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Roman Reigns Wins the WWE Title; Undertaker Lives To See Another Wrestlemania

Zack Ryder
Live from the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, challenger Roman Reigns pinned Triple H to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at the 32nd Annual Wrestlemania pay-per-view (PPV). In other Wrestlemania 32 news, The Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon in their Hell in a Cell (HIAC) match; and the Divas division was re-branded, with WWE Hall of Famer Lita announcing during WM’s Pre-Show that the women in the Triple Threat title match were now fighting for the newly established WWE Women’s Championship, and that the term diva was now a thing of the past. Charlotte was crowned the new Women’s Champ, when Becky Lynch tapped out to her Figure Eight submission hold.

Full results of Wrestlemania 32, below:

Kalisto defeated Ryback to retain the U.S. Championship – Pre-Show Kickoff Match

The classic David versus Goliath program opened up the flagship event. While Ryback dominated the entire match, thanks to a turnbuckle cover coming off near the end of the match; Kalisto was able to throw Ryback into the uncovered ring rope to knock him out. Kalisto laid his signature Salida de Sol move, and grabbed the three-count for the win to retain his United States Championship title.

Team Total Divas (Brie Bella, Nattie, Paige, Alicia Fox, Eva Marie) defeated Team BAD and Blonde (Naomi, Lana, Tamina, Emma, Summer Rae) – 10-Diva Tag Team Pre-Show Kickoff Match

The divas match provided plenty of action, and some drama. Friction between the Total Divas team and Eva Marie was prevalent within the first few moments, when Marie refused to tag Paige in, but slapped Nattie in for action. Emma carried Team BAD and Blonde (with a little help from Tamina and Naomi), and there was very little wrestling done by Lana during her so-called debut. When all was said and done, Team Total Divas gained the win, thanks to Brie Bella, who laid the Yes Lock on Naomi; gaining the tap-out, honoring her husband Daniel Bryan, and winning the match for her team.

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) defeated The Dudley Boys (Bubba Ray and Devon) – Tag Team Pre-Show Kickoff Match

The Usos made quick work of the Dudleys, gaining a three-count after Jey flew off the rope, kicking Devon. Unhappy with the outcome, post-match, the Dudleys pulled out two tables, despite saying they never wanted to use them again. However, the Usos ended up turning the tables (pun-intended) on Devon and Bubba Ray, when Jimmy and Jey (simultaniously) dove off the top rope – planting both Dudleys threw tables.

Zack Ryder defeated Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Sin Cara, Stardust, Sami Zayn, and The Miz became the new Intercontinental Champion – Seven-Man IC Title Ladder Match

The match officially opened Wrestlemania 32, and helped set the tone for the entire event. Plenty of chaos, action, and high-flying, some highlights included: Sami Zayn flying through a ladder and onto five out of his six opponents; Zayn diving through the bottom rope to grab Owens and DDT him; Sin Cara flying off a ladder, onto the top rope, and then jumping onto his competitors; Ziggler paying homage to Shawn Michaels by ‘tuning up the band’ before laying a Super Kick; Stardust pulling out a yellow polka-dotted ladder and paying homage to his dad, the late and great, Dusty Rhodes; as well as Owens throwing Sin Cara onto Stardust, and then sending Stardust through a ladder. However, it was Zack Ryder, who threw the Miz off the top of the ladder, and snatched the IC title at the top of the ring, to become the new Intercontinental Champion.

Chris Jericho defeated AJ Styles

An incredible match, where each man was able to counter each other’s moves. It started off with Styles reversing out of Y2J’s Walls of Jericho; in turn, Jericho was able to get out of Style’s signature Codebreaker. Jericho tried to place Styles in his own Styles Clash, however was unable to hook him into it; and when AJ laid the Styles Clash on Y2J, Jericho kicked out at two. With both men frustrated nearing the end of the match, Styles began yelling to the AT&T crowd to ‘get up’ as he climbed to the top rope. Styles tried to lay the Phenomenal Forearm on Jericho, where Y2J countered with the Codebreaker, and laid out Styles; gaining the pin and winning the match.

League of Nations (Sheamus, Rusev, Bad News Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio) defeated The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods) – Four-on-Three Handicap Match

While The New Day popped out of a box of Booty-Os as their grand Wrestlemania 32 moment, the fun for this trio stopped there. The four-on-three disadvantage played a huge role when it came this match. In the end, Barrett punched Woods while the referee was distracted, and then a Brogue Kick by Sheamus, gained the LON a win at Wrestlemania 32.

Brock Lesnar (with Paul Heyman) defeated Dean Ambrose – No Holds Barred Street Fight

No surprise, Lesnar began the match taking Ambrose to #SuplexCity; and the Lunatic Fringe (No Holds Barred or not), was defenseless when it came to The Beast’s attack. Still, Ambrose did come back and was able to even out the score with a low blow, a fire extinguisher, and a steel chair – however, that was not enough to pin Lesnar. In the end, while Ambrose tried to use the proverbial torch Mick Foley passed on, he wasn’t able to hit Lesnar with it. Thirteen suplexes later, as well as an F5 on some steel chairs, and The Beast snagged the three-count and the win.

Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch to become the new Women’s Champion – Women’s Triple Threat Title Match

The women entered the ring in grandeur style: Sasha entering the ring along with her cousin Snoop, donning gear inspired by Eddie, and Charlotte donning gear with pieces from her father’s ring gear from Wrestlemania 24; the WM 32 crowd knew they were in for a historic night in women’s wrestling. With WWE Hall of Famer Lita announcing the re-brand of the women’s division during the Pre-Show Kickoff, the three ladies were no longer fighting for the Divas Championship, rather now, it was the WWE Women’s Title. Some highlights from the incredible match include: Sasha paying homage to Eddie with a Frog Splash; Sasha’s dive into Charlotte through the ropes, onto the outside of the ring; Lynch flying out of the ring, onto Ric Flair (on the outside), knocking him out; and a Moonsault by Charlotte off the top rope, onto Lynch and Banks on the outside of the ring. In the end, Charlotte was able to win by placing her Figure Eight submission, and while Banks was trying to stop Lynch from tapping out, Ric Flair interfered and held Sasha back; allowing Charlotte to win the match, and the new Women’s Championship.

The Undertaker defeated Shane McMahon – Hell in a Cell Match

The match started off a tad slow, and began to pick up once Taker slammed McMahon against the cell. Shane placed Taker in a Triangle Choke submission early on in the match, one of which The Deadman was able to escape; still, Taker placed Shane in the Hell’s Gate, and McMahon was able to reverse it into a Sharpshooter; in which Taker was able to break out of. Shane then hit Coast-to-Coast with a garbage can on The Phenom, but was only able to get a two-count from Taker. To the confusion of fans, McMahon proceeded to use a wrench to clip out a portion of the cell and loosen it, therefore when Taker slammed him against the cage, the cell broke open. Action spilled outside the cell and into the WM audience, as Taker proceeded to beat down on Shane. Shane was able to get The Deadman into a Sleeper hold, however Taker slammed McMahon into a table to break it. A huge highlight of the match was Shane jumping from the top of the cell, to hit The Undertaker, only for The Deadman to move. In the end, a Tombstone later, and The Deadman pinned McMahon, and gained the win.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal – Winner: Baron Corbin

Surprise entrants included DDP, Tatanka, NXTer Baron Corbin, and NBA star, Shaq. Some highlights included: a face-off between Shaq and the Big Show; the double-elimination of Shaq and Show; DDP laying the Diamond Cutter on Viktor of the Ascension; R-Truth dancing in the middle of the ring, only to be eliminated by the Social Outcasts; the Social Outcasts doing a victory lap in the middle of the ring, and then stopped by Kane and Baron Corbin; and then Corbin eliminating Kane to win the Battle Royal.

Roman Reigns defeated Triple H to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

A fairly evenly-toned match at the beginning, a low blow by HHH to Reigns, changed the game and direction of the bout; with Triple H dominating for the most part. The action spilled outside the ring, where The Game focused on re-breaking Roman’s nose; slamming him face first, then throwing him over the German announce table. Highlights include: Reigns Spearing HHH through the barricade into the WM audience; Reigns breaking out of an arm bar submission (twice) by lift up HHH; and Roman Reigns (accidentally) Spearing Stephanie, aiming for Triple H.  In the end, it took two Superman Punches and one Spear for Roman Reigns to get the three-count on HHH, and become new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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  • hotkillerz

    SAD thing is best match on the entire card was the womans championship match the only downsided to that match was the ending. also no one wanted reigns as champ fans booed the crap out of him he was only cheered when he spear steph.

    • PlanoStu

      Agreed, Women’s Championship should have closed the show with Sasha winning sending everyone home happy. Weird that that match was the only one with interference.

      • hotkillerz

        i saw that becuase if the steph being speared happened in a normal match that would had dq reigns

        • Meg Matthews

          Why? She got in the ring & put herself in harms way reigns didn’t intentionally do it & HHH pushed the ref & dived back so she was collateral damage as it were

  • Orbit Storm

    Ugh. This Wrestlemania, for all of its hype, was a complete letdown. Here are my thoughts; like them or not:
    > Overall grade: C

    Kalisto vs Ryback — Didn’t see this match thanks to the Network’s typical issues for big events but the David vs Goliath story is ridiculously redundant; bring back the Cruiserweight championship and stop making a mockery of guys like Ryback.
    > Grade: C

    Total Divas vs B&B — Filler and wholly uninteresting, with the exception of Lana.
    > Grade: D

    Usos vs Dudleys — These guys have absolutely no chemistry with one another. The match, from start to finish, was gimmicky at best. I’ve seen worse though.
    > Grade: C-

    IC Title — Is Kevin Owens even alive?! A lot of big spots but seeing Ryder win almost feels like a mid-match fail-safe.
    > Grade: B-

    Jericho vs Styles — An opportunity to let Styles shine is squashed by booking the disingenuous, tacky heel character.
    > Grade: C

    Tag Team Titles — As expected, New Day loses. Seeing Michaels, Foley, and Austin dance in the ring was more entertaining than the match itself. Grade factors in the closing segment.
    > Grade: B-

    Ambrose vs Lesnar — Solid match but I had much higher expectations. Then again, in this PG era, how can a “street fight” be seen as anything more than a regular match with the inclusion of a few chairs and kendo sticks? Lesnar’s impressive athleticism and Dean’s lunatic antics boost the grade for this match.
    > Grade: B

    Women’s Championship — Phenomenal match; easily the best of the night. Real shame to see Sasha and Becky lose an opportunity at the spotlight for a Ric Flair retread.
    > Grade: A+

    Shane vs Undertaker — Easily the second best match of the night. ‘Taker actually didn’t need carried through this one. Shane’s 20ft+ drop though.. jeebus. Shane’s storyline just took an unfathomable and agonizing turn for the worse.
    > Grade: B+

    ATGMBR — Lame duck comedy aside, this match was dreadful. Yet another filler match where its distinction lies in the name.
    > Grade: D+

    Rock & Cena segment — Uh.. not sure what I saw. Is Bray going to do a program with The Rock, who usually only has time to appear at Wrestlemania? IWC better be up in arms after all of the griping about Lesnar’s schedule. Seeing Cena and Rock share the ring, even if gimmicky, was a nice touch. I loathe Cena’s character as much as the next guy but I have a ton of respect for him all the same.
    > Grade: ?

    Reigns vs HHH — They should have been paying the customers to watch this match, solely because it made us all a modern-day Nostradamus. Listen: Reigns is a good guy but he is nothing more than a less-talented, more socially awkward version of John Cena when John is at his very worst. I’ll genuinely laugh when the crowd hijacks Raw tomorrow night because of Reigns winning. The only thing worse than this outcome was the fact that Wrestlemania was hosted in Jerruh’s World. Only reason this match didn’t get an “F” is because Stephanie was speared.
    > [Biased] Grade: D-

    WM32 was easily the worst I’ve seen in quite some time.

    • hotkillerz

      i agree with the final match and the womans card score and the atgmbr score and the hell score, and the new day score. but all the others should had been bumped up a letter grade they were that good. all i know is reigns is going to get major heet tommrrrow from the fans and vince is as well.

      • Orbit Storm

        Fair enough. I didn’t see much of the pre-show with the exception of the Usos and Dudleys, so the scores for Ryback vs Kalisto and Total Divas vs B&B are largely based on the outcome (although I did catch a good chunk of the women’s match).

        Bumping up the IC Title match would put it in the same territory as the Women’s Championship match and I just didn’t get that vibe from it. Why give the belt to Ryder? He has been the laughingstock of the company for well over a year now. Why not give it to Ziggy (who wrestles more matches in a month than Ryder has in the last year).

        The Jericho and Styles match is the best example of my grades being affected by the outcome. Plus, Jericho botched that finisher.. badly.

        I somehow missed you agreeing with this match and typed up a response so I’ll go ahead and add it anyways: I despise the “League of Nations” gimmick. At least #SocialOutcasts are marginally more entertaining. LON’s deadpan approach to their programs is what makes them so uninteresting. If not for Lana, I’d tune out every time they enter the ring. Individually, those guys are fun to watch but as a group, not so much.

        As for Lesnar and Ambrose, I truly expected Ambrose to get the win. They’ve been hyping Dean as the “iron man” (despite that being a moniker better befitting of Lesnar) and I figured maybe Lesnar lays down for Ambrose — but, that didn’t happen. I’m not complaining! I’m a Lesnar fanboi and I suppose that’s why I was critical of the match. Heyman mentioned Lesnar wanting to put together a match with Dean that no one could follow and the HIC match definitely outperformed. No blood; no real pain; just Dean looking like the kid who bit off more than he could chew.

        Thanks for the input though!

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