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Is Sami Zayn Ready For An IC Run?

With Extreme Rules only days away, one can’t help but start speculating; and there is no better match to analyze than the fatal four-way for the Intercontinental Championship. You have The Miz, who has accomplished a lot while IC Champ (in terms of storyline): the IC win allowed Maryse to join his side, and he’s gained a tremendous amount of heat as she’s helped him win a variety of matches, hold onto the title, and bailed him out of a ton of sticky situations. You have Kevin Owens, former IC Champ, obsessed with the title and the need to have it back. Cesaro is in the mix, looking to gain his first IC title win; and we also have newcomer (to the WWE main roster that is) Sami Zayn, who has entered this Extreme Rules program, thanks to his never-ending feud with “former friend” Kevin Owens.

I know this match is going to be pretty incredible, based solely on the competitors involved. When I think about outcome and storylines, there are so many differing scenarios that could be played out. Nothing against the Miz, but really, his IC title storyline has accomplished much to date, and I feel it could be time to move on. Cesaro winning would be nice to see, but wondering in the long run, if it would help the superstar’s character; as he really should be in the main event picture, and the Money in the Bank pay-per-view (PPV) is really only a month away. The same could be said for Kevin Owens, he’s done his time in the mid-card, and now it is time to dabble in the main event spotlight. However, then there is Sami Zayn.

Zayn has yet to taste main roster gold, and the Intercontinental Championship may provide him with this opprotunity. While new to main roster audiences, Zayn knowns his way around a ring, on the mic, and has heart; something that is hard to relay through a character these days, but Zayn is able to nail it. Moreover, should he win the title at Extreme Rules, there’s little in terms of storyline that really needs to be changed. He’s still embroiled in a feud with Kevin Owens, they had one match at Payback, and while some would argue that one (one-on-one) win is enough to close a feud, I think when it comes to Zayn and Owens, oh-so much story needs to be told in that ring. Zayn wins the title – Kevin Owens’ title (as he reminds the audience countless times) – and you re-ignite something between these two, just another chapter in the Zayn/Owens story.

However, to answer my initial question, as to whether or not Zayn is ready for an IC run; I’d have to say yes. We aren’t talking about the holy grail of WWE titles, and while Zayn is somewhat new to WWE’s mass audiences; he is certainly no stranger to professional wrestling, and can hold his own. WWE’s Intercontinental Champion would be a nice accolade to add to Zayn’s ever-growing resume, and I think that he has more than earned his dues, for a taste of WWE gold.

What do you think WNZ fans? Should Zayn be crowned IC Champ come Sunday, at Extreme Rules? Leave your comments below!

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  • siddus

    I have a feeling Miz will retain. The briefcase is going to either Cesaro or KO and WWE will not want to muddy the waters by having the briefcase holder also be IC champion. That leaves Sami and Miz. I just don’t think WWE are done with the current version of the Miz character and they’ll also want to continue the ongoing Sami and KO rivalry in the MITB match. In-fact, in writing that it’s just occurred to me what they’ll do – they’ll do a pseudo-repeat of when Sandow won the MITB by having KO push Sami off the ladder just as he’s about to win, in order to win himself. You heard it here first.

  • Mike

    Sami is ready for sure. I can honestly see all four men leaving with the title. on one hand I feel the miz is a very good heel and with Maryse by his side he has gone up a level, Owens is a big favourite with the company and rightfully so, he could walk in, dominate and leave with the title( but he is the man I feel is least likely to win, based on his recent reigns and I feel he is the most likely to move on to the big title), zayn is new to the main roster, as a permanent fixture, but he did take the us open challenge a long while ago and tore the house down with cena, he ha s a big fan base and a great future. Then there is cesaro, if I had to pick a winner Sunday, it would be him. I don’t buy all this crap about cesaro is too good for this title, no he isn’t, I like cesaro a lot and I feel he is wwe champion material, but he isn’t in the main event picture and I don’t see that changing just yet. He is just back from injury, and hasn’t held a singles title in a long time. I think they’ll put the ic title
    On cesaro, see how his injury heels up and see how a solid title run pushes him.

  • Si Nicholls

    A lot of who goes on to compete for the big one from this match depends on where they place Rollins, Cena and Orton on their comebacks, at the moment these 4 working together is well working, even Miz has stepped up his game in the ring and can hang with the other 3.

    The top end of the mens division is looking like the top end of the womens division currently and is getting very cluttered with wrestlers, also with other legit title hopefuls like Del Rio, Shamus, Wyatt, Harper, Rusev & even Kane/Big Show, WWE are finding it hard to write stories for everyone because of all the call-ups after Mania

  • jcice13

    I don’t grasp the titles here sometimes… Sammy Zayn ready for an IC title run??? it’s not like they plucked him off a checkout line at a grocery store and put him in the ring…of course he’s ready, what’s to be ready for? wrestling??? fan support??? no offense but you need to come up with better columns because this one just doesn’t live up to the standards you’ve if it was Ravens who wrote it, then that’s different

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