharpershooter, and the referee called a tapout, when Nattie simply had not. The match closed with Bret Hart placing the Sharpshooter on Ric Flair; and Natalya placing the Sharpshooter on Charlotte. Still, Charlotte retained the WWE Women’s Title.

Vince McMahon’s Announcement: Shane And Stephanie BOTH Running Monday Night RAW

Vince McMahon addressed the Chicago crowd regarding the fate of Monday Night RW. After Shane and Stephanie McMahon both pleaded their cases on running Monday Night RAW, Vince announced that they both would be running the show.

Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

The match began with a little bit of a power struggle, as Reigns showcased his strengthen against Styles. Still, Styles may have been down (momentarily), but not out, as he came back with some high-flying action, and quick moves, to throw Roman off his feet. At one point, Styles flew off the top rope, outside the ring, laying a Phenomenal Forearm to Roman, onto the announcers’ table. Unfortunately, the move resulted in Reigns being counted out; however, thanks to an announcement from Shane McMahon, the match restarted; with a no count out rule. As the match resumed, Roman Reigns accidentally hit Styles below the belt and got disqualified; however, thanks to Stephanie, the match was restarted, with a no DQ rule. And it was this no DQ rule that made it easy for Gallows and Anderson to hit the main event, and attack Reigns; and The Usos to come to Reigns’ defense. In the end, despite the chaos, it was a Spear that ended AJ Styles’ hopes of becoming the next WWE World Heavyweight Champion; and helped Reigns gain the three-count and retain his title.

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