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Ryback Needs A Mulligan

OK fine, perhaps using a golf term for a wrestler isn’t so wise. But it’s apt in this case.

Simply put, Ryback could not have been given a worse night to do what it was that he did on the February 22nd edition of RAW. It was a “blink and you miss it” kind of thing, one which absolutely needed the backstage interview it got.

But after that, I am still not 100 percent sure what to be thinking of it all.

Like, he walked out on his team, mid-match. And they lost. So we should hate him, and that should lock him in as a heel. Right?

Except that maybe his reasons don’t make him come off as a complete tool. I am sure there are loads of other ways to have done things, but having him say he was tired of being in a tag team, and that he won the match for his squad at Fastlane? They are honest words from Ryback, not necessarily words from a heel.

I am wondering if WWE isn’t trying to position him as a heel, but instead as a cold, abrupt, antisocial babyface. Yes, I know having those qualities before “babyface” just comes off as odd, but perhaps they want that new antihero type. And why not, people flock to those guys. Fans loved Steve Austin, for example. A more recent, albeit non-wresting example, would be the comic book character movie Deadpool. It’s just another example of how people can and do respond to that type of character.

Is that possible then? Could WWE be making Ryback into a sort of anti-hero? Anything is possible, that much is certain. But it just would seem odd to go down that path. I’d either have him embrace the hate and become a hot heel, or fix whatever issues there are and remain in the babyface role. I’m ambivalent on whether or not he gets cheered. It matters little to me which role he settles into. I just want to see WWE and he decide on a clear direction for him, so that fans know how to respond to him again.

Or, if they want to make sure we get him as a heel, don’t have him walk away next time. Have him destroy his partners and then walk away.

Because in the end, on that specific evening, having someone just turn their back on someone else and walking out? It didn’t get the attention it needed, because so many people were still wrapping their heads around a certain big name return. Ryback needed to do something to stand out, and it was somewhat lacking. It’s because of that, that I would love to see him get another shot at executing the turn.

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  • MikeLo #NewNation


  • It Begins kid

    Thought that was Shawn Michaels next to Ryback lol.

  • Si Nicholls

    Perhaps people just don’t care about Skip, he looks like a throwback to the dodgy era of wrestling and I think that goes against him

    • jcice13

      what goes against him, IS him

  • bigfoot3169

    Put him in a tag match and he should quit on his team mate or beat them up until the notion sinks in that he wants to be alone.

  • jcice13

    mulligan is the perfect word for what you’re trying to say but you only get one mulligan and he’s had at least 2 if not 3..I wish what they did with him since the Ryback intro was make him a killer heel..and give him a mouthpiece, I always though and still do think that brad maddox would have been perfect with him, they could have even used that ambulance angle in the one match he did but use it every match, have Maddox driving it in and Ryback driving it out..people could have really hated him and then later on they could turn him if they thought the time was right..and I would have given him the title for a while as well…too bad they don’t do build up angles like in the past..I know he can’t wrestle and doesn’t talk well but if they gave him that first year to get into it then put the belt on him he’d be much better off at this point in his career..and I’m not saying that because I’m a fan of his just saying it because it would have made for better tv

  • The Shockmaster

    Ryback needs a Reboot

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