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Sami Zayn/Kevin Owens: Best Of The Best Current Rivalries

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One of the things I love best about the WWE Network is their ‘Beyond the Ring’ specials that focus on great rivalries. While catching one on Trish Stratus and Lita recently, I couldn’t help but speculate on a current WWE program, that seems to be coming to a close (for now): Sami Zayn versus Kevin Owens.

Just what makes this program so electrifying?

Just a few things come to mind with these two. They have history, their chemistry on the mic together (and how they bounce off of each other during a promo), their passion for this business, their dedication to put on entertaining matches, their real-life friendship (that mixes in well with a storyline feud), and of course, their ability to feed off of each other, while in the ring. By now with most programs, especially those that have been spotlighted in the last few years; the third match hits, and I’m waiting for the feud to die already. However, the interesting thing about Owens and Zayn, is that I just want more. More promos between these two, more matches, more everything. While their characters are vastly different, in many ways, they are cut from the same cloth: two Canadian boys, Indie darlings, with a dream fulfilled, and entertaining audiences worldwide, doing what they love – professional wrestling.

Not many matches have been booked (as of this writing), for July’s Battleground, but Zayn versus Owens is there, along with the Shield Triple Threat match. And this indicates a few things to me: a) there is a huge possibility that Zayn and Owens might not be drafted on the same show, thus, some closure to this feud; and b) that fans, just as much as the WWE brass, are invested in these two superstars, this program, and this match.

And its almost a shame to think that this may be the end of this rivalry for a while, yet I’m excited at the thought of these two spreading their wings outside their comfort zone, and extending this chemistry they have, onto other superstars. We’ve seen what Owens can do in that squared circle, amongst other competitors within the organization. His bouts with John Cena last year were among some of the greatest matches in 2015. Owens feud with Cesaro, before the Swiss Superman’s injury, were incredible; not to mention Kevin’s feud with Ambrose. So, I’m excited to see Zayn pulled into the roster, with not only simple matches with other talent, but feuds that he can sink his teeth into, ones that tell another chapter in Zayn’s story, ones that the audience can really get into; ones, much like the current program he has with Owens. I’d love to see Zayn, one-on-one with Seth Rollins, AJ Styles, and potentially, Baron Corbin.

So, what next for Owens and Zayn? If they can survive the brand extension, and truly elevate this feud into a ‘Beyond the Ring’ type of rivalry (which I already think it is, by the way), perhaps they need to come full circle; and team up again. Don’t think the WWE Universe, or the Owens character is ready for a face turn – but someday, I do see this in the cards.

And then, of course, after time, Owens will turn on Zayn, and start up another feud … that is, if we are lucky enough, this will happen.

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  • MatthijsKlerkx

    I already think it has gone on for too long. But then again, I really think promowise Owens is the only starpower of this feud. I don’t like hearing Sami Zayn speak, although I love his wrestling abilities (who wouldn’t).

    Would like to see these two move on, but one more match isn’t that bad.

    • Mike

      I think zayn is every bit as good as Owens on the mic. I’ve heard him
      In nxt and wwe and his promos are passionate and articulate.

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