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Rumble In A Nutshell: King of Kings Crowned Champion

Good evening ladies and gentlemen. It is time for the first PPV of 2016, the Royal Rumble. This one comes at us live from sunny Florida, a place where many of us in the Northeast United States wish were at, having been slammed by a wee bit of snow this weekend. That being said, we are getting things kicked off in a big way, with the Last Man Standing match.

Best Match of the night:

Let’s be honest. The Last Man Standing match blew every other match out of the water. Well, most of them. In spite of the screw jobs that were way too plentiful, and few surprise entrants, the Rumble was very good as well. But I still rank the IC match above it.

Worst match of the night:

It is hard to call this the worst match of the night, but the Divas match did somewhat disappoint. That being said, I thought all of the matches tonight were pretty good-even the Divas match. If I were grading them, it would have the lowest numerical grade on the evening, which is the only reason it lands here.

Crowd Chants of the Night?:

Holy sh%$

Fight Owens Fight

This is awesome

New Day rocks


play Francesca


Let’s go Becky

AJ Styles

Lets go AJ

Suplex City

Let’s go Ambrose

Star of the Night

No question, it has to be Dean Ambrose. In spite of losing the Rumble to HHH, the man was in the match of the night and played a major role in the Rumble as well.

Spot of the Night:

At first, I thought Owens’ cannonball through the barricade. Then, Dean drove Owens through a table. And then Owens put Ambrose, from the top rope, through a table. And, if that wasn’t enough? Owens was about to leap from the top rope to drive Ambrose through a pile of steel chairs. But, Ambrose popped up and shoved Owens through not one, but two tables that Owens had stacked up earlier in the match. Take your pick, the match was a beautiful train wreck.

Kofi, using Big E to stay alive in the Rumble.

Jobber of the Night:

Social Outcasts. One entered, all took a beating in the Rumble.

Swagger and Henry, too, for having extremely brief stints in the Rumble.

Upset of the Night:

Minor though it may be, Kalisto beating Del Rio for the US Title gets the nod. Proves his first win was neither a fluke, nor a token gesture, in my view.

Holy Sh** Moment of the Night:

Sasha, finally getting into the Divas title scene, by coming down and attacking Charlotte after her successful title defense.

AJ Styles, entering the Rumble at number 3.

And, of course, Hunter at 30.Kinda telegraphed that one.

Reigns getting eliminated before the final two. Did not see that one coming.

Botch of the night:

Good job roster. No clear and obvious botches tonight.

Commentary of the night:

I think there’s a Home Depot under the ring.

I don’t think they are about to play musical chairs

The luchador is playing the role of Flat Stanley

LOL Moment of the night:

Owens, to a fan as he was setting up a table…”Thanksgiving was in November, moron!”

Woods, explaining Francesca 2 :”A brother has needs”

R-Truth, thinking it was MITB

Noteworthy Moment:

Raise your hand if you ever thought Kalisto would be a two time US Champion

Maybe I am crazy, but didn’t Lawler usually join the announce team for PPV? Now he’s just on the panel? Unless he’s doing that because he’s in the Rumble?

AJ Styles debuts in WWE, As the 3rd man in the Rumble.

Sami Zayn returns as entrant #20.

Overall lowlights:

I know they make sense, but having two major screwjobs during the Rumble is too many. It is somewhat frustrating that the League beating made the fans miss out on eliminations, which is what the match is really all about. Of course, both will set up WrestleMania matches, so there is a silver lining I suppose.

My only other gripe, and it’s more a disappointment, is that we got all of two semi-surprise entrants to the Rumble. I don’t count HHH, because he was super-obvious. Zayn made a lot of sense, so he wasn’t a tremendous shock. Even Styles, while a mild surprise, was somewhat a spoiled surprise when word leaked out that he’d been signed.

We got no one from NXT. There were no huge names returning from injury. Not for nothing, but I am sure a lot of folks would trade the quick appearances by Swagger and Henry or Axel, for either someone from the past, or someone from NXT.

Overall highlights:

Last Man Standing

US Title match.

AJ Styles’ debut. Was he over, or was he over.

Sami Zayn is back too.

Jericho lasted quite a while.

After the final bell:

Well, I’d be lying if I said I was not into the Rumble match. When it got down to the final five or six, the hear rate was absolutely elevated. And that’s a good thing. I wasn’t sure if WWE would have Reigns overcome the odds and beat even HHH, or if they’d swerve us all and have someone not named Roman or Hunter exit with the gold. Heck, for a while there I was beginning to think AJ had a shot.

As annoying as the Wyatt junk was, and the League of Nations assaults, the reality is, we know Brock is going to be squaring off, either against Bray or perhaps ALL of the Wyatts, at WrestleMania. That will be a big match. And then we are most likely getting HHH versus Reigns, where Reigns will get his WrestleMania moment and his third title reign. One has to assume, at least.

AJ Styles had a decent debut. I have not seen too much of him before. I’ve seen spots here and there, but I admit I am not as familiar with him as I am with the rest of the WWE roster. I can’t say I hated it, or even love his debut. What I can say is, I want to see more-and I bet a lot of fans do, too.

Compared to last year’s Rumble, this one, from top to bottom, was a much better event.

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  • CommonSense

    RR was good this year… but man how many years are you going to repeat the same s— and force the fans to watch…..there is always a breaking point for everything so if they keep on f—ing the fans it will bite them in the @– sooner……

  • ‘Drowen Hart #NewNation ??

    Divas match was good. No match that occured in the Royal Rumble tonigjt should be on “The Worst Match of the Night” in my opinion.

    Lawler is a heel commentator on Smackdown now which is why they put Byron out there. Guess they didn’t want two heel commentators stuck with Cole. KO awkwardly going after Cole when KO went through the announcers table was a funny spot.

    About time AJ Styles showed up in a WWE ring, deserved the pop he got tonight. Hopefully they use him right.

    I would have booked the Triple H spot in the rumble match differently but it was a good moment nontheless. I would have changed the LON beating up Roman scenario too. Obviously this Rumble PPV was better than the last couple of Rumble ppvs lol.

  • Tyler

    overall good start to 2016. that pop for Sasha was deafening, especially for a diva. AJ got a well-deserved pop as well, happy to see him finally make his debut. RAW should be exciting with these new angles in place.

  • Z….

    Not gonna lie, good call on the picture link for this on the main page lol

  • Lisa

    I felt the PPV was pretty good. But HHH winning the rumble watered down the PPV in my opinion. A very anti-climactic ending to what could (and should) have been a pulsating event.

    • The Shockmaster

      • Lisa


  • Z….

    Apparently, the streaming sites I used to use dont exist anymore. Anyone have any suggestions for another one?

  • Mean Dean

    Glad that they got smart at this year RR, and they realized that the majority can care less for the rocks relatives

  • Bite Me You Loser

    Botch of the night: Stroman tossing Big Show out of the ring only to have Show catch his leg in the ropes.

  • bigfoot3169

    Maybe the future Mania matches, other than stated in the post, would be Owens vs Zayn or Styles; Banks vs Charlotte; New Day vs Dudley Boys. The rest is in the air.

  • si69

    Botch of the night Charlotte no-selling the sasha attacked

  • Jonny

    Although better than last year, this one still sucked. Why? Because we have the ineveitable Reigns triumph at Wrestlemania. This match has the potential to be booed along the likes of Lesnar/Goldberg because of the oh so scripted ending. Unless WWE creative throws some swerves along the way till then (highly unlikely) get ready for a suckfest of a main evnt at WM.

    • PlanoStu

      I’ve got this weird feeling Rollins will be back and somehow face HHH for the title

  • Mark Rouleau

    Have to say, with HHH going to the main event Wrestlemania, I will NOT be getting the WWE network for that one. What a waste.

    • Lisa

      I understand your disappointment. Horrible booking to say the very least.

  • MEH

    Botch of the night Kalisto move going wrong and ADR still bumping and selling it.

    Commentary and also Lol: JBL – Well Byron plays an announcer

  • RomieRome81

    Botch of the night Becky eyelash coming off at the finish.

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