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WWE Royal Rumble 2016: Needed Changes

WWE Royal Rumble
The WWE was back with another installment of the Royal Rumble. After some questionable moves the previous years, the WWE needed to make changes. Not all the changes worked and here’s what the company needs to improve on for next year.

If you missed it, WrestleNewz has Royal Rumble play by play coverage.

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  • Lemmy Is God

    Complaining about spoilers…..yet your site had numerous reports of styles being at the rumble

    • biz

      why have more surprise appearances? Aside from having a big pop, does anyone really think booker t or Nash or Dugan or any of the surprise entrants ever have a shot at winning it? This year would of been stupid to have legends like ddp or random people return as it was for the wwe title and those guys would never get the title put on them.

      The social media idea is alright, but I hate how they push social media currently.

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