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Potential Royal Rumble Surprise Entrants

Royal Rumble
Though the Royal Rumble match is nearly complete, there are still a few slots open. Here are some wrestlers that would make the perfect addition.
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  • MikeLo #NewNation

    They should’ve made RVD IC champion one more time

  • jcice13

    there’s no way it’s going to be styles is there? my pick is Samoa Joe and move him towards a program with Kevin Owens…Joe’s been with the company a while now and it’s just logical they call him up

    • Mark B.

      I think a few of the NXT stars have asked to stay with NXT. Joe was one of them. It would be nice to see both Joe and AJ Styles at the Rumble. Shinsuke Nakamura might be a surprise. But not to sure about Doc Gallows (Festus/ Fake Kane). AJ Styles has already wrestled for WWE and he has a big fan club.

      • jcice13

        you think or you know??? there’s a big difference…because why would a veteran of the ring like Joe ask to stay in the minor leagues, it makes no sense to me, he’d make more money in the WWE than NXT right? also the thing is Joe has been in NXT for 8 months now so at his age it’s time to bring him up right? Steen was there for 10 months so it’s about the same and with it being the Rumble? it’s a nice to to get Joe on and give him a program to work with someone…I could enjoy a Joe/Steen match at mania…as for AJ? you say he’s already worked for the WWE? well he’s been on TV only 1 time more than either you or I for them and he had 1 dark match, he wrestled 2 matches they wanted him to go to their developmental group but he declined. so I don’t know if one can say he wrestled for them as if it meant he had any sort of run….

        as I said if you only think Joe said he wanted to stay in NXT that doesn’t mean it’s true but if you read it or better yet heard if from his own mouth then that would be different with ONE major exception..if your source is Andrew Ravens??? everything is thrown out the window LOL

        • Mark B.

          I don’t know too much about Ravens. I might be a step higher up. LoL! Though I can not say. Talent Relations is my business. I been around the wrestling ring a lot more then one time. My info is rumored or sometimes hyped. Some are my opinion and some are my wish. Now that is said. Joe is up for a title shot in NXT. But anything can happen. Things change all the time.

          • jcice13

            so what you’re saying in a round about way, and no offense, you haven’t got a clue about Joe and you’re just stating something you think? well in all your glorious trips around the wrestling ring or in any profession for that matter, especially sports, how often do you hear a person say, “nah, I don’t want to be elevated to a higher position, and I certainly don’t want the chance at making a lot more money a lot quicker’?

  • Prick Rice

    I’ll try this again. Put it on one page you Wayne Kerrs not this clickbait style sh!t.

    • Fat Owens Fat

      I’ve said it 10 times but its like it falls on deaf ears. Do these people make more money when we click next next next because the page gets to load more ads everytime?

      • robvanriot

        That’s exactly how it works.

  • Fat Owens Fat

    I think HHH will be the surprise last entry to eliminate Reigns from the last 4.

  • Lemmy Is God

    Roman reign will eliminate so and so to win, then Vince will come out and say we have a special #31 entrant and it will be triple h who with help from the McMahons will win

  • Mostafa Majzoub

    Morrison wwe champ?!
    I like the idea

  • Redneck Hippie

    no g¡|berg, no st¡ng, no G0|DB£RG,no shane mcman,no erik bichof, no chav0, and last but not least no cn pump

  • Redneck Hippie

    I forg0t 1 name Hu|k H0GAN

  • MEH

    Wait Carlito and Sheltan Benjamin didn’t make the list this year?

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