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RVD and Sandow: A feud that’s Money in the Bank


In the recent RVD/ADR feud, Van Dam has been booked to look strong and as a legitimate challenger to Del Rio. That’s no surprise, as they did the same thing to Christian, but there may be an endgame to having RVD look credible. RVD may actually go over Del Rio at Night of Champions, but as we noted here, an RVD win at Night of Champions can set up a Damien Sandow cash-in. After two straight shows, Smackdown and Raw where the two wrestlers squared off in singles matches–both clean victories for Van Dam–the idea doesn’t seem too far-fetched. The feud between them would actually be a great one. Given RVD’s role in his return, I can see this feud really helping to elevate Sandow as a World Champion.

RVD Sandow 2Damien could use the rub of beating a celebrated wrestling veteran with a history of success and big wins against key figures in the wrestling world.  Sandow’s heel character and haughtiness when propped up against Van Dam’s laid-back attitude and appreciation of the fans would become every bigger and more hated. The style contrast between these two wrestlers would also be great to watch. These two men couldn’t be more different character-wise and with Sandow’s talents, he’d find a way to play that up and make sure that this difference created engrossing television and a good feud. In many ways, the feud does wonders: exposing more of the audience to sides of Sandow’s character, legitimizing him as a champion, and giving him the rub to be more than a transient World Champion.

RVD Sandow 3The promos would be incredibly interesting, although RVD hasn’t been known as a great talker. That’s not to say that he can’t deliver a decent promo, but we won’t see him matching Sandow word for word in a promo battle. I’d venture to say that the only faces who could go promo for promo with Sandow are CM Punk or Christian. Tangent aside, let’s remember what Sandow did with Sheamus months ago, where he challenged Sheamus to match wits at various games, and it worked. Sandow and the writers didn’t make Sheamus look bad by making him match up word for word against a skilled orator, instead the segments allowed Sheamus to come off strong and Sandow to come off as haughty. They can do similar work for the feud between RVD and Sandow by having Sandow square off against RVD in some promo type scenarios in the ring that don’t involve Van Dam saying much and also allow Van Dam to draw on his strength, crowd interaction. This will allow Van Dam to not be completely outshined, while allowing Sandow to continue to exhibit the great character that he is.

Rvd Sandow 1The in-ring work between these two would also be dynamic. A feud between Van Dam and Sandow can establish Sandow as dangerous, convincing heel in the ring to the unwashed masses (marks) who’ve never seen his curb stomp and could help erase the memory of the MITB-winner losing streak that he’s currently on now. In the past few months before Sandow won the briefcase, announcers liked to hype Sandow’s aggressive side as a way of getting his in-ring heel work over. Working with one of the best sellers in the WWE not named Dolph Ziggler, Sandow’s ring style can quickly become infamous for being both brutal and devastating. With RVD’s selling and Sandow’s moveset, Sandow can go from being the briefcase winner and one half of former Tag Team Rhodes Scholars to a heel champion with a bonafide, nasty streak. RVD did give us this moment during his feud with Randy Orton, which did wonders for Orton, making Orton look both look strong and thoroughly evil—I think even Orton was surprised at how well Van Dam sold the RKO in the clip—so  he can certainly do the same for Sandow’s overall moveset. Now, if we could only get another gut-wrenchingly hilarious call from JR…

No one knows for sure if this will happen, yet, but if it does occur, you can be sure that this feud would be best for business.

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  • Mrs. Ambrose

    I am going to get a lot of heat but, RVD and damian sandow will not be a goid feud.

    • [B]ANExx

      I am not going to flame you just for your opinion, but specifically I am interested in why – do you think they would not have good chemistry in the ring? Do you think their characters attitudes do not clash enough to make a very natural feud? Or is that you don’t like one of the guys involved in the feud, or simply think they’d be better in programs with other people?

      Like I say not flaming – just trying to get a bit of good ol’fashioned debate going, too many commentors on here (as in WNZ) would just reply “shut up idiot” which is lame! :)

      Personally I think they’d have a really good feud, mostly for the reasons pointed out in the article, but intrigued to find out why you think this!

      • Mrs. Ambrose

        I think that they will not be a good feud,because they to me have no chemistry. I am not a fan of either and they both are excellent wrestlers. But that’s why I thin k that,these two will not be a feud.

        • [B]ANExx

          Interesting, I thought the clash of styles (RVD = fast, high risk. Sandow = methodical / technical) might produce an interesting few matches. That is the good thing about pro wrestling though – if we all liked exactly the same stuff the program wouldn’t be very diverse and these discussion boards would be boring with everyone agreeing with everything.

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            You are right it’s split like 50/50.

        • Rene Ramirez

          Damien so far is a great asset but its he needs more work on wrestling skills and RVD perfect to elevate him. Put him together with Paul Hayman and they got a perfect rising star Heel

          • Mrs. Ambrose

            I agree

  • Tsall13

    RVD feuding with anyone at this point in his career would be great for anyone to try and catch fire off his incredible in ring work… it could hep elevate Sandow into a star that he so rightfully deserves after how hard he has worked on this persona which is by far the best when he’s given more mic time and is allowed to show off his true skills in the ring instead of looking weak… let Sandow get this rub and watch all the other top players in the company shine through… you have to start with a top heel to make top faces and Sandow can be one of the greatest heels if you allow him freedom…

  • godngreatnwoo

    i disagree i think we need to see something new with rvd maybe a heel run as then next paul hayman guy that he actually is where paul does all the talking for himand rvd does all the wrestling maybe even a championship run that way not the wwe title the whc

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