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Roman’s Days Are Numbered

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That headline is likely going to make many in the WWE Universe quite pleased. In case you somehow didn’t hear the crowd reaction during Extreme Rules, or at any other WWE live event, fans have been quite loud in voicing their extreme displeasure for the current WWE Champion.

At times, you might have thought AJ Styles was a legitimate threat. And, given his pedigree, he’d certainly be a worthy champion. But, he was denied in his second attempt at wresting the title from Reigns, so perhaps Styles can’t cut the mustard.

But, after the Extreme Rules main event? Just as Roman thought he could catch his breath and maybe even celebrate a little? Out from the back stage area comes a returning Seth Rollins, who rocks the champ with a Pedigree. He raises the title, and gets a hero’s welcome, so to speak, as he is showered with chants of “thank you Seth”.

So what does it all mean?

It means, in short, that Roman Reigns’ days as WWE Champion are numbered. They have to be. WWE officials, from the creative team up to the owner’s box, have to know that the fans despise Roman, and that even before Rollins blew out his knee, he was getting turned by the crowd reaction. It did not matter one iota what Seth was doing, the crowds loved him and ate him up. A babyface turn was inevitable, and basically was already happening when he landed awkwardly in the ring, and then found himself on the shelf.

But that was then. And this is now. And now? Now Rollins returns, rebuilt, as he put it. Reloaded. Revitalized, and gunning for the man currently in possession of the WWE title, but a man whom Rollins no doubt does not see as the champion-keeping in mind that Seth has never lost his belt, at least not via the traditionally accepted methods. Of course, he did relinquish the title in the fall of 2015 due to the aforementioned injury, but in his mind he is no doubt the uncrowned champion. And I am betting a good chunk of the WWE Universe feels the same. It’s a common ploy when a wrestler loses the title due to injury.

Except that this time, I think it means so much more. For one, I think fans can get behind and embrace someone like Rollins as the champion and face of the company a lot more willingly than Reigns. Part of the reason, of course, is that even as a despised heel, fans respected the work Rollins did in the ring. He can actually perform pretty well on the mic. And while he was thrust upon us in the fallout from the breakup of the Shield, his push made sense and was executed with skill and precision. And his turn has been gradual, because as fans began to see how he worked, and how he excelled in the main events, they began to appreciate his skills more and more. And when fans begin to appreciate what you do in the ring, you have them eating out of the palm of your hand.

So what does it all mean?

For Roman Reigns, to be blunt, it means his days as champion are numbered.

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  • John Fahrer

    I’ll believe when I see it. If creative ie Vince actually listened to what the fans want, Cena would either be irrelevant or gone from the company and fan favorites like Sandow would still be in the company.

    • Si Nicholls

      There are 2 sets of fan’s in WWE us old lot and the kids, unfortunately for us old lot, the kids are little merc buyers and keep Cena relevant all on there own.

      Rollins deserves a shot at the title, of course he does, he never lost it, however I would like to see a triple threat in June with RR & AJ Styles & SR with a clean finish and SR holding the belt again, which then gives WWE 2 options to go with, a program against either one of the other 2 up to and beyond Summerslam. They could continue the shield V’s Shield thing, but now the authority have gone that wouldn’t make sense, or they could go down a shield V’s Bullet Club route with RR & SR teaming up, but again were would that leave the Uso’s, unless Devitte is promoted and have 4 members of the Bullet Club & 4 members of the family

      • John Fahrer

        You mean the kids’ parents are buying the merch, assuming the legal working age hasn’t been decreased to 4. Merch is a small piece of an otherwise big pie and they could push a ton of merch with anybody else if they truly wanted to. The big secret to them insisting on pushing Cena down peoples’ throats is because they’re lazy. Cena doesn’t have the athletic pedigree to try other sports ie Lesnar or the charisma/acting ability to take a shot at Hollywood like Hogan, Rock, and Austin. So they just keep pushing “the guy” whether it be Cena or (now) Reigns. Miz is another one who if not for doing all the outside company BS would’ve been fired years ago because he’s long since been played out as a character.

        I also hope they run with Rollins and a triple threat with those three aforementioned guys would be a fun match to watch. The roster is probably the most loaded it’s been in a decade.

        • Si Nicholls

          Its massively loaded currently with all the new guys coming through as well, I wouldn’t be shocked to see some more of the older wrestlers ask for releases like Cody has done, and Adam Rose but his I would imagine for different reason’s than Cody’s.

          • John Fahrer

            Didn’t Rose have some kind of domestic violence charge?

            The Stardust character should’ve been axed a long time ago. Another guy who left citing creative stifling.

        • BooGonk

          Did you really compare Cena’s acting ability to Hogan’s? Wow.

          • John Fahrer

            No. Not even close. Hogan actually was able to master the art of selling (something rarely seen out of a top babyface anymore). He actually put over upcoming opponents as legit threats and sold sneak attacks that had kids crying.

    • cp munk

      I still have never understood this, just cuz the kids like Cena doesn’t mean he should be the main eventer for all eternity. As long as the guy is on the card somewhere that should be good enough

      • John Fahrer

        Austin and Rock each had less than a half-decade on top. Hogan got eight years, occasionally stepping aside for someone else to get a turn (Savage, Warrior). But he was overwhelmingly over for the majority of that run. The resentment for Cena really came full-force around SummerSlam 2005, some five months after he first won the title. Yet he’s been in the main event picture or near it (the “ready position”) for OVER A DECADE. And they use some of the most pathetic tactics to protect him: Heel announcers blow him, protected finishes and excuses for when he has the occasional clean loss, exploiting philanthropy to make you feel like a dick for not liking him, etc.

        • cp munk

          I couldn’t have said this any better myself!

  • cp munk

    Romans days are numbered if creative and the higher ups actually listen to what the fans want. I said it 2 years ago when reigns faught lesnar, If u make reigns ur main guy it will fail. Sure your mic skills can get better and maybe u become a better wrestler but if the guy hasn’t got “it” by now he’s not ever going to. I don’t think reigns skill has gotten any better at all, I believe it’s just some of the fans have learned to like him and gave in. There are two routes to go, let fate decide who the new face will be or continue to let the fan favorites get beat by reigns cuz he was hand picked for some goofy reason.

  • The Shockmaster

    About time. Reigns is a dud.

  • Mike

    You wish. His days are far from
    Numbered. He isn’t my favourite, but reigns was so fantastic at extreme rules. What a Match he and aj had. Seth and Roman will create a great fued and I’m not sure if Seth is back with the authority or if this all leads to hhh turning on Seth and aligning with Roman or whatever. But I can’t wait to find out.

  • xXwindsofchangeXx

    I actually think Reigns could do infinitely better as a heel than as a face. I know everyone says that about everyone, but I really believe it about Reigns after seeing this feud with Styles. And it’s not just because the crowd reaction has framed the feud that way. I think Reigns is much looser and less robotic as a heel, even in the ring. I think people are so primed to hate his booking and call him green because he’s not a 15-year indy vet like Styles and he’s big and muscular, but he’s an underrated athlete that, in all honesty, probably hasn’t hit his peak yet.

    The modern WWE fan loves the underdog champion. You could somewhat make an argument that this has been the case for nearly 20 years, but it’s probably truer now than it’s ever been. The upshot of that is that it’s hard sometimes for physically dominant-looking guys to get over as faces. Add to that the justifiable fears that people have when they see a guy like Reigns and know via the internet or word of mouth that WWE plans to make him ‘the guy.’

    The flaw isn’t with Reigns being the ‘guy.’ That’s a symptom of the real illness. The real illness is something deeper than that. It’s the fact that WWE feels the need to have any one person be the cornerstone performer to begin with, particularly at a point where the WWE roster is deeper than it’s been in years. I think everyone gets to a point where they fire their entire clip if their run at the top is too long. IMO, the natural ebbs and flows of a normal wrestling career are what allows performers to reinvent themselves and for creative to try new things with them without the high stakes of their angle being the promotion’s flagship angle. There’s no need for WWE to have a single megastar anymore, truthfully. This roster is strong enough that carrying the WWE banner can be a shared effort now.

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